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Chipotle is a Mexican food restaurant chain that operates all across the U.S. and Canada, and in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. It specializes in delicious Mission Burritos and tacos, and since its release in 1993 it has raised the bar for the standard of fast food. Chipotle has a strict policy for “Food with Integrity” that it adheres to every single day, thus bringing its customers fresh organic GMO-free food. The restaurant chain currently includes 1,800 locations and employs over 53,000 people and it is still expanding. If you’re interested in working at a restaurant with a healthier vision on life, then send in your Chipotle job application!

Chipotle works with small farmers and ranch owners, so that its vegetables come from local farms rather than massive corporate farms and that its meat comes from farms that respect animals and give them the space and the care they need. Chipotle serves high quality food to good people and it effectively making the world a better pace one day at a time.

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Chipotle Store Hours

The standard Chipotle store hours are 11:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. and while the vast majority of restaurants adheres to this timeline, it is safest to check the Store Locator on the Chipotle official page.

Chipotle Contact Information

Chipotle official site:

The Chipotle Headquarters is in Denver, Colorado, U.S. and you can find the address of every single Chipotle Restaurant out there, along with a map and a telephone number, by using the Chipotle Store Locator.

If you want to get in touch with Chipotle, just go to their official website and then go the Talk to Us menu (on the top right hand corner) and you can send them an e-mail regarding any question or concern you might have.

Minimum Age for Employment at Chipotle

If the Chipotle way seems to be the right way for you, then you can send in your Chipotle job application to get a job with the company.

However, you should know that the minimum age for Chipotle employment is 16.

Chipotle Job Opportunities

Chipotle is a restaurant chain with high standards and steady principles that values its employees and that is interested in promoting its most valuable associates. Chipotle puts great emphasis on promoting from within, so a Chipotle career can go a long way.

There are Chipotle jobs available in the Restaurant Department and in the Corporate Department. The company offers part-time and full-time positions, as well as hourly positions in the Restaurant Department.

The Corporate Department offers opportunities for Chipotle jobs in Customer Service, Design, IT, Finance and Accounting, Operations Management, Marketing and Advertising, Human Resources, Purchasing and Supplies, Culinary, Administrative and Safety, Security & Risk.

Chipotle Job Application Process

New Chipotle jobs are available every day, so checking the Chipotle Careers Portal is definitely worth your time. Submitting your Chipotle job application will take you roughly 30 minutes, but it just might change your life.

It all starts on the Official Chipotle Careers Page where you can find all the Chipotle job openings in your area.

Choose between a restaurant and a corporate career at Chipotle
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Choose between a restaurant and a corporate career at Chipotle

Just go to the Search Jobs menu and you can choose the professional area in which you would like to work, as well as your location (country, state and city).

If there are no available Chipotle jobs for you at the moment, don’t worry! There might be brand new Chipotle job openings tomorrow, and you can even sign up to get an e-mail alert when that happens.

Search for the ideal job for you on the Chipotle application portal
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Search for the ideal job for you on the Chipotle application portal

When you find the right Chipotle job for you, all you have to do is click the Apply Now button and you can begin your Chipotle job application process .

Read the job description for your chosen career and then click on the Apply Now button to begin your Chipotle application
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Read the job description for your chosen career and then click on the Apply Now button to begin your Chipotle job application

You will be redirected to the Chipotle Careers Portal, where you can register to create your own account with all your information.

Create a profile on the Chipotle application portal
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Create a profile on the Chipotle application portal

Step by step, you will be asked to include complete information about your work experience and your education, so that Chipotle can get an idea about how you would be an asset for them. You will find more tips for applying at Chipotle listed below.

Create your Chipotle application portal login
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Create your Chipotle application portal login

Available Chipotle Careers

Chipotle is expanding on the American Market fast and steadily and the Chipotle family, that includes 53,000 happy employees at the moment, is thrilled to be getting bigger and bigger.

There are opportunities for Chipotle jobs in the Restaurant and Corporate Department, so take a look at the available Chipotle careers to find the right one for you. You can find the application status of Chipotle jobs on the application portal.

The Restaurant Department offers opportunities to everyone who is willing to put in the necessary effort and dedication it takes to do things the Chipotle way.

The company offers its employees and ample training process, that will enable them to work in line with the Chipotle “Food with Integrity” standards. And once they gain experience, the most promising members of the team are promoted to more advanced positions.

Furthermore, since Chipotle is a Mexican food restaurant, it also offers Chipotle Careers In Spanish all throughout the U.S..

Restaurant Team Member Crew – Job Description and Duties

This is the entry-level position in the Chipotle Restaurant Department and the first building block towards a restaurateur career at Chipotle.

The position welcomes any experience that the candidate might have in the restaurant business, but it does not require it. The Restaurant Team Member Crew position is perfectly suited for any candidate who has the right initiative.

Chipotle Restaurant Team Members
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Chipotle Restaurant Team Members

Crew members will be trained to work at various stations, such as Tortilla, Grill, Salsa, Prep, Expo and Take-Out and they will be required to work as part of the Chipotle Kitchen Team. This means that they will receive assistance when they are in need of it, and that they will jump at the occasion of lending a helping hand to their fellow crew members.

The crew member will follow recipes accurately and will perform the kitchen tasks as requited. He/ She will cook, marinate, season and grill Chipotle meats will chop herbs and will cut, dice and slice vegetables.

He/ She will adapt to the kitchen’s necessities and to customer volume to make sure that the appropriate steps are taken in the food preparation process.

When the Crew members address the customers, they will do so in a friendly and warm manner, so as to make sure that they are having the best possible experience at Chipotle. Interacting with customers should be regarded as an extension of Chipotle’s “Food with Integrity” standards.

Restaurant Team Member Crew – Salary and Compensation

The salary for this entry-level Chipotle career starts out at an hourly rate of $8.00, but as the Crew member gains experience and begins working as part of the Chipotle Kitchen Team, the salary can get as high as $12.00 per hour.

There is a solid benefit pack for this Chipotle job as well, meant to satisfy the personal needs of the employee. You can read all about it in the Benefits section below.

The Corporate Department offers opportunities for Chipotle careers for those who are interested in the company’s “Food with Integrity” policy and who want to work as part of the Chipotle family.

Finance Department Entry-Level – Job Description and Duties

If you want to join Chipotle’s finance team and learn all about the Chipotle way, so that one day you can grow into a Financial Analyst, then this is the right Chipotle job for you.

The candidate must have a B.A./ B.S. in Finance (or any related field) and he/ she must have solid skills in the Microsoft Office Suite. He/ She must have the ability to multitask, as the project are developed in a fast-paced work environment.

The candidate will work as part of the team, and must have strong organizational, communication and analytical skills.

He/ She will attend a training program and then the most valuable candidates will be promoted to higher Chipotle careers in the Financial Department.

Finance Department Entry-Level – Salary and Compensation

An official salary for this entry level Chipotle Career has not been disclosed, but is likely to start an hourly rate of $10.00. However, every promotion that the employee receives comes with a substantial salary raise.

Chipotle Careers in Management

There are Chipotle Careers in Management available with both the Restaurant and the Corporate Department, so remember to check the Chipotle careers portal regularly to find the latest Chipotle job openings in Management.

You can also sign up to receive an e-mail alert whenever there are new openings for the Chipotle careers you are interested in.

There are two ways you can get a Chipotle job in the Management sector. You can start your career from entry-level at Chipotle and work your way towards that Management position by passing through all the intermediate positions.

While Chipotle greatly values promoting its best employees, who have gained extensive experience with the company, if you have what it takes to be a Chipotle Manager, then send in your application and you will get a chance to prove to the company that you are an asset they cannot afford to miss out on.

Kitchen Manager – Job Description and Duties

The Chipotle Kitchen Manager needs to make sure that everything is properly taken care of in the kitchen so that the customers can get the best possible food every single time.

He/ She is in charge of the entire Kitchen Team and will make sure each member is making the proper contribution. Furthermore, he/ she will inspect each employee’s performance to make sure that everybody respects the Chipotle cooking and safety policies.

The Kitchen Manager will lead by example and will be an inspiration to the entire team. He/ She will actively contribute to all the daily tasks and will lend a helping hand every time it is needed.

Kitchen Manager – Salary and Compensation

The salary for this Chipotle career usually starts out an annual rate of $18,000 and is then increased periodically, as the employee gains more experience and gets to prove his/ her worth to the company. The salary for this position can get as high as $45,000.

There is also an extensive benefit pack for this position, as well as generous discount program. You can read about it below in the Benefits section.

Basic Chipotle Job Application Tips

The first thing you need to know is that there is no printable Chipotle job application pdf, so if you want to apply for a Chipotle career in person, you will have to go the Chipotle restaurant you would like to work in and ask about Chipotle job openings.

The staff will either provide you with an application form there or they will advise you to submit your application via the Chipotle careers portal, according to their needs.

The portal is quite easy to use; you just have to follow every step closely and put in all the information required for the Chipotle employment process.

The Chipotle job application process requires you to supply summarized information about your work experience and your education, so that you may highlight your best assets and your most relevant qualifications for the Chipotle job.

Advanced Chipotle Job Application Tips

The Chipotle job application portal will provide you with limited space to include your information in. This happens because of the massive amount of Chipotle job applications that are submitted for every positions available.

Your qualifications, your experience and your enthusiasm will have to speak for themselves, so be sure to take your time with your Chipotle job application profile.

Before you pass to that next step, read your text one more time to check it for spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as structure inaccuracies.

Benefits at Chipotle

Chipotle works hard to keep up its “Food with Integrity” policies, so that it can protect the animals, the environment, and the people. As such, the company has extended its integrity standards in the treatment it offers its employees.

Chipotle offers solid benefit packs to both Hourly and Salary associates because Chipotle careers are meant to nurture the people.

The Hourly associate benefit pack is personalized to the specific needs of the employees. They can sit down with the Manager and create the best possible pack that provides them with the care they need.

  • Healthcare – The employees are offered Dental and Vision plans, as well as a personalized Health plan that includes office visits, hospitalization, preventative care and even surgery. There are also wellness programs that employees can take part in.
  • Savings – After one year of Chipotle employment, employees are eligible for the 401(k) savings plan and for the Tuition Reimbursement Plan. They are also offered Discounts packs and the Employee Stock Purchase Program
  • Paid Time Off – Hourly associates are eligible for paid vacations at Chipotle and they are paid during their break time as well.
  • Performance-Based Pay – Hourly associates are valuable assets at Chipotle and the company rewards outstanding performances through the Merit Review system, that offers pay increases to those employees that put in the effort to go that extra mile for the company.
  • Perks – Hourly employees receive one free meal during their shift and a 50% discount on Chipotle items while outside work. Chipotle also offers discounts for wellness programs at their facilities, so that employees get to feel appreciated. They are also provided with Chipotle work uniforms made from high quality fabric, so that they can assure the employees’ comfort during their work.

The benefit pack for Salary associates also reflects the respect and consideration that Chipotle has for its employees:

  • Healthcare
    • Full Dental
    • Vision
    • Wellness
    • Personalized Health Plan, so that the employee is safe and healthy at all times
  • Savings
    • 401(k) Savings Plan
    • Tuition Reimbursement
    • Employee Stock Purchase Program
    • PerkSpot Employee Discount Program, that offers special discounts to Chipotle employees.
  • Paid Time Off
    • Paid Holidays
    • Paid Vacation
    • Paid Sick Time
    • Paid leave, so that the employees can take all the time they need to be able to perform their best in their Chipotle Career.
    • Sabbatical – after 10 years of service, employees are also eligible for Sabbatical, which provides them with two whole months of paid leave, aside from their regular vacations.
  • Performance-Based Pay  
    • Merit Review – that provides the most valuable employees with pay increases
    • Semi-Annual Bonus – available for Restaurant Managers
    • Annual Bonus – available for Corporate and Field Staff
  • Perks
    • Free Meals – Restaurant Staff is entitled to one free meal at the restaurant and Corporate employees get a $100 tab for Chipotle restaurants
    • Wellness Discount
    • Life and Disability Insurance
    • Employee Assistance Program

Chipotle Hiring Process Information

Your Chipotle job application will be processed by the Human Resources Department and if you convince them that you might be a good fit for the Chipotle job, you will be contacted to set up an interview.

Restaurant positions usually entail one single interview that is conducted by the Restaurant Manager or the General Manager. High-level Chipotle corporate jobs might require more than one interview, because the hiring process is more complex.

After your Chipotle job interview, you will get your final answer in a few days and up to one week.

Chipotle Job Interview Tips

The Chipotle job interview is usually a discussion with a Manager of the Restaurant, where he/ she will try to find out if you are a good fit to be a part of the Chipotle team.

The most important qualities that they are looking for in Restaurant employees are enthusiasm and dedication, so be sure to let them know that you are genuinely interested in the Chipotle career. Smile as often as you can and do not hesitate to tell them about why you like Chipotle.

A crucial step of your preparation process for the Chipotle job interview is doing your research about the company’s “Food with Integrity” policy. The interviewer might include several topics related to this in the interview questions.

And even if he/ she does not, you could mention it in your interview answers because it will definitely be appreciated.

Another important aspect is choosing a proper look for the interview. You will have to adapt your look to the position you are interviewing for. If you are there for a Chipotle career in management, then you should clearly opt for a business formal look, but if you are interviewing for an entry level position, keep it in the lines of business casual.

You should try to focus on creating a neat and poised appearance for the interview, which can suggest to the interviewer that you are perfectly suited for a career in the restaurant business.

Examples of Chipotle Job Interview Questions

The questions included in the Chipotle job interview generally focus on assessing if the candidate’s attitude is a good fit for the Chipotle team. This is why the interview is conducted by the Manager, who knows every team member personally.

The interviewer will ask you if you are aspiring to work in a management position one day, so you should expect questions like:

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Would you be interested in a management position at Chipotle?

There will also be questions regarding your work experience in the restaurant business, so try to think of the most important things you have learned along the years and how you could use them in your Chipotle job.

Remember to stay positive all throughout the Chipotle interview and to be genuine in your interview answers, because that will be extremely valuable for the overall impression that the interviewer will make. Good luck!
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