Equinox Careers Guide - Company LogoThe Equinox careers portal offers job seekers a wide range of employment opportunities in the luxury fitness sector. Headquartered in New York, Equinox Fitness owns five separate brands: Equinox Fitness, PURE Fitness, PURE Yoga, Blink Fitness, and SoulCycle. It is a subsidiary of The Related Companies real estate group. In this article, we will provide potential candidates with a step-by-step guide to filling out their online application for Equinox careers.

Equinox Employment Opportunities

Equinox Fitness is one of the most successful companies in the luxury fitness sector. Job seekers may explore the company’s online application portal to find the updated list of available positions. Here are the main departments they can apply for:

Application Process for Equinox

Job seekers interested in Equinox careers can access the company’s official employment portal to find the complete list of job opportunities. Then, they can select the department that best suits their experience. They can conduct a personalized search by setting their current location.

Then, when they find a suitable position, they will have to send in their Equinox job applications online through the employment portal. Please note that the online forms differ according to career department. In the following sections of this article, we will describe the main types of applications so that candidates know what type of information they must provide.

The Equinox Careers Form for Club Positions

This type of Equinox careers application form is utilized for the Fitness and Personal Training, Club Leadership, Club Staff, and the Sales department. Applicants may opt to connect to their LinkedIn or Indeed accounts to provide some of the required information for the form.

They may also opt to upload their resumes to the employment form. If candidates wish to proceed to the form directly, they may opt for the “Fill Manually” option. Here are the main sections featured in the online application form:

Step 1 – Personal Information

This section of the Equinox Fitness careers profile requires candidates to provide their main contact details. In addition, they can provide a photograph for this section. While the picture is entirely optional, the rest of the sections are mandatory.

Step 2 – Professional Experience

For this section of the Equinox Fitness careers form, applicants must provide information about their previous employment. They must include separate entries for each position they would like to include. Also, candidates should know that for each entry they make, they must provide information about their former employers.

First, they will have to mention the names of their previous employers and the address of the company. Then, they will have to mention the positions they have had. Lastly, they will have to add a short description of the responsibilities they have had as part of these positions.

Step 3 – Education Experience

Applicants may provide information about their academic background for this section of the Equinox Fitness careers form. As for the previous section, they are required to make separate entries for each program they would like to mention.

For each entry, they must include information about the programs they were enrolled in. First, they must mention the name and location of these institutions. Then, they will have to name the degree they have earned and their major. Lastly, they will have to add a short description of the program. Please note that they can include as many entries as they deem relevant.

Screenshot of the Education and Experience sections of the Equinox Careers Application Form

Candidates must provide information about their professional and academic experience for these sections of the Equinox careers application.

Step 4 – On the Web

For this section of the Equinox careers profile, applicants may provide their social media contact information. However, this section is optional. Candidates may proceed to the following section without including information about their social media accounts.

Screenshot of the main page of the Equinox Careers Application Form for Club Positions

Candidates must fill out their profiles on the Equinox careers portal to be considered for the available positions.

Step 5 – Resume

Candidates may attach their resumes to this section of the Equinox careers form. They may simply upload these from their computers. Please note that they may only include one file. The Equinox application form does not require candidates to provide additional documents.

In addition to their resumes, candidates may include a short message for the hiring manager for this section of the Equinox careers form. This is a simplified version of a cover letter. While this is an optional field, candidates are well-advised to fill it out because it will prove to be extremely useful for the hiring process.

Step 6 – Questionnaire

This section of the Equinox job application form features a short questionnaire aimed to assess if the candidates are able to comply with the employment eligibility criteria enforced by the company. They will be asked about their age and their legal authorization status for U.S. employment. Then, candidates will be asked to mention their employment preferences regarding shift schedules and salary expectations.

Screenshot of the Questionnaire in the Equinox Careers Application Form for Club Positions

Candidates must complete the questionnaire to be able to submit their Equinox careers applications.

Step 7 – Acknowledgment

Lastly, candidates will be asked to certify that all the information they have included in their forms is correct and complete to their best knowledge. Then,they can submit their online forms to the Human Resources department for the formal assessment process.

The Equinox Application Form for Headquarters Positions

Job seekers applying for Equinox headquarters careers will be asked to fill out a slightly different online employment form. In this section of out article, we will provide them with a complete guide to filling out the online form correctly. Here are the main sections in the Headquarters form:

Step 1 – Basic Information

For the first section of the Equinox application form, candidates will be asked to provide their full names and their main contact details. They will also have to create a login and a password to keep their accounts safe.

Screenshot of the Profile section of the Equinox Careers Application Form for Headquarters Positions

Candidates must provide their basic information for this section of the Equinox careers application.

Step 2 – Candidate Profile

This section of the Equinox job application form requires candidates to provide the main details about their professional experience. These are the main subsections for the Candidate Profile:

  • Resume – All applicants must attach their resumes to this section. They may upload the files directly from their computers or via Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Enter Your Information – All applicants must provide their contact details for this section of the Equinox application form. They may also attach their cover letters to provide the Equinox employment specialists with detailed information about their experience.
  • Preferences – Applicants may select the appropriate time zone for their location.
Screenshot of the Candidate Profile section of the Equinox Careers Application Form for Headquarters Positions

Candidates must attach their resumes to this section of the Equinox careers application form.

After completing this section, candidates may submit their forms to the Human Resources department for the formal assessment process.

Step 3 – Submit

Lastly, candidates will receive confirmation of the successful delivery of their applications. Then, they will be able to keep track of their application status on the portal by logging into their accounts.

Equinox Application Tips

The most important document in the Equinox application form is the resume provided by the candidates. This will provide the employment specialists with extensive information about the candidates’ previous employment and academic background.

It is also very important that candidates include cover letters. In fact, Equinox careers forms for positions outside company headquarters include the Message to the Hiring Manager section, which is equivalent to a cover letter.

Another recommendation that we would like to make is that applicants take the time to write strong cover letters to provide personalized information about their experience. They should mention the main reasons why they are interested in working for the company, as well as the main skills that enable them to meet the requirements of their chosen position.

Candidates should know that they can apply for more than one position on the Equinox careers portal. They should submit applications to all the available positions that they are interested in and that they are qualified for to increase their chances of getting hired at the company.

It is equally important that candidates are aware that neither of the two types of Equinox application forms (for Headquarters and non-Headquarters positions) features a separate section where they can review the information they have included.

As such, we suggest they proofread each section before proceeding to the following ones to make sure that the information is correct and complete. In addition, they should check for data inaccuracies to make sure they provide accurate information.

Employment Requirements for Equinox

All applicants for Equinox careers must be able to meet the full set of general employment requirements to be eligible for working at the company. These are the main criteria they are expected to comply to:

  • They must be at least 18 years of old. This is the minimum age for employment at Equinox.
  • They must be American citizens or have a valid visa to work in the U.S.
  • They must provide proof of their identity during the hiring process.

Available Equinox Careers

Job seekers can find the complete list of employment opportunities at the company on the official Equinox careers portal. First, they will have to create personal profiles on the portal. Then, they can opt to receive notifications regarding job openings that may be relevant to their experience.

Front Desk Associate (Hourly) – Job Description and Duties

Front desk associates are the company’s liaisons to the customers. They will interact with the customers directly and handle everything from memberships to appointments and payments. Their aim is to provide the best possible customer service.

Front Desk Associate (Hourly) – Salary and Compensation

As this is one of the entry-level careers, the starting Equinox salary is minimum wage. Experienced employees, however, can earn up to $12.00/hour.

Equinox Careers in Management

The complete list of Equinox jobs in the company’s management sectors is also available on the online application portal. Applicants will have to submit their applications online for a chance to get hired. Then, the HR specialists will contact them in regards to the upcoming steps of the hiring process.

Benefits at Equinox

Aside from the competitive Equinox salaries available to employees, they also have access to generous benefits packs. These include solid heath care options as well as advantageous financial solutions. In addition, they include solid retirement plans and paid time off options.

Equinox Hiring Process Information

The Equinox employment specialists will review the applications they receive online. Then, they will select the strongest candidates for each of the open positions. After the selection process, the HR representatives will contact the candidates and schedule them for the interview process.

Candidates may have to participate in as many as four job meetings before they receive their final answer. However, those applying for entry-level Equinox careers should complete the interview process in only two job meetings. The HR representatives will provide candidates with all the relevant information about the employment process so that they are able to complete it successfully.

Equinox Interview Tips

Candidates preparing for Equinox interviews should include the following steps in their preparation process:

  • Getting properly informed about the company

Applicants can use the Equinox official website to get reliable information about the development of the company. Then, they can read about its major achievements and the main services they offer to clients. This will prove useful for the company-related interview questions because they will be able to include relevant facts in their answers.

  • Resume review according to the description of their chosen position

We also strongly recommend that candidates review their resumes according to the job description of the position they are applying for. The interview will include several questions targeted to gather information about the candidates’ professional experience.

In addition, they are well-advised to identify the specific experience that makes them qualified to meet each of the responsibilities of their chosen position. This will improve the quality of their answers considerably.

  • Interview attire

It is equally important that candidates dress appropriately for the career level they are aiming for. While those applying for entry-level careers should wear business casual outfits, candidates seeking Equinox careers in management should opt for business formal attire.

Examples of Equinox Interview Questions

For the final section of our article, we will provide applicants with a few sample questions that they can use to practice their answers. These are not the questions they will get in the actual interview, but they give job seekers a few ideas of what the job meeting may be like.

  • What makes you qualified to meet the main requirements of this Equinox career?
  • Why would you like to work at Equinox?
  • What do you know about Equinox?
  • What does Equinox represent for you?
  • Could you please tell me about a recent personal achievement?
  • Have you ever had a problem with a coworker? How did you handle that situation?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Could you please tell me about a challenge you have had to overcome? How did you handle that situation?
  • Could you please describe your most successful failure?
  • How would you handle a difficult customer?

Equinox Contact Information

Job seekers can use our step by step guide to the Equinox careers portal to fill out their applications easier. The company offers competitive financial compensation and benefits packages to their employees, which makes Equinox a valuable employer in the fitness sector.

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