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GEICO is the second largest auto insurance company in the United States. With such a solid reputation, it is considered to be one of the top employers in this sector. Those looking to apply for one of the available positions will have to log into the GEICO Careers Portal. In this article, we will take job seekers through each step of the process. Our aim is to make it easier for them to complete the online application process.

GEICO Employment Opportunities

The GEICO careers portal will guide job seekers towards the available positions at the company that best suit their professional skills and experience. Here are the main career areas they can apply for at GEICO:

GEICO Application Process

Candidates interested in GEICO employment should explore the company’s official careers portal. Here, they can find the updated list of employment opportunities at the company. They can conduct a personalized search to find all the positions are in line with their personal requirements.

They can read the job descriptions of the GEICO jobs to find out if these meet their expectations and if they are qualified for them. When then find a career that they would like to apply for, they must register on the employment portal to begin filling out the GEICO job application form.

The GEICO Job Application Form

In this section of our article, we will describe each part of the standard GEICO application form so that candidates know exactly what type of information they must provide. Here are the main sections featured in the form:

Step 1 – Resume Upload

Candidates can attach their resumes to the first section of the GEICO careers application to use the data-fill tool available on the portal. In fact, this is aimed to minimize the time required to complete the form by populating some of the fields in the form with data from their resumes.

Screenshot of the main page of the Geico careers application
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Candidates may attach their resumes to this section of the GEICO careers form to use the portal’s data-fill tool.

Please note that the data-fill tool is optional. Candidates may opt to fill out their forms manually by selecting this option and proceeding directly to the following section.

Step 2 – Personal Information

For this section of the GEICO application form, candidates must provide their complete contact information. Then, they must mention the salary they expect to be offered and their daily availability for employment. Please note that most of the fields in this section are mandatory.

Screenshot of the Personal Information section of the Geico careers application
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Applicants must provide their contact information for this section of the GEICO careers from.

Step 3 – Qualification Questions

The Qualifications questionnaire will determine if the candidates are able to comply with the company’s general employment eligibility criteria. As such, they will be asked about their age, their legal authorization status for US employment, as well as any previous convictions they may have had.

Screenshot of the Qualification Questions section of the Geico careers application
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Candidates must answer the Qualifications questionnaire for this section of the GEICO careers form.

Step 4 – Job Specific Questions

As suggested by the name of this section, it features questions that are specific to the GEICO career that the candidate is applying for. These will determine if the candidates can meet the professional requirements of the careers they have chosen.

Screenshot of the Job Specific Questions section of the Geico careers application
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Candidates must answer employment-specific questions for this section of the GEICO careers form.

Step 5 – Education

The aim of the Education section of the GEICO careers application is to create an outline of the academic background of the applicants. They must enter the main programs they have completed. As such, applicants should begin with their most recent academic experience. Then, they can list the others in reverse chronological order.

Screenshot of the Education section of the Geico careers application
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Candidates must provide details about their education history for this section of the GEICO careers application.

Step 6 – Employment History

Candidates must provide information about their previous employment for this section of the GEICO application form. They must list their previous positions in reverse chronological order. As such, for each entry they make, they will have to mention the name of their former employer, their job title, as well as the duration of their collaboration with the company. Then, they will have to add a short description of their professional responsibilities and their reasons for leaving the company. Lastly, they will have to mention their salary and their schedule type.

Screenshot of the Employmen History section of the Geico careers application
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Candidates must provide details about their previous employment for this section of the GEICO careers application.

Step 7 – Diversity Survey

The diversity section of the GEICO application form is included as part of the federally-mandated Equal Employment Opportunity questionnaire. Candidates can mention their gender, race, and ethnicity. Please note that they must choose one of the possible answers for each of the questions featured in this section.

Screenshot of the Diversity Survey section of the Geico careers application
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Candidates will be asked to provide information about their gender, race, and ethnicity for this section of the GEICO careers form.

However, applicants should know that they are not obligated to disclose any information that they do not wish to. In fact, if they want to keep some or all of the information private, they may simply choose the “I do not wish to provide this information” answer.

Step 8 – File Attachments

Candidates can attach their resumes, along with all of the supporting documents for this section of the GEICO careers application form. Also, they can upload cover letters, copies of their diplomas, transcripts, references, and any other files they consider relevant for the hiring process. The portal permits them to attach up to 25 files for this section.

Screenshot of the File Attachments section of the Geico careers application
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Candidates can attach their resumes, along with supporting documents for this section of the GEICO careers form.

Step 9 – E-signature

Applicants must read the portal’s Authorizations and Acknowledgements notice. Then, they must provide their electronic signature to certify that they agree to the full set of terms featured here. If they have any questions regarding the notice, they can contact the company representatives.

Step 10 – Caliper Assessment

Candidates should know that the Caliper assessment questionnaire will take them 20-30 minutes to complete. They will have to answer 57 psychological questions. These will determine if they are compatible with the position they are applying for.

Step 11 – Review and Submit

This is the final section of the GEICO application form. Candidates may proofread their filled-out forms and edit out any spelling and grammar mistakes they may have made. When they complete their reviews, they can submit their forms to the Human Resources department for the formal assessment process.

GEICO Application Tips

Candidates should prepare to spend approximately one hour to complete the GEICO application form. They will spend at least half of this time on the mandatory psychological assessment in the form. While lucrative, the form itself is relatively easy to fill out.

  • Resumes and Cover Letters – We strongly recommend that candidates attach their resumes and cover letters to their GEICO careers applications. This will provide the hiring specialists with complete information about their professional and academic background.
  • Experience – The form also features sections where candidates can create a short outline of their experience. Applicants might be tempted to think that these are not useful if they attach their resumes. In fact, we would like to point out that the HR specialists will most likely begin their assessment by reading the Education and Employment History sections of their forms.
  • Apply to Multiple Positions – The GEICO careers portals encourages candidates to apply to multiple positions on the portal, provided that they are able to meet the professional requirements of these open positions. In fact, this could actually increase the candidates’ chances of getting hired by the company. As such, we recommend that they opt for more than one of the available positions, if possible.

Employment Requirements for GEICO Careers

Each GEICO career comes with a full set of professional requirements that all applicants must meet. However, aside from these job specific requirements, all candidates for GEICO employment must also meet the general eligibility requirements, which include the following:

  • Candidates must be over the age of 18.
  • Applicants must have valid documents to prove their identity. 
  • Non-American candidates must have a valid employment visa.  

Available GEICO Careers

The official GEICO employment portal is the main resource that job seekers should rely on when searching for available positions at the company. In addition, they can sign up to receive notifications of new openings in the professional field they have chosen.

Intern – Job Description and Duties

Young professionals seeking to begin their career in the insurance industry should apply for an internship program at GEICO. This way, they will get a first-hand experience of how one of the top auto insurance companies in America operates. In addition, they will earn valuable professional skills.

Intern – Salary and Compensation

GEICO salaries for interns vary between $12.00/hour and as much as $26.00/hour for IT interns. Candidates will negotiate the final rate during their interviews.

GEICO Careers in Management

Job seekers interested in management careers will find all the available positions at GEICO on the company’s employment portal. They will have to submit their applications online to be considered for their chosen positions.

Benefits at GEICO

GEICO benefits packs will make employees feel appreciated and respected. In fact, it is very important for the company that they feel safe and secure. The specific options available to employees will be determined according to their career level and their employment department. According to the GEICO careers portal, these are the main benefits they provide:

  • Health and Wellness GEICO Benefits
  • Education and Training GEICO Employee Benefits
  • Financial Security GEICO Employee Benefits
  • GEICO Insurance Benefits
  • Paid Time Off GEICO Benefits
  • Volunteer Opportunities for GEICO Employees

GEICO Hiring Process Information

The first step of the GEICO hiring process typically entails the thorough analysis of the job applications sent in by the candidates. The Human Resources department will determine the best candidates for the vacant positions.

Then, the applicants who get selected must go through the interview process. Furthermore, the candidates who get called in for the formal job meetings will be evaluated by the hiring managers of the departments where they have submitted their applications.

Also, candidates should know that they will have to pass the entire interview process to be offered a position at GEICO. As such, they should expect to be called in for several meetings during this step of the hiring process.

GEICO Interview Tips

  • Research the Company – When applying for a job at GEICO, candidates must know the company’s full array of services and insurance packs. Their main reference should be the GEICO official website because this feature the most reliable information.
  • Evaluate Professional Experience – To prepare for the professional interview questions, candidates must identify the specific experience that recommends them for each of the requirements of their chosen GEICO job. Thus, they will be able to offer comprehensive information to the GEICO employment specialists during the job meeting.
  • Choose Proper Interview Attire – Candidates should choose formal attire for their interviews. They should aim for a poised and professional look that could present them properly to the GEICO employment specialists. Lastly, they can complete their interview outfits with key accessories and light make-up.
  • Arrive Early – The proper interview conduct entails arriving to the assigned interview venue at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the job meeting. In fact, this is an important step because applicants who are late will appear unprofessional.

Examples of GEICO Interview Questions

In this section of our article, we will provide job seekers with a few examples of GEICO interview questions that have been used in previous GEICO interviews. These will help them get an idea of the tone of the meeting. Then, they can use these to practice their answers. They should be prepared for standard interview questions, as well as employment-specific ones, and psychological ones.

  • Why do you want to work at GEICO?
  • How would you handle a dissatisfied customer?
  • Have you ever received constructive criticism from a former supervisor? How did you react?
  • How quickly do you usually make decisions?
  • What are your long-term professional goals?
  • What in your experience makes you qualified for this GEICO career?

GEICO Contact Information

Our guide to the GEICO career portal will be very useful to all job seekers that want to apply at the company. The tips for the application and interview will help them get through the selection process easily and successfully.

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