Aramark is a large corporation that frequently hires for both full-time and part-time positions in stadiums, aquariums, and other public venues all across the United States. The purpose of our article is to help you prepare for your Aramark interview by providing a bit of background information for the company giving you some basic sample Aramark interview questions. If you would like more help starting your Aramark career, take a look at our Aramark job application guide as well!

About The Company

Aramark is one of the largest food, beverage, and uniform supplier companies in the United States. The company was founded in 1959 under the name Automatic Retailers of America and has grown into the company it is today with annual operating revenues as high as $14 billion dollars.

The company regularly employs part-time workers. In addition, full-time positions sometimes became available. These positions tend to be for large sporting venues and public structures like aquariums and stadiums. As for benefits, qualifying employees are eligible for paid time off, 401k, and health insurance coverage.

Aramark Job Interview Tips

One of the most important things to know about your upcoming Aramark interview is that you will likely be interviewing directly with the hiring manager for the area you are applying. You will also likely be seated in a waiting area with other applicants while you wait for your appointment time. To get the most out of your interview follow these simple tips.

Dress For Your Part

The vast majority of Aramark jobs are for food service occupations in various sporting venues and public events. However, standard business casual dress is still expected for the Aramark interview process. For men, this means either a button down shirt or a polo with a collar and dress slacks with matching dress shoes.

For women, you have a bit more flexibility and can either opt for a suitable dress, pantsuit, or skirt with a matching blouse. As for makeup and jewelry, make sure that it is neutral in appearance and that your jewelry is not too distracting.

Planning Your Route

One of the biggest things your interviewer is going to be paying attention to is your punctuality. Being late for your interview sends the wrong message to your prospective employer and should be avoided at all cost. Fortunately, you can avoid this by carefully planning your route in advance.

To do this, simply use a popular mapping application like Mapquest or Google Maps. This will show you the approximate drive time to get to your interview site. Next, do a mock travel run the day prior to gauge the traffic in the area. This will help you make any adjustments on the actual day of your Aramark interview.. Finally, always plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your interview time.

Aramark Interview Questions & Answers

Aramark Food Service Worker Interview Questions & Answers

Q 1: How important is schedule flexibility to you?

A: When it comes to scheduling, I am very flexible. One of the things I like most about this position is that it allows me the opportunity to work evenings. I also understand that there are times when my shift can be extended due to business reasons.

Q 2: Are you comfortable working in cramped and hot working conditions?

A: I have no issues working in a hot or tight environment. I have over two years of experience working in kitchens for food service companies. In addition, I’ve also had to help with cold areas like coolers and freezers.

Q 3: How important is customer satisfaction to you?

A:I believe that customer satisfaction is one of the most important parts of your day. You should always do your best to make sure the customer is satisfied with their purchase to help ensure that they will keep coming back in the future.

Aramark Cook Interview Questions & Answers

Q 1: Do you have any food handling experience?

A: Yes. I worked as a prep cook for two years at Olive Garden and was hired on as a line cook at Applebee’s. My position there lasted for three years and I learned to make several different types of dishes.

Q 2:How strongly would you rate your food safety knowledge on a scale of one to 10?

A:i think that my rating would be around an eight. I understand the concepts of first in and first out holding practices well. In addition, my previous jobs required me to frequently test meals to ensure that they were being prepared to the appropriate temperature to kill bacteria. I also tested the dishwashing sanitizer to ensure it was the proper concentration.

Q 3: Are you available to work an extended range of shifts included late nights and weekends?

A: I have little to no scheduling limitations. Due to my experiences at Applebee’s and Olive Garden, I am quite used to working late nights and early mornings. I understand that food service work tends to require a great deal of schedule flexibility.

Aramark Suite Attendant Interview Questions & Answers

Q 1: How would you solve a difficult customer service situation?

A: I would start by allowing the customer to fully express their concerns. Once I had the complete story, I would offer a solution that is within my power at the company. If I was unable to solve it on my own, I would request a manager’s assistance to help satisfy the guest.

Q 2: Are you comfortable with standing for long periods of time?

A: I definitely am. My previous employment as a server regularly required that I work extended shifts ranging from six to eight hours in length. During that time, I stayed on my feet for the entire shift.

Q 3: Will you be available to work beyond your scheduled shift occasionally?

A:I will. I am accustomed to shift times running slightly over in my career as a server. Similar to this position, my shift did not end until the last guest finished and my designated area was cleaned.


When preparing for your Aramark job interview, just remember to practice your interviewing techniques and to allow yourself ample time. The positions that they normally post are for areas where customers go to enjoy themselves and their work environment tends to favor those who enjoy working with people. If you have any Aramark interview tips that are worth mentioning, please tell us about them in the comments.

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