Introducing a new employee to your company can often stir up mixed emotions. Especially if you have a small business with very few workers on staff. Some may be excited that there will be another person to share the workload and interact with on a regular basis.

Others may have some concerns that their position could be in jeopardy if the new employee is better at their job. It is important that you make a proper announcement for your new team member and set everyone’s mind at ease in explaining what their new duties will be. You can prepare your employees for the newcomer long before their first day arrives by sending out an introductory letter or new employee announcement email.

What is an Introductory Letter for a New Employee?

An introductory letter for a new employee welcomes the new individual to the company by properly introducing them to everyone at the same time. Since it is practically impossible to go around at most offices or companies and personally introduce the new employee to each and every current employee, sending out an email is the best way to inform each person on staff in a fast and efficient manner.

By creating an introductory letter for your new company employee, you will have the chance to elaborate on the individual’s skills, their work history, and how they will contribute to the team. You have the chance to compile everything you want to say about the new worker and edit your words so that everything is perfect.

By sharing this information beforehand, you give the new employee credibility as soon as they walk in the door on their first day. This is a great foundation for you to lay down and shape your other employees’ perception of what the new worker will bring to the team. You can share details on their background, their education and degrees and their skills. This helps to build up positive expectations from their new coworkers.

Also, the introductory letter for a new employee will provide you, the employer with a good opportunity to explain what the new worker’s job responsibilities will be so that there won’t be any confusion as to why they were hired or suspicion that they are taking over another worker’s job.

A good introductory letter will help the new employee have a successful first day as they are greeted by their new coworkers who already know so much about them. This will help them ease into their new job with less stress and also make interaction with other coworkers much easier.

How to Create an Introductory Letter for your New Employee

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If you need some assistance with creating your introductory letter, there are plenty of samples available online for you to get inspiration from. These samples will allow you to tell your current employees about the new addition and share all the information you have about their skills and experience level. You will need to send your introductory letter to everyone who works at your location. The staff will anticipate the arrival of their new fellow employee.

To create an introductory letter, first, you will want to create a template that you can use for all new employees and always use the same subject line so that your current staff knows what the email is about before they open it. Something like New Team Member, Plus One, or New Addition to ‘XYZ’ Company, will work.

Introductory letters can be a great tradition that you start with your company that will continue for years to come. Your staff may start to look forward to receiving these insightful and interesting welcome messages that let them know everything about their new coworkers. Make it a habit to send out an introductory letter each and every time a new employee is hired, no matter how much or how little information you have on the person to add to it. It is a nice sentiment that the new employee will also appreciate as they are welcomed to the team.

Why Use an Introductory Letter for New Employees?

Sending out a new employee welcome letter can help you accomplish several goals as a business owner and provide the new employee with a positive, first day experience.

An introductory letter can:

Reinforce your commitment to and your satisfaction with your choice of the new team member. It will make them feel valued by you and the other members of the company. All new employees want to feel welcomed and appreciated by their new employers. This can help to improve their ability to succeed in their new job position.

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The introductory letter will also highlight important things that the new employee needs to know about the company on their first day. It can include their start date, start time and what the company dress code is. It will also include other important details such as the schedule, expected tasks they will need to complete each day, and their lunch and break schedules.

The welcome letter will confirm all that a new employee is expected to do during their initial day with the company. It will save them a lot of time and complication during what is normally a very stressful day and allow them to feel more confident with their job position instead of feelings of insecurity. It also helps them to avoid any misunderstandings which can be very common during the first day on the job.

An introductory letter can provide the Human Resources team to send the new employee some of their benefit forms and other important documents in advance so that they can review everything at home and fill them out before their first day begins. That can help save them a lot of time and allow them to get their benefits started faster.

Along with the introductory letter for new employees, you can also attach the employee handbook that includes company policies and procedures prior to their start date. This allows the new worker to review everything before they start and eliminates the need for their first day on the job to be filled with paperwork and orientation.

By getting all of these things out of the way before the employee even starts their job, they will be able to get started on their everyday tasks on day one. This will allow them to get used to the flow of things around the workplace and become more acquainted with their team members faster.

By sending out an introductory letter to all current staff members, you will give the supervisor time to review the new employee orientation, make plans with other coworkers who may help with any training that needs to be done, and ensure that the new employee’s workstation is in order. They will have time to gather all the equipment that is needed for the new worker so that they can immediately get started with their job.

Sending out an introductory letter sends the message that you are a quality employer and lets the new employee know from the start that you are well-organized, trustworthy and welcoming.

Sample Template for an Introductory Letter  

who they can turn to Date

Dear (New Employee Name):

Welcome to (Name of Company)!  We are writing to express to express how excited we are that you are joining our team. You will bring knowledge, experience and a brand new level of skills to our capabilities.

Our new employee orientation will be held on (Date). You will need to meet with me to go over integration into our company. During orientation, you will meet with the Human Resources staff who will handle all your job benefits and take care of important documents. They will also be here to help you with any issues you may have while on the job. Our dress code is business casual.

Your new coworkers look forward to taking you out to lunch on your first day and getting to know you better. We want to be sure that you meet everyone that you will be working with during this time as well. Here is your agenda for your first day on the job.

New Employee Agenda

  • 9 a.m. Meet with me to go over your orientation plan and discuss your interests. We will go to your workstation and you will learn more about the tools you’ll use on a daily basis
  • 10 a.m. Meet with Human Resources to discuss company information and policies
  • 12-1:30 p.m. Lunch with your new coworkers and me. This is a great time for you to meet the members of our team and get to know everyone on a personal level
  • 1:30-2:30 p.m. Review your job description with me and set goals for orientation, learning, and your contribution to the team
  • 2:30 – 5 p.m. Meet with each of the coworkers that you will work closely with to understand how your jobs overlap and how you can support each other.

Again, welcome to the team. Please call me if you have any questions before your first day. We look forward to working with you.


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Which Team Member Should Send Out the Introductory Letter for New Employees?

The job supervisor should be the one to always send out the introductory letter concerning the new employee. This will help to encourage a successful and positive work relationship right from the start. The new employee will know who they can turn to if they have a question, concern or issue that needs to be addressed.

The head of Human Resources for the company can also send out the introductory letter if it is necessary for them to do so, but they should always send their letter in addition to the letter from the supervisor.

An introductory letter for a new employee is a great opportunity to welcome a new person to your team in a memorable way. It is a positive way to greet a new person who will be working with your team each day and helps your company as a whole to make a grand first impression.

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