Are you looking for a job, but instead of a conventional position, you’re looking for something you can do from home? Some of the more popular options are online data input jobs or those involving data entry.

If you know how data entry works, this is an excellent option for you. If you’re not sure how it works, then take a few minutes and read through this guide to explain to you what you can expect and how you can get involved.

Before jumping in, do keep in mind that you need to be the kind of person that is self-driven as well as organized. If you’re neither of those things, don’t expect to do very well working from home.

What is a Data Entry Job?

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A data entry job is not as intimidating as it may sound. It is quite literally the act of inputting information into an electronic format of some sort via data processing software that is usually provided by your potential employer.

Different types of data entry include data processors, transcribers, clerks, typists, and word processors. Most of these jobs can also be done from home, which is why many seek them out.

In many cases, you don’t need much experience to find and get one of these jobs. If you do have experience, though, you’ll be more likely to demand a higher rate of pay.

Online Data Input Jobs Requirements

You’ll find that most data input jobs require a minimum of at least a high school diploma or a GED. Being a detail-oriented individual is also crucial given the data that you’ll be entering.

Online Data Input Jobs
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You may also be required to submit a typing test to verify your keystrokes per hour, also know as KPH. Before you apply, you may want to consider practicing typing first to get better at your speed.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the skills you’ll need to have to begin applying for online data input jobs.

  • Accurate and quick typing abilities
  • Basic computing
  • Previous experience with word processing and database software
  • A reliable computer with high-speed internet
  • A resume that details expertise and associated skills
  • Have a dedicated work line via a landline or a cell phone

Once you’re ready, you can start searching for online data jobs in a few different places.

Where to Find Entry Level Online Data Input Jobs

    One of the first places you’ll want to check is a site that offers freelance projects. Understand that these sites may not provide a reliable source of steady income, but they can give you the experience you need.

    A couple of good sites to check are and Both offer projects involving data entry and are enough to get your feet wet before diving in.

    Fiverr is an online marketplace that allows you as the freelancer to market yourself and your skills. It’s a great place to get started with promoting the skills that you have in addition to finding quick gigs that can get you some extra cash.

    Companies that have an A+ rating are always good to consider, so the idea that Flexjobs has that kind of reputation makes it worth checking out. It functions like Fiverr, except they guarantee that all jobs are entirely legitimate.

    Other places you can check include sites like and

    Finding Full-Time Online Data Input Jobs

      Full-time data entry jobs are out there, but you’ve got to know where to look. Websites like Fiverr are great for supplemental income, but if you’re after a job with benefits, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

      Sites like Monster and Indeed can give you some insight into a few telecommuting possibilities. Other sites like Virtual Vocations and Craigslist can offer you a few opportunities, too, but you’ll need to be extra wary of possible scammers.

      Remember: When in doubt about the site, check to make sure that everything is on the up and up to prevent getting scammed.

      Be on Guard for Scams

        Lots of people like you are constantly searching for work at home opportunities like online data input jobs. There are those that would take advantage of people like you and are nothing more than scams.

        Be sure to verify that the company you’re working for is legitimate. Remember, you’re going to have to provide personal information to a company that you’ll be working for, and the last thing you want is to give your information out to a scammer.

        Good places to check are sites like the Better Business Bureau as well as Consumer Fraud Reporting. You can also do a simple Google search to see if anyone has reported scams from the company you’re considering working with.

        Salary Expectations

          According to the Payscale, a full-time data entry person can expect to make approximately between $20k and $38k annually depending on location.

          You’re not stuck there at that level of income, but you will need to gain experience to make more than that. As you continue to get jobs, you’ll work your way through the ranks and eventually be able to get higher paying jobs.

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          Other Ways You Can Extend Your Net

            Don’t discount social media as a way to increase your search radius. LinkedIn is a great way to look for positions that may be open, too.

            Use social media to begin networking with other people that are already in the field that you’re interested in.

            You’ll find that many people are willing to share their information with you to help you get started in the data entry field. There is plenty of work to go around, so you’ll be able to get started in no time.

            What to Expect in an Interview

              Interview expectations can vary from person to person and job to job, too. You may encounter a phone screening at the beginning.

              If the company you’re choosing to work with requires a phone call, expect to speak with an HR representative. That person will verify whether or not you meet the necessary requirements to fulfill the expected duties for the role.

              Should you go through a first phone call, you may end up going through a second phone call to finalize the interview process.

              In other situations, you’ll find yourself never actually interacting over the phone. On many online boards like Fiverr or Upwork, you may just do all communication online. In some cases, however, they may request a Skype interview or something to that effect.

              You’ve Got the Job, Now What?

                If you’re new to working from home, you’re going to want to take care of a few things to make productivity more likely for you.

                Also, a company might have specific hardware that you’ll need to set up, and if that’s the case, you’ll need a dedicated workspace to do your job.

                Software may also need to be installed in order to complete your work. If that is necessary, be sure to have the software installed as soon as you can so you’ll be ready to get started.

                You’ll also need to be aware of how you’re going to get paid. You may get paid via bank direct deposit, and you might get paid via an online platform like PayPal or Vrelle.

                If you are working with a company that requires an online account through an online merchant, you’ll want to make sure you get that set up as soon as possible to be able to get that information to your employer as soon as you can.

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                Figuring Out Your Schedule

                  Depending on the employer, you may or may not need to be available during business hours. Once you know that, you’ll need to figure out how to set your schedule to create an atmosphere for success.

                  Although consistent schedules can work best for some, one of the reasons you’re drawn to working from home is the flexibility you can give yourself.

                  Maybe that means working at night. Maybe it means working during the day while the kids are at school. Either way, you’ll need to know your employer’s expectations and set your schedule accordingly.

                  Just like working at an office, you’ll also need to remember to give yourself break times. Everyone needs a break every now and again. Take breaks when you need them to keep yourself from feeling burnt out.

                  Something else to keep in mind is to limit your family and personal tasks during your scheduled hours. You’ll be more productive by treating your work hours like you’re actually at work in an office somewhere. Your kids wouldn’t interrupt you if you were there, so don’t let them interrupt you just because you’re home.

                  A Few Final Words on Online Data Input Jobs

                  The work can be tedious, but being able to work from home may be exactly what you want regardless of the kind of work you do.

                  Don’t forget that even if you’re working from home, you need to be able to communicate with your supervisor if anything were to come up. Remember, in the office, your manager is going to know if you’re getting your job done.

                  Working at home is different because your manager or supervisor has to trust that you’re going to get the job done. Having regular communication will go a long way for that.

                  If you feel as though you can fulfill the duties and handle working at home, then you might find that data entry is the job for you. Beware of scams, and you just might end up finding a rewarding job you didn’t know you could do.

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