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Job seekers can submit a Pepsi application for a chance to work for one of the most successful corporations of all time. Founded back in 1898, PepsiCo currently operates worldwide and employs over 263,000 people. Their products are longstanding leaders of the beverage sector, which makes PepsiCo one of the most sought after employers in the business.

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Pepsi Store Hours

The vast majority of departments at PepsiCo abide by the standard corporate schedule. The hours of operation of the production and transportation departments, however, are significantly extended to ensure that they meet product demands and the company’s requirements.

Pepsi Contact Information

Pepsi official site: WWW.PEPSI.COM

The Pepsi Customer Service department can be reached at 1-800-433-2652. Working hours are 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. from Monday to Friday. Customers may also send their questions and comments via e-mail on the company’s Contact Us page.

Minimum Age for Employment at Pepsi

The official PepsiCo employment policy required candidates to be at least 18 years old to apply for jobs at the company. Please note that candidates who do not meet the age requirement will be automatically excluded from the hiring process.

Pepsi Employment Opportunities

Job seekers can find a wide range of PepsiCo employment opportunities on the company’s jobs portal. They can find the positions that are best suited to their needs by choosing the location and the department of the careers. Here are the career areas available at PepsiCo:

  • Pepsi Careers in Accountancy
  • PepsiCo Jobs in Administrative Support
  • PepsiCo Jobs in Aerospace
  • Pepsi Cola Careers in Design
  • Pepsi Jobs in Engineering/ IT
  • Pepsi Jobs in Engineering, Manufacturing, Utilities
  • PepsiCo Jobs in Finance
  • PepsiCo Jobs in Health/Safety/Environment
  • PepsiCo Jobs in Human Resources
  • Pepsi Cola Careers in IT and Internet
  • Legal PepsiCo Careers
  • Pepsi Careers in Marketing and Communications
  • Pepsi Careers in Purchasing/ Procurement
  • Pepsi Careers in Research and Development
  • PepsiCo Careers in Sales
  • Supply Chain PepsiCo Careers
  • Pepsi Cola Jobs in Transportation and Logistics
  • Pepsi Warehouse Jobs

Pepsi Application Process

Job seekers interested in Pepsi careers are required to send an application online through the company’s employment portal, which can be accessed at They will find the complete list of available positions in their selected location so that they can find the best possible position for their academic and professional experience.

Please note that the company does not utilize a paper-based jobs and employment form at this time. As such, we will provide candidates with detailed information about each section of the Pepsi application form, so that they may include all the information required. The employment form features the following categories:

  • Candidate Profile

Job seekers must create profiles on the Pepsi job application portal to be able to apply to their chosen careers. They will be asked to provide their e-mail address for their candidate profiles. Then they will be able to create a password to keep their accounts safe.

  • Resume Upload

For this section of the PepsiCo job application form, candidates may upload their resumes to their employment forms. They may do so by direct upload or by transferring their files via Google Drive, LinkedIn, or Dropbox. Candidates are also presented with the option of typing in their resumes in the provided space.

Screenshot of the Pepsi Application Process
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Candidates may upload their resumes to their Pepsi application for this section.

  • Resume/ CV Profile Information

This section of the PepsiCo job application form requires candidates to fill in their full names for the employment form.

  • Contact Information

For this section of the Pepsi job application form, candidates must include their complete contact details. Please note that this will be information used by the HR specialists to contact the candidates for the following steps of the employment process.

Screenshot of the Pepsi Application Process
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For this section of the Pepsi application form, candidates are required to provide their full contact details.

  • Education

For this section of the PepsiCo application form, candidates may provide information about their academic history. Please note that this section is not mandatory. However, we strongly advise candidates to include as much information as possible to their forms.

Screenshot of the Pepsi Application Process
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For this section of the Pepsi application form, candidates are required to provide information about their education history.

  • Work Experience History

For this section of the Pepsi application form, job seekers may include information about their previous positions. For each job, they must state the positions they have held, the name of the companies, and the start and the end year of their collaboration.

Screenshot of the Pepsi Application Process
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For this section of the Pepsi application form, candidates are required to provide information about their work experience.

  • Pre-Employment Questionnaire

This section of the Pepsi job application form requires candidates to answer a series of questions meant to assess whether or not they are able to comply with the company’s main employment eligibility criteria. Candidates will have to certify that they are at least 18 years old and that they are legally allowed to work in the United States.

Screenshot of the Pepsi Application Process
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For this section of the Pepsi application form, candidates are required to provide are required to complete the pre-employment questionnaire.

  • EEO Questionnaire

For this section of the PepsiCo application form, candidates must provide information about their race, gender, and ethnicity, as well as their disability and veteran status. Please note that they are not obligated to provide this type of information about themselves.

Screenshot of the Pepsi Application Process
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For this section of the Pepsi application form, candidates are required to provide are required to answer the company’s EEO questions.

If they do not feel comfortable sharing this data with the Pepsi hiring specialists, they can choose the “I prefer not to answer” options in the form. The outcome of their employment forms will not be affected in any way, as this section is meant to gather statistical data for internal surveys.

  • Pepsi Application Form Submission

This is the final section of the PepsiCo application form, which notifies candidates that their forms will be submitted to the Human Resources department for assessment. At this point, they can go back and make changes to any of the sections in the form. When their application is complete, they can click on the “Next” button to submit their forms.

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Candidates will receive notice before their Pepsi application is submitted for assessment so that they can proofread it properly.

Available Pepsi Careers

Job seekers can find the complete list of available jobs at PepsiCo on the company’s careers portal. They can apply for their chosen positions by submitting an online employment form through the portal.

Merchandiser – Job Description and Duties

The Merchandiser position is labor intensive. It requires lifting, pushing, pulling, and loading cases which weigh 20-45 pounds each. Shift usually are 10-12 hours long and they entail stocking shelves, rotating the products on the shelves, setting up displays, as well as keeping coolers properly stocked at all times and organizing products in storage rooms.

Merchandiser – Salary and Compensation

This is an entry-level career and it is an hourly position. The PepsiCo salaries for this position begin at $9.00 per hour and can get as high as $21.00 per hour for experienced employees.

Pepsi Careers in Management

Candidates interested in PepsiCo jobs in management are advised to check the company’s employment portal regularly to find the latest additions. Then they will have to apply via the online careers portal to be considered for their chosen positions.

Territory Sales Manager – Job Description and Duties

Territory Sales Managers coordinate the sales operations conducted in their designated department. They will analyze client behavioral patterns and they will develop sales strategies that can maximize the profit of the company. They will also make sure that these strategies are properly enforced and that employees are trained to comply with these demands.

Territory Sales Manager – Salary and Compensation

PepsiCo salaries for Territory Sales Managers range from $47,000 to $80,000 per year. Aside from this base salary, managers are entitled to bonuses meant to repay outstanding performances and valuable contributions to the development of the company.

Benefits at Pepsi

The PepsiCo benefit packs include a long list of options for employees that can make them feel safe and appreciates. These are meant to meet the general needs of the employees. Here are the main categories they can apply for:

  • Healthcare Pepsi Benefits: Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans, Prescription Coverage, Mental Health Care Program.
  • Financial Pepsi Benefits: Competitive Pepsi Salaries, Performance-Based Bonus System, Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account, Stock Options, Employee Stock Purchase Plan.
  • Insurance Pepsi Benefits: Life Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D).
  • Retirement PepsiCo Benefits: 401(k) Plan, Pension Plan.
  • Paid Time Off PepsiCo Benefits: Paid Vacation, Holiday, Bereavement Leave, Sick Days
  • Special PepsiCo Benefits: Pepsi Employee Discount, Free Lunch and Snacks, PepsiCo Employee Assistance Program, Mobile Phone Discount, Legal Assistance.
  • Professional Pepsi Benefits: Diversity Program, Job Training, Tuition Assistance Program, Professional Development Program.

Basic Pepsi Application Tips

The PepsiCo application takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, provided that candidates have access to the updated versions of their resumes. While the Resume Upload section is not mandatory, we strongly recommend that candidates attach their CVs to their forms, as this could improve their chances of acquiring employment at Pepsi.

They should go through their resumes before uploading them to the Pepsi online application forms to check that all the information is accurate. Moreover, they may include detailed information about the jobs that best represent them for their chosen Pepsi careers.

The PepsiCo application form includes very few sections which are mandatory. However, it is highly advisable that they fill out every section, as providing complete information about themselves is very important.

Candidates who attach their resumes, for instance, should take the time to fill out the Education and Work Experience History as well. Even though their CVs features detailed data on their professional and academic background, the Pepsi hiring specialists will most likely read their standard forms before passing on to their resumes. As such, it is best that they have access to an outline of their experience.

Advanced Pepsi Application Tips

Candidates must be aware that they will not be provided with a section where they can proofread their completed applications. As such, they will have to do this as they fill out their forms. It is important that they provide accurate data to the Pepsi hiring specialists.

Pepsi Hiring Process Information

All the PepsiCo application forms submitted through the online careers portal will be analyzed by the Human Resources department. The assessment is meant to find the candidates who are best suited to fill the open positions.

The Pepsi hiring specialists will analyze the work experience of the candidates, as well as their education. Those who best meet the requirements of the careers will then be called in for further assessment in the interview process.

The number of job meetings depends on the career level and the department sought by the candidates. While entry level positions may only require one interview, the assessment process for management or other high-level careers may entail as many as four interviews.

At the end of the interview process, the Pepsi hiring managers will provide candidates with their final answers about their employment.

Pepsi Interview Tips

The interview process is meant to identify the best possible candidates for the available Pepsi careers. Depending on the requirements of the department, candidates may be assessed individually or they may be asked to participate in group interviews.

The best way to prepare for the job meeting is reading as much as possible about the company. PepsiCo is one of the best-known corporations in the entire world. Thus, candidates will have access to wide range of materials about the company’s history, development, and major achievements. This information could prove useful for the interview answers.

The clothes that the candidates choose for their job meetings are very important because they will contribute to the first impression they make to the Pepsi hiring specialists. Interview candidates should opt for business attire, which should be delicately accessorized to create a professional and poised look.

Examples of Pepsi Interview Questions

We strongly advise candidates to practice their interview answers by going to the following sample questions. There is quite a high chance that they will be asked different questions on their Pepsi job meetings, but the practice will help them think of better answers that could impress the hiring managers. Here are some questions which have been used for Pepsi interviews in the past.

  • Why do you want to work for Pepsi?
  • Could you please name a time when you have had a conflict with a team member? How did you manage to solve it?
  • If your manager gives you a task due tomorrow and then your senior manager assigns you a task for today, what do you do?
  • Are you physically able to comply with the requirements of the PepsiCo career?
  • What is your work experience?
  • Can you see yourself doing this PepsiCo job?
  • Do you drink Pepsi? What is your favorite Pepsi product?

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