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A Fortune 500 organization and commonly known as one of the top 10 banks in US, Capital One is one the most prestigious banks you can choose to work for.

In the following guide, we will take a look at some of the most coveted Capital One careers & their income, employee benefits, hiring process as well as the Capital One application process.

Capital One Job Opportunities – Overview

Available Capital One career fields:

  • Revenue Affiliate
  • Financial advisor
  • Management Assistant/Support Services
  • Personal Financier
  • Call Center Client Support Associate
  • Financial Expert
  • HR & Hiring Affiliate
  • Information Technology Expert
  • Legal Associate
  • Marketing Affiliate
  • Statistical Professional
  • Mortgage Loan Professional
  • Operations Administrator
  • Project Administrator.

Higher level Capital One careers will require college degrees and/or professional experience in that particular domain. Capital One internships are also available for students in a variety of domanins, including audit, finance, design and data analysis. Most Capital One job positions have a full-time schedule, but some branches may also offer part-time employment.

Capital One Careers slogan
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Capital One Careers slogan

Capital One Application Process

Candidates can search Capital One job openings on the dedicated Capital One careers portal, On this portal you can find specific information about Capial One careers, including job description and requirements.

Capital One Careers slogan
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Capital One Jobs – workplace & work ethics

You can narrow down your search using the job filters on the right of the landing page. Once you have a job opening you are interested in, you can begin the Capital One job application process.

Capital One Careers Page
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Capital One Careers Page – Overview of Available positions.

To apply for a job, click the Apply Now button at the top of the page. If this is the first time your are using the Capital One careers portal, you will have to create a personal account.

You can also save a particular position, for further reference. You can view saved jobs in your personal account on the Capital One careers portal.

Capital One Careers Page - Overview of Available positions.
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Capital One Careers Page – Overview of Available positions.

Are you interested in a Capital One career? Here is how to apply to the current jobs:

  • Look for available positions.
  • Click on the desired position and read its requirements and responsibilities.
  • Click on the “Apply Now” button. You will be redirected to a third-party service that handles all the company’s applications.
  • Create an account in order to begin the Capital One Application process.
  • Fill out your application, attach additional documents and send it at
Capital One Application & Employee login
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Capital One Application & Employee login

When you discover a job that suits your passions and set of abilities, complete the program by simply clicking the “Apply Now” button. You can save the job query and send the application later by clicking the “Add to job cart” button. You can also send the job through e-mail to a friend or search similar positions by clicking the hyperlinks located at the bottom of the site.

When you click on „Apply to the job” button at the end of the job information web page, you will be asked to evaluate the electronic disclosure contract.

Capital One Application Process: #1 Upload the Resume

After you check the confirmation box once you have analyzed the contractual terms, you will have to send your resume and other online information.

Capital One Application Process: #2 Online Evaluation

If you are asked to do it, complete the online evaluation as soon as possible. However, if you do not discover an immediate position suited for your abilities, you are still motivated to build your information in the personal profile. You can create a saved search in order to get e-mail notices when positions that match your requirements become available.

Look for current positions by classification, location, and search phrases. When you get the results, select the “Save this Search” box at the top area on the right. You can opt to get e-mail notices that match the requirements in the saved searches.

Capital One Application Process: #3 Phone Interview

If your professional background, abilities and passions are suited for a current position, an employer will contact you for a first phone examination. These phone screenings usually last for 20 or 30 minutes and permit the HR manager to gain information about your qualifications and skills. It is also a chance of you to explore the company.

The employer also considers whether work objectives are coordinated with the position or maybe with a different job. If you are looking for a job with particular technological abilities, you could also be contacted for a technological examination.

Capital One Application - Capital One Careers
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Capital One Application – Capital One Careers

Capital One Application Process: #4 Testing

Assessments can come before the online examination or afterwards, based on the Capital One career for which you are sending your application. All jobs will need some level of testing that helps the employer assess your credentials and potential of being successful at Capital One. They have devised various tests that help them estimate your match with different positions at Capital One. This testing is designed to evaluate & confirm:

  • Your work background
  • Your recommended work style
  • Your capability to fix issues and draw logic conclusions

You can go through a sequence of assessments, starting with simple Internet assessments that can be taken from the convenience of your desktop computer or wherever there is an Internet connection and a good place to concentrate.

Capital One Application - Explore Jobs
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Capital One Application page – Explore jobs


Capital One Job Openings

1. Capital One Collector Job Description

Collector Job Duties

Solving problems is the goal of collector jobs. Reducing client misbehavior is the most important operation in these Capital One careers, while calling non-complying clients, organizing payments and working with providers to ensure the place and reception of various collaterals also are necessary responsibilities.

Capital One Collector Job Requirements

Applicants must demonstrate abilities in discussing, utilizing skip searching tools to locate clients and using line management techniques to perform on an allocated group of accounts.

Those who submit a Capital One application need to possess at least a high school degree and more than one year of experience or call center background.

Collector Salary & Benefits

These Capital One careers are paid from $12.00 to $13.00 per hour.

Collector Work Schedule

The working hours are traditional, between 9 and 5. However, seeing as this is a financial institution job, you might be asked to put in some extra hours.

2. Capital One Teller Job Description

Capital One Teller Job Duties

Being the interface of retail division functions, tellers have an important role in client financial operations. They perform various operations each day, such as cashing assessments, depositing assets, money shifting and receiving payments from bank clients. Almost 50% of the job implies working with clients, while other obligations consist in maintaining a balanced cash storage, determining sales possibilities and doing regulating procedures.

Capital One Teller Job Requirements

Employees must be able to describe products and recommend different choices to clients in addition to solving problems with appropriate and precise etiquette. Credentials consist of a secondary school degree and at least 6 years of experience.

Teller Salary & Benefits

Workers can have a Capital One salary from $9.00 to $14.00 per hour. Yearly wage options go up to around $40,000 or $50,000 per year for very qualified workers.

Teller Work Schedule

The working schedule is from 9 to 5 or 10 to 6.

3. Capital One Customer Support Manager Job Description

Capital One Customer Support Manager Job Duties

High-energy candidates capable of performing well in groups & with social skills, qualify ideally for such Capital One careers. Obligations can include offering support to existing clients, doing account-level researches, suggesting various items & packages to clients, attending team conferences, upgrading account data, examining certification and maintaining information about changes, improvements and advancements of all systems, items and novelties.

Capital One Customer Support Manager Job Requirements

Solid attention to details, written and spoken abilities and interest for client support suit candidates well. Potential candidates must have at least a high school degree and at least two years of client support background, while people with one year of experience in call centers also enjoy preferential treatment for their Capital One application.

Customer Support Manager Salary & Benefits

Customer Support Managers often get Capital One salaries from $12.00 to $13.00 per hour.

Customer Support Manager Work Schedule

The working schedule is from 9 to 5 or 10 to 6.

Capital One Employee Benefits

  • medical, vision, and dental insurance
  • wellness and employee support applications
  • accessibility to fitness gyms
  • short-term or long-term impairment assistance
  • 401(k) retirement programs
  • stock purchase programs
  • educational support
  • Capital One internship possibilities to scholars

Capital One Interview Tips

  • Dress appropriately, wearing a business or corporate suit.
  • Trim yourself, including your head and facial hair.
  • Network as much as possible
  • Talk to your interviewer about your networking connections
  • Think about your abilities needed to be efficient in the job
  • Exercise tasks that can improve your abilities
  • Practice answering to questions under a certain time pressure like some of these assessments are timed.

Capital One Contact Information

Official site:

Official career site: Capital One Careers

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