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International Bank of Commerce (IBC) Bank is a state chartered bank chain that operates in Texas and Oklahoma. With more than 215 branches and 375 ATMs, IBC Bank is a household name in the two states. If you want to work for a bank trying to make a difference one client at a time, then fill out an IBC Bank application today. Here are a few tips!

The company motto is “We do more”, because IBC has a longstanding reputation for excellent service personalized to the specific needs of each client.

If you want to work for a bank trying to make a difference one client at a time, then fill out an IBC Bank application today. Here are the best tips for applying to IBC!

IBC Bank Store Hours

The standard IBC Bank hours of operations are Monday to Friday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. . However, since there might be some variations to this standard schedule, it is best that you use the ATM/ Branch Locator on the IBC official website to find the IBC Bank hours for the branch that you are interested in, along with the address and the IBC Bank phone number.

IBC Bank Contact Information

IBC Bank official site: www.ibc.com

Headquartered in Laredo, Texas, IBC Bank operates in Texas and Oklahoma. If you wish to contact one specific branch or one of the company’s main offices, then go to www.ibc.com and click on the Contact Us menu to find the full contact details for each IBC main office.

If you wish to report a stolen bank card, then you can call the IBC Bank Customer Service number, which is:

  • 1-866-902-5860 – personal cards
  • 1-866-902-5861 – business cards

Minimum Age for Employment at IBC Bank

If you want to apply for any of the entry level IBC Bank jobs, you need to be at least 14 years old, as this is the minimum age of employment in the states of Texas and Oklahoma. You might be asked to provide a work permit until the age of 16.

However, since the banking jobs at IBC require candidates to have a college degree in Finance and Banking, young candidates might only be eligible for maintenance and tech positions and internship programs.

Fill out an IBC Bank job application form anyway and it will be analyzed by Human Resources specialists, who will decide whether or not you are a good fit for the company.

IBC Bank Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in a career at IBC Bank, then you need to check the job listings on the IBC Bank Careers page periodically, because there you will find the latest additions. There are opportunities for IBC Bank jobs like:

  • Sales Associate- Retail
  • Sales Associate- International Deposit
  • Sales Associate- International Lending
  • Bank Teller
  • Credit Analyst
  • Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Sales Management Assistant
  • Warehouse Supply Clerk
  • Staff Accountant

Download the IBC Bank job application form for each of these jobs and fill it in to get a chance at IBC Bank employment.

IBC Bank Application Process

The first step of the IBC Bank application process is accessing the official IBC Bank Careers page. You can go to the official website and click on the Careers button at the top of the page.

IBC Bank Application - Screenshot 1
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IBC Bank Application – Screenshot 1

You will be redirected to the official IBC Bank Jobs portal, where you can read about IBC Bank Benefits, the bank’s awards and recognition, some Frequently Asked Questions and lastly, the Current Job Listings.

Click on the Current Job Listings button to access the IBC Bank online application portal. Here you can read about the IBC Bank application policy that dictates that you download the IBC Bank job application for your desired position and bring it in personally to the IBC Bank location indicated in the job listing, along with your resume.

IBC Bank Application - Screenshot 2
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IBC Bank Application – Screenshot 2

The IBC Bank application portal clearly mentions that you cannot send your application via e-mail and that you need to bring it in personally, regardless of the IBC Bank Career you are applying for.

You are provided with a list of all of the IBC Bank locations, so that you can find your way easily to the indicated venues.

In order to get the IBC Bank application form, you need to find the specific job you want to apply for. You can conduct your search according to location and you will be presented with the full list of available IBC Bank jobs in your area.

IBC Bank Application - Screenshot 3
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IBC Bank Application – Screenshot 3

Each one of the available positions has a download link for the IBC Bank application form you need to fill out. While most IBC Bank jobs and employment forms are identical, it is best that you download the one in the description of your chosen IBC Bank career.

Print out the IBC Bank application form and fill it out attentively. Make sure to allow yourself enough time to do this, as it could prove to be quite a lengthy process.

In the first part of the IBC Bank job application form you will have to include your contact details, some information regarding your education background and your work experience.

IBC Bank Application - Screenshot 4
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IBC Bank Application – Screenshot 4

In the second part of the IBC Bank job application form, you will be asked to list the exact position you are applying for, as well as comprehensive information regarding your availability.

IBC Bank Application - Screenshot 5
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IBC Bank Application – Screenshot 5

Then, you will have to answer some specific questions regarding your Microsoft Office skills.

IBC Bank Application - Screenshot 6
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IBC Bank Application – Screenshot 6

Next, there are a few Voluntary Self-Identification forms regarding Disability, Veteran Status and person information such as gender and race. You need to know that you cannot be obligated to complete these forms. However, the information might be relevant to the employer in order to accomplish a more diverse workplace.

Another way of getting one of the IBC Bank jobs is participating in a job fair where the company is present. You can find a Job Fairs button on the main IBC Bank careers page that will direct you to a page that includes information about the upcoming job fairs you can attend.

IBC Bank Application - Screenshot 7
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IBC Bank Application – Screenshot 7

If you choose to attend a job fair, make sure you bring a IBC Bank application form with you, as well as your resume, so that you can submit it then and there.

Available IBC Bank Careers

Sales Associate – Retail – Job Description and Duties

The IBC Bank Sales Associate will provide flawless customer service to the bank’s clients. He/ She will manage the sales process and will be in charge of cross selling IBC Bank financial services to current and prospective customers.

Sales Associate – Retail – Salary and Compensation

The IBC Bank salary for the Sales Associate position varies between $8.00 per hour and $13.00 per hour, according to the development of the employee and the proficiency that he/ she displays in his/ her work.

Teller Operations – Teller – Job Description and Duties

The IBC Bank Teller will manage and process transactions for a wide range of accounts, such as savings, loans or checking. The Teller will also be in charge of preparing the entries for the daily general ledger.

He/ She will abide by bank policies and procedures at all times so as to manage a balanced drawer and will offer high quality customer service to all clients.

Teller Operations – Teller – Salary and Compensation

As this is one of the entry level careers, the IBC Bank Teller salary usually starts out at the state’s minimum wage, which is $7. 25 per hour in both Oklahoma and Texas. Then, as the Teller gains experience in IBC Bank employment, the salary is increased to $9.00 per hour.

Credit Analyst – Job Description and Duties

The main responsibilities of the Credit Analyst are auditing loan account platforms and conducting thorough reviews for the client’s tax returns, financial statements and cash flow. Then, as the employee gains experience in the position, his/ her responsibilities will be increased.

All Credit Analyst candidates need to have proficient skills in Microsoft Word and Excel and very strong communication skills, so as to be able to provide high quality service for the bank’s clients and to present his/ her findings to the Bank Manager.

The salary for this position starts out at an hourly rate or $27.00 and can get as high as $47.00 as the employee develops new skills that he/ she can use in this career. As such, this is one of the best paid IBC Bank careers.Credit Analyst – Salary and Compensation

IBC Bank Careers in Management

Assistant Branch Sales Manager – Job Description and Duties

The Assistant Sales Branch Sales Manager will work alongside the bank’s Sales Manager in managing sales and customer service. The main focus of the Assistant Sales Manager is to achieve the bank’s growth objectives.

The main responsibilities of a IBC Bank Assistant Sales Manager are:

  • overseeing the entire staff in charge of several bank operations attributed to the branch
  • maintaining excellent community relations
  • developing and implementing a series of sales strategies that will enable the branch to achieve its financial goals
  • coordinating the staff so as to make sure that they provide the best possible customer service

Assistant Branch Sales Manager – Salary and Compensation

The IBC Bank salary for this position starts out at an annual rate of $28,000 and can get as high as $30,000, as the employee begins to demonstrate the full extent of his/ her skills. In place of another salary increase, the Assistant Sales Manager is usually promoted to the Sales Manager position.

Benefits at IBC Bank

IBC Bank offers a full benefit pack for its full-time employee and also a minimum coverage pack for its part time employees, so that all of the IBC Bank Staff is protected during their time outside work.

  • Medical Plan – available to full-time employees; includes Prescription Plan as well;
  • Dental Plan – optional benefit for both full time and part time employees;
  • Medical Spending Account – employees can save up to $7,500 per year for paid medical expenses;
  • Basic Life Insurance – employer paid life insurance plan available to full-time employees, with the possibility of adding Supplemental Life Insurance;
  • Disability Insurance – optional benefit for both full-time and part-time employees;
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan – employees can save between 1% and 15% in the IBC Bank 401(k) plan;
  • Tuition Assistance Program – available for financial banking courses at accredited institutions to full-time and part-time employees after six months with the company
  • Computer Assistance Purchase Program – available to all employees after one year of IBC Bank Employment;
  • Vacation – available to both full-time and part-time employees who work more than 20 hours per week;
  • Sick Leave – all employees are entitled to one day of sick leave per month;

Basic IBC Bank Application Tips

If you want to get one of the IBC Bank jobs, here are the most important tips for applying:

  • Always start with the careers page – Here you will find all the information you need regarding the IBC Bank application policy. Unlike other companies, IBC Bank does not offer an application portal, so you cannot submit your application online.
  • Make time – You will need to bring in your IBC Bank application form, along with your resume personally at the IBC Bank locations you are interested in working and where you find IBC Bank careers that you are suited for.
  • Always browse the available positions – Make sure to look at all the available IBC Bank careers to see for which you might be suited and to find those that that are located in the city you are currently living in or somewhere you would be willing to relocate.
  • Don’t forget your resume – IBC Bank application policy says that you need to bring in your application form together with your resume, so make sure you have both.
  • Check your resume before handing it in – Make sure that your resume is not addressed to another company, as you might have used it before. Always read it again before submitting it to check that you have the correct version, that is updated according to your work experience and education background.

Advanced IBC Bank Application Tips

If there is a job fair coming up soon, make sure that you pay a visit and that you at least talk to the IBC Bank representatives while you are there.

It is advisable that you have an IBC job application form and a resume with you, that you can hand in to the bank representative if you find the appropriate timing.

This will show that you have initiative and that you are invested in the IBC Bank application process, which the hiring specialists are definitely going to remember, as they always look for the most dedicated candidates for IBC Bank jobs.

It is a good idea to check the application status of your desired IBC Bank careers on the day of the fair, so that you are not surprised in the event that the position has been filled in the meantime.

IBC Bank Hiring Process Information

After you submit your IBC Bank job application, it will be processed and the hiring specialists in the company’s Recruitment Department will determine whether or not you are a good fit for the IBC Bank career that you are applying for and if you will be able to integrate yourself in the IBC Bank team.

If you are considered appropriate, you will be called in to set up an interview. Make sure you provide the correct contact information in your application, so that the Recruitment specialists can reach if when the time comes.

According to the position you are applying for, there might be one or more interviews with the Bank Manager and/ or the Recruitment specialists, so you need to keep your schedule free so that you are available to come in if necessary.

IBC Bank Interview Tips

It is crucial that you prepare for the IBC Bank interview by researching the company. You need to be aware of what they offer to customers, such as IBC online banking services or the specific IBC Bank credit card offers, as well as the company’s core values and their main policies.

You need to visit the IBC Bank official website and the IBC Bank app, because this information might prove to be extremely helpful to you when answering the interview questions. By including facts related to IBC Bank in your interview answers, you will consolidate your interest in the company and the position.

Regardless of the IBC Bank career you are interviewing for, you need to opt for a business formal look. You will need to select your clothes carefully and then to make sure that your hairstyle and makeup match the overall look.

Remember to have one central element in you outfit that might be a piece of clothing, a certain part of your makeup, you hairstyle or an accessory. The aim is to direct attention to this central element, which should also highlight one of your best features, so that the interviewers remember you easily.

Avoid aggressive makeup, eye popping colors and large or flashy accessories. The overall look that you want to accomplish is poised and sophisticated, so you need to pay special attention to details.

As the interview might be the only chance you get to present yourself to the interviewers, try to stay calm and let your elegant look dictate your manner and your tone for the day.

Examples of IBC Bank Interview Questions

There are several interview plans used for the various IBC Bank careers, and the interview questions depend on the specific position you are applying for.

For instance, the interview policy for the IBC Bank Teller position includes a brief math test that is meant to assess both the candidate’s mathematical skills and his/ her logical thinking skills.

The interviews for other IBC Bank careers also include psychology tests performed and interpreted by Human Resources specialists.

There is another phase of the interview that is similar for most IBC Bank careers that includes questions such as:

  • What would you say are your strengths?
  • What is the main reason why you are choosing to enter the world of finance?
  • Can you please give me an example of a time when you overcame a challenge in your previous job?

Then, you will be asked a series of questions that are related to your specific line of work, so that the interviewers are able to assess how well suited you are for your chosen career.

It is advisable that you keep your interview answers short and to the point and that you maintain a confident and courteous tone all throughout the discussion.
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