Individuals seeking Planet Fitness jobs and lasting careers alike find a dynamic environment with competitive pay and career security within this gym chain. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to find the job you want with Planet Fitness, apply to it using the online Planet Fitness Job application form, and prepare for the interview with our awesome tips.

Planet Fitness Employment Opportunities – Overview

Planet Fitness has more than 700 clubs and over 5 million members. Since it is an expanding gym chain, the company has a constant need for new trainers for Planet Fitness employment. People with knowledge regarding the fitness domain or knowledge pertaining to training science will receive a preference for hiring once they send their Planet Fitness application. Those who are newly entered into the workforce can secure Planet Fitness jobs with the gym chain very fitting to start their careers. Affiliates filling assistant administrator and administrator roles often begin their Planet Fitness careers as Planet Fitness receptionists or other entry-level employee.

Planet Fitness Application Process

You can browse current Planet Fitness job opportunities from the dedicated Planet Fitness careers page. You can access the page by going to their main website, At the bottom of the page, you fill find the link to the Planet Fitness Careers section.

Planet Fitness Careers - Planet Fitness Application
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The Planet Fitness Careers page – You can begin the Planet Fitness Application here.

Planet Fitness is rated as one of the fastest developing organizations in the US and to accomplish their perspective regarding modern training, they are searching for skilled people who make an ideal asset for their new and complicate judgment free” groups.

Planet Fitness Careers - Planet Fitness Application 2.5
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Planet fitness careers available. You can click on a specific position for more details.

Once you reach the Planet Fitness Careers page, you will have two job browsing options. You can either select a Planet Fitness gym location you are interested in working in, to see what job opportunities they have. You can also browse the Planet Fitness corporate jobs page.

You can

Planet Fitness Careers - Planet Fitness Application 2.5
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Planet Fitness Application & career opportunities.

Once you have selected a job opening you are interested in, you can begin the Planet Fitness job application process. You can fill out the Planet Fitness application form, or apply to the position with your Indeed account. We highly recommend you apply by filling in the application form, as you can tailor your application to the position you are applying for.

Hiring supervisors usually ask prior questions before scheduling the individual meetings. Employees go to each meeting, generally in the presence of a team administrator or region administrator and respond to the queries during the one-to-one interviews. Most candidates participate in more than two job discussions during the selection procedure. Supervisors can also use this chance to cover training and fitness guides that summarize behavioral concepts and daily functions.

Planet Fitness Careers - Planet Fitness Application
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Planet Fitness application process through the Indeed platform.

Planet Fitness Job Openings

1. Planet Fitness Member Services Associate Job Description

Member Services Associate Job Duties

Affiliates applying for the job must consistently welcome clients, handle their front desk, respond to questions and telephone calls, show the features around the gym, on board new customers and help keep the hygiene of the machines and gym.

Member Services Associate Job Requirements

People interested in Planet Fitness associate positions and representative roles, who enjoy collaborating with different categories of people, have solid problem-solving abilities and maintain physical endurance are perfect for this position. Past experience in selling products, customer support or common office work can earn applicant’s preference, even if entry-level candidates get consideration for Planet Fitness careers, as well.

Member Services Associate Salary & Benefits

Offered as a full-time or a part-time job, services representatives are regularly paid with rates between $9.00 and $10.00 per hour.

Member Services Associate Work Schedule

The working schedule for this position will depend on the shift you choose as well as the type of job – part-time or full-time.

Planet Fitness Office - Interview Papers
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Planet Fitness Office – Interview Papers

2. Planet Fitness Overnight Custodian Job Description

Overnight Custodian Job Duties

Primary responsibilities are thorough cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of all devices and training areas, storing washrooms and locker rooms with hygiene products and similar items, reporting damaged devices and returning all lost items in accordance to the company’s procedure.

Overnight Custodian Job Requirements

An overnight custodian worker must consistently work in the third shift, this making open accessibility a necessary trait of the potential Planet Fitness employment. Difficult to perform, custodian Planet Fitness jobs need the individual to have excellent physical capability – to lift up to 75 lbs at once, expose himself to washing chemicals and to be able to bend, stand and perform other activities.

Overnight Custodian Salary & Benefits

Planet Fitness pay for overnight custodians is around $10.00 per hour.

Overnight Custodian Work Schedules

The working schedule is based on the night-time shift and the location of the branch.

3. Planet Fitness Gym Administrator Job Description

Gym Administrator Job Duties

Having to help the gym manager with important responsibilities, associate supervisors often provide support in the personnel choosing and training procedure, maintain a pleasant and comprehensive environment by indicating things to look for. They also schedule the staff, manage the gym during the absence of the administrator, take care of client issues and questions, sign on all new clients to help attend their objectives, and order the necessary supplies and fill in for missing workers.

Gym Administrator Job Requirements

Strong managers able of multi-tasking and offering remarkable client support with high-energy behavior perform the best as gym supervisors. As their Planet Fitness careers need a certain level of liability, people with experience in the health and fitness field or in Planet Fitness positions in management are preferred during the candidate selection procedure.

Gym Administrator Salary & Benefits

Planet Fitness pays associate supervisors salaries that range between $25,000 and $30,000 per year.

Gym Administrator Work Schedule

Although the work schedule is a traditional one, as a Gym Administrator, you might be asked to do some overtime or work during the weekends or holidays.

Planet Fitness Application & Interview Tips

  • Complete your online application properly
  • Ensure all that your information is filled in correctly.
  • Make sure you sent your resume along with the application.
  • If it is possible, offer a cover letter attached to it, as well.
  • Use the job meetings to show individual interest in assisting others.

Frequently Asked Planet Fitness Interview Questions

  • As a Client Support Employee, how will you offer Planet Fitness gym membership to the customers?
  • Can you perform well under stress?
  • What is the one element that is so interesting for you at this job?
  • What is your opinion on everyday schedule and exercising?
  • What are your strong and weak points?
  • Why do you want to work in this position? Tell us why you are the best person for this place.
  • What encourages you to go further during the daily schedule?
  • What features make you an excellent trainer?
  • Give us some examples that illustrate your Client Support abilities.
  • Give some examples where you successfully managed a problematic scenario.
  • How can you make your knowledge and abilities relevant to your job?
  • Tell us a few reasons why the company should hire your services?
  • What qualifications do you possess?
  • What are some short-term or long-term objectives of yours?
  • Does a tighter diet strategy and program help in accomplishing fitness objectives?
  • How good do you think you are in dealing with groups of clients?

Planet Fitness Contact Information

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