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So you received the offer letter of your dreams but you do not know how to reply? You do not want to come off as too eager or excited but on the other hand, you do not want to come off as unappreciative and motivated.

How to do you find the perfect balance of sophisticated and grateful in a reply to an offer letter?

Well, you follow these basic guidelines and general rules for writing your reply to an offer letter. However, you might also need to reply to an offer letter with a rejection and we are here to assist you in composing that not as easy to compose reply as well.

Offer Letter Guidelines to Live By

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Image source: Unsplash

A reply to an offer letter completely depends on whether you are accepting or rejecting the offer letter. We will focus on acceptance letters primarily and then briefly discuss the reply that supports the rejection of an offer letter.

Offer letter replies are the perfect opportunity to showcase your professionalism and gratitude. It also allows you the ability to discuss job offer details and gain clarity in any arenas you may feel clouded or unsure surrounding the job offer.

How to Accept an Offer Letter

You are elated, excited and over the moon happy about receiving the offer letter you have been dreaming of but are not sure on the best way to approach the acceptance of the offer letter. There are several key components when it comes to a successful offer acceptance letter.

The key components needed to create an offer acceptance letter are formal signs of appreciation, written acceptance of the job, the details of employment and the desired first date of the job.

Show Appreciation for the Job

Giving thanks is key constituent of an effective job acceptance letter. The first thing you should include in the body of your letter is an expression of deep thanks and appreciation for the job offer.

Out of all of the job applicants, the company chose you and this should feel extremely rewarding and important. Express your gratitude by acknowledging your thanks right away. Let the company know you recognize the importance of the job offer and are thankful to set up to the plate.

Accept the Job in Written Form

In a fruitful job offer acceptance letter you must always include a written form of acceptance. Formally accept the offer by stating it clearly and concisely in your email or letter. This can take one to two sentences and includes the statement “I, (insert your name here) formerly accept the job offer of (insert position here) at (insert company name here).”

This ensures that the company knows you formally accept their job offer and you are 100% prepared to take on the position.  Do not write a job acceptance offer response without including this highly looked over and important element.

Details of Employment Conditions

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Image source: Unsplash

The details of your employment are very important to include in a response to an offer letter. Make sure that you are fully satisfied with every single detail, from big to small. The salary is not the only thing to consider.

Make sure that you are completely happy with the minute details, from your uniform to your lunch break to your benefits and everything in between. This is the golden opportunity to make sure you are taken care of and pleased with how your career will go for the next however many years.

This is your chance to negotiate, add value to yourself and make sure you get what you want and need. If you are not 100% excited about every aspect of your job offer, do not gladly accept. Ask for the extra day of paid time off, ask for the extra $1,000 a year, ask for the freedom to work from home once a month.

This is your last opportunity to negotiate with your future employer so do not sell yourself short.

Make sure all of your terms and conditions are accounted for.

Start Date

Another important key factor to remember when conducting your job offer acceptance letter is your desired start date. Make sure to not just put “as soon as possible.” Give the company a specific date that you wish to start your job on.

Be clear with your start date and account for transition time and other factors that might be involved, like packing time and moving time if the job requires you to relocate.

Example of Job Offer Acceptance Letter

Subject Line: (insert your name here) – Job Offer Acceptance

Greetings (insert employer/hiring manager name here),

It was a pleasure to speak with you last week regarding the (insert job title here) position at (insert company name here). I am delighted to formally accept the job offer of (insert job title Here). I am very excited to begin working with you and the (Insert Company Name or department name here) team to (insert job title mission here).

My start date will be (insert start date here) as we talked about with a salary of (insert salary here). Other conditions include three weeks paid time off, full health benefits and (insert added conditions here).

I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the team on (insert start date here). Please let me know if you need me to fill out any additional paperwork or documentation prior to my start date.

You can reach me anytime through email or phone.


Again, I greatly appreciate the opportunity and cannot wait to start.


(Insert your name here)

Edit, Proofread and Edit Again!

Two things you can never do enough of before sending an email to a new employer is edit and proofread. Proofreading and editing are essential to maintaining a professional line of communication with your new employer.

Use a grammar app such as Grammarly to get assistance in editing your words. This app makes it easy as slicing a pie to correct simple spelling or grammatical errors you might have missed in anything you write.

Even if you have read your words ten times, it is always helpful to have a fresh perspective of your words and with modern technology, we can have the assistance of pros at our fingertips – and free of charge!

How to Reject an Offer Letter

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Image source: Pixabay

If you are in the complete opposite side of the spectrum and are attempting to reject a job offer letter, we will walk you through the proper way to send a rejection letter or email. It might not seem like such an important thing to do, but think about it this way.

You spent hours of your time and energy applying to jobs, including this one. This company took the time to send you an offer letter and you have decided to accept a different company’s offer. The least you can do is spend a few minutes and send an email of gratitude while telling the company you are not accepting the position.

You definitely have to remember that all things are possible and it could absolutely be a reality that you might want to apply to this company again in the future. Respond to their email or letter with grace and reverence.

Leave a great impression by sending them an email that expressing your thanks for the offer, your gratitude for their time and the opportunity and a few short words on why you are not accepting the offer.

This last part is not 100% necessary but it is thoughtful and respectful to tell them you are rejecting because you found another offer you aligned with more closely or whatever your personal reason is.

Be diplomatic in this process and give the company your full attention whether you tell them about your rejection in written form or verbal form. Tell them as promptly as possible, because the longer you delay, the longer it will take the employer to find another candidate.

You should reach out to the hiring manager or recruiter who made you the official offer. If they are unavailable when you call, do not leave your rejection in a voicemail. Send a formal email or try calling again at a better time.

If you want to look even more professional, take the time to write them a prompt follow up email thanking them again for the offer letter.

Enjoy Your New Job

We hope this clarified some of the confusion around sending replies of acceptance and rejection in regards to a job offer. Whether you are happily accepted a brand new position or graciously rejecting one, it is imperative to stay clear and professional throughout the entire process.

Be thankful, speak with eloquence, and do not forget to include all the necessary formalities.

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