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Barnes and Noble is the largest bookstore chain in U.S., with 657 stores in all of the 50 American states. Founded back in 1886, the bookstore chain has since gained an impressive experience and has always been a market leader. Barnes and Noble has managed to stay the customers’ first choice along the years because it has always offered the timeless feeling of a bookstore, but has continuously introduced a series of modern media sources that appeals to the younger customers. If you want to work as part of a company with tradition, then send in your Barnes and Noble application today! We have a few tips for you, so that you get through the application process as soon as possible.

Submit your Barnes and Noble Application today!

Barnes and Noble Contact Information

Barnes and Noble official site:

The company is headquartered in 122 5th Avenue Manhattan, New York City, U.S., but if you need to contact Barnes and Noble, you should always start with their webpage, where you can find all the information you need regarding their customer service.

You can reach the Barnes and Noble customer service either by phone, e-mail or live chat and one of the company’s associates will offer you assistance as soon as possible.

Minimum Age of Employment at Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble hires associates as young as 16, so anyone above this age can send in an Barnes and Noble application to get a job with the company.

Younger applicants are eligible for entry level Barnes and Noble jobs, so that they can acquire experience in the bookstore field with the country’s top company.

Barnes and Noble Job Opportunities

There are employment opportunities for Barnes & Noble careers in the corporate sector and the retail sector, according to the applicant’s experience and qualifications.

The retail sector includes Barnes & Noble jobs such as Bookseller, Barista/ Cafe Server, Merchandise Associate, Merchandise Manager, Receiver, and many others.

Due to the impressive size of the bookstore chain, the Corporate sector offers employment opportunities in a wide variety of fields including Accounting/ Finance, Administrative, Business Development, Customer Service, Creative Design, Corporate Development, Hardware Engineering, Fraud & Loss Prevention, Marketing, Distribution, Publishing, Purchasing, Real Estate and Software Engineering/ Architecture/ Quality Assurance.

Barnes and Noble Application Process

Barnes and Noble Application - Screenshot 1
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Barnes and Noble Application – Screenshot 1

If you wish to submit a Barnes and Noble application, you are advised to use the Barnes and Noble careers portal, as there is no printable jobs and employment form that you can fill out.

To access the Barnes and Noble careers portal, you can click on the appropriate link at the bottom of the landing page. The Barnes and Noble career website address is At the top of the page, you will have several options, among which are Retail Jobs, Corporate Jobs and Distribution Jobs. You will also have the option to browse Barnes and Noble job opportunities by Barnes and Noble store location. This will allow you to select a location you may be interested in working in, and viewing what job openings they have.

Barnes and Noble Application - Screenshot 2
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Barnes and Noble Application – Screenshot 2

If you choose to apply for a Barnes and Noble job in the Retail sector, click on the View Retail Opportunities button and you will be redirected to a specialized page. Then you can choose the Barnes and Noble store/ stores you would like to work in and you can see the full list of Barnes and Noble job openings for that particular store as well as the application status for every one of them.

Click on the Barnes and Noble jobs that best fit your experience and qualifications, read the job description closely and then click the Apply for this position button at the bottom of the page to begin filling in your online Barnes and Noble job application.

You can upload your resume and attach it to the online Barnes and Noble job application form, but you will have to fill in the various fields of the form as well in order to successfully apply for the position.

Barnes and Noble Application - Screenshot 3
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Barnes and Noble Application – Screenshot 3

You will have to provide Personal Information, including your contact details, age group, your expected salary rage and availability. Then, you will have to create your e-mail-based login information, so that you can access the Barnes and Noble application portal again when you need to.

Barnes and Noble Application - Screenshot 4
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Barnes and Noble Application – Screenshot 4

Next, you have to answer a series of work-related questions about your authorization to work in the U.S., your willingness to work in various areas of the Barns and Noble Store and the limits of your availability.

You will have to choose the prewritten answers that best fit your situation, so it will only take you a minute or two to get through the six questions.

Then, the Barnes and Noble job application form requires you to supply detailed information regarding your availability for each of the days of the week.

In the Resume Attachment section, you can upload your resume, along with its annexes and you can write a Cover Letter in the provided space.

Barnes and Noble Application - Screenshot 5
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Barnes and Noble Application – Screenshot 5

In the Employment History, Education and Certificates/ Licenses sections you will be able to include the most relevant information in your resume. Then, in the Skills section, you can list all of your acquired abilities that are relevant to the Barnes and Noble job you are applying for.

You will also have to provide References for the Barnes and Noble application form and you will have to include full contact details, so that the Human Resources Department can contact the people you list in order to confirm the information you have provided about your employment history.

Then, the Barnes and Noble application form requires you to disclose whether or not you have had previous employment with the company, and whether or not you have relatives who work for the company.

There are also sections about your sex and ethnicity included in the form. However, these are strictly voluntary, so you can submit your application successfully without disclosing this information. The company utilizes it in order to establish a diverse work environment, where everybody is given a chance at the Barnes and Noble career that they are interested in.

Then, there are more voluntary sections, where you can disclose information regarding any disability that you might have, your veteran status and an applicant survey.

Lastly, you will have to provide your online signature and the date and hit the Submit button to complete the Barnes and Noble application.

If you choose to apply for a Corporate Barnes and Noble jobs, you will have to click the View Corporate Openings button on the Barnes and Noble Careers page. You will be redirected to an application portal similar to that for the Retail positions.

Barnes and Noble Application - Screenshot 6
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Barnes and Noble Application – Screenshot 6

Follow the instructions from the Barnes and Noble application and provide information about you professional and educational background, as well as the other details required by the company.

You can attach you resume by uploading it from your computer or you can provide your LinkedIn profile. There is also space for you to include a cover letter, which is very important to the application process.

The Barnes and Noble application process for the Corporate sector includes the same steps as that for the Retail positions.

Barnes and Noble Application - Screenshot 7
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Barnes and Noble Application – Screenshot 7

You can click on the Browse Jobs menu to see all the available positions with the company. Choose the best jobs for you, read the job description and then click on the Apply Now button if you decide to submit your application.

You will be redirected to an application portal that is similar to that for the Barnes and Noble careers. Follow the same steps listed above to complete your application form and submit it through the portal.

You can find some helpful tips for applying for Barnes and Noble jobs that are definitely worth your time listed below.

Available Barnes and Noble Careers

At the moment, there are Barnes and Noble careers available in all the three sectors: Retail, Corporate and Distribution. But always check the Barnes and Noble job application portal to see the latest additions to the list.

Barnes and Noble Bookseller – Job Description and Duties

The bookseller position has the central role in a Barnes and Noble Booksellers store, because the booksellers are the ones who get to interact with the customers directly.

As part of the B&N team, they will adhere to the highest standards in customer service and they will ensure that the company’s four principles are put into practice:

  • “put the book into the customer’s hand
  • offer to order
  • offer the Member program
  • fast cashiering”, according the Barnes and Noble careers page.

Booksellers great customers respectfully and provide complete and personalized recommendations for them. They will ask questions and engage in conversation in order to identify the customer’s needs and they will offer assistance and guidance when requested.

Booksellers will report to the Store Manager to communicate the specific products that the customers are asking for, so that the store is always able to offer the best possible merchandise.

If the store is busy, booksellers will help wherever they are needed inside the store, including the cash-wrap, the Cafe, the receiving sector and other special areas.

Bookseller – Salary and Compensation

The Bookseller position is an entry level Barnes and Noble career and as such, the salary usually begins at minimum wage level ($7,20-$7,50). If the candidate already has experience in the field, the salary might start out at a higher rate.

Then, as the associate gains Barnes and Noble employment experience, he/ she will receive raises according to his/ her performance.

The average salary for this Barnes and Noble job is $9 per hour, but it can get as high as $13 for employees with experience and sales know-how.

Barnes and Noble Barista/ Cafe Server – Job Description and Duties

As the bookseller is the central figure in the Barnes and Noble Booksellers store, the Barista has the central position in the Barnes and Noble cafe, which is actually a vital part of the store, because many customers come in to read their books, to get restocked on coffee for their future literary searches or to take a break after a long day at the store.

The baristas will provide excellent customer care and will personally address every activity and task in the cafe, ranging from baking and making coffee, to loss prevention and maintenance.

Barista/ Cafe Server – Salary and Compensation

As the bookseller position, the Barista is also an entry level Barnes and Noble career. Therefore, the salary for those who have no previous experience begins at minimum wage($7,20-$7,50/ hour) and as the employee gains experience with the company, the wage is increased up to $11 per hour.

Barnes and Noble Careers in Management

While most Barnes and Noble careers in Management are available in the Retail sector, as Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager, there are managerial positions available in the Corporate sector as well.

Barnes and Noble Store Manager – Job Description and Duties

The Store Manager is in charge of the entire Barnes and Noble Booksellers store. He/ She oversees all of the company’s operations and makes sure that everything is running smoothly at all times.

He/ She will handpick his/ her staff of booksellers and baristas and will make sure that they are properly trained and initiated in the Barnes and Noble way, so that they remain in line with the company’s core values at all times.

The Store Managers will communicate with all of the employees to find out what merchandise needs to be eliminated and which needs to be restocked, so that the store be in line with the customers’ wishes at all times.

The main aims of the Store Manager are to ensure that the store has the highest possible revenue and that the customers have a pleasant experience that ensures their return every time.

Store Manager – Salary and Compensation

The salary for the Store Manager position begins at an annual rate of $45,000, for the employees who are promoted to this position. Then, as they get a chance to put their abilities into action and the results begin to be visible, the salary is increased and it can get as high as $96,000 per year.

As the Store Manager position is a performance based Barnes and Noble career, there is also a substantial bonus pack that accompanies the base salary, meant to reward those employees who achieve impressive results in their work.

Together with the bonus pack, the annual salary can get as high as $165,000. However, the average rate remains at $75,800.

Barnes and Noble Application Tips

You will have to upload your resume to the Barnes and Noble job application form, so make sure you have an updated version available. Remember to check the version of your resume that you upload so that it is not addressed to another company.

Then, take the time to provide the complete information regarding your previous work experience and your educational background, in spite of the fact that this is included in detail in your resume. You should not rely on the fact that the Human Resources associates will read your resume anyway, so make sure to include every part of your background that is relevant to the Barnes and Noble job you are applying for.

Writing a cover letter is listed as optional in the Barnes and Noble application process, but it is strongly advised that you do not skip this valuable step, as it might make an immense difference for the Human Resources representatives who will decide whether or not you should come in for an interview.

Those applying for Barnes and Noble jobs in the Corporate Sector should never skip this step. If a candidate for an entry level position might be presented with an interview opportunity in spite of the fact that he/she has not provided a cover letter, one applying for a corporate or managerial position is expected to have the cover letter included in his/ her Barnes and Noble application.

Benefits at Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble provides its employees with comprehensive benefits plan. Barnes and Noles benefits plans will likely differ depending on your position and schedule. Below is a broad overview of the benefits you may receive at Barnes and Noble.

  • Health Insurance:
    • Medical Plan
    • Dental Plan
    • Flexible Spending Account
  • Time Off
    • Personal days
    • Vacation – one week of paid vacation every six months and Annual Vacation time, according to the duration of the collaboration – two weeks after one year;
    • Six Paid Holidays
  • Financial & Security
    • 401 (k) Savings Plan – “the most generous 401(k) plans in the country”, according to the Barnes and Noble official website;
    • Basic Life Insurance
    • Short- and Long- Term Disability Plans
  • Business Travel Plan
  • Tuition Assistance Plan available to full-time booksellers & the Barnes and Noble Book Loan Program
  • Transit Benefits
  • Employee Discounts

Barnes and Noble Hiring Process Information

The first step of the hiring process is submitting your Barnes and Noble application via the careers portal. Browse the available Barnes and Noble jobs list and then and choose the ones that are best suited for you and send in an application.

Then the Human Resources Department will assess your Barnes and Noble application to see whether or not you are a good fit for the position and for the company. If you are deemed fit, then you will be contacted to set up an interview.

If you are applying for an entry level Barnes and Noble job, then you will only have to pass one interview with the company’s hiring staff. However, if you are applying for high level/ managerial Barnes and Noble jobs, then you should expect at least three interviews, so that you can be examined individually and then cross-examined with the other participants.

For most entry- and mid-level positions, the entire hiring process lasts about two weeks. For higher level positions, the process might be lengthier due to the increased number of interviews

Barnes and Noble Interview Tips

Don’t try too hard to impress. As counterintuitive as this may seem, it’s better to be relaxed. If you don’t know the answer to questions, say so. And if you need a little time to think, especially for the broader questions, say so.

Take a look at your CV. Try to prepare a couple of ideas to say about each line in your CV, in case the interviewer asks for details. This is a good opportunity to proof-read your CV as well, so read it before you send in your Barnes and Noble application.

Examples of Barnes and Noble Interview Questions

Barnes and Noble questions will most likely cover two different areas. One will be related to broader questions about yourself. These questions are rarely too personal. Of course, some Barnes and Noble interviewers may choose to skip this set of questions entirely.

  • What is your favorite book?/ What is the last book you have read? (Barnes and Noble Booksellers)
  • What is your favorite literary genre and why?
  • What is your favorite coffee drink? (Barnes and Noble Cafe associates)

There will surely be questions related to the specific Barnes and Noble job opening you are applying. Questions like these may include:

  • How would you handle a difficult client?
  • How would you approach a customer regarding a recommendation that you might make?

It’s best to keep your interview answers to the point. Try to include examples and maybe even make reference to your personal experience, because that would prove to the interviewer that you are able to handle all the job’s responsibilities.

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