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Send in your Olive Garden application for a chance to work at one of the most appreciated restaurants in America. Founded in 1982 by Bill Darden, Olive Garden is a Darden Restaurants, Inc. subsidiary. It currently owns as many as 800 restaurants worldwide and the number continues to grow due to the increasing popularity of the Olive Garden brand. If you are considering applying for a position at Olive Garden, this guide will provide an overview of the Olive Garden hiring process. We will explain how to complete the Olive Garden application, and briefly present the Olive Garden job application form sections.

At the end of the article, you will also find tips for the Olive Garden job interview, and examples of possible Olive Garden interview questions.

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Olive Garden Contact Information

Olive Garden official site: www.olivegarden.com

The Olive Garden Customer Service office can be reached at 800-248-4935 Mondays to Fridays between 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. Customers can also use the olivegarden.com/contact-us page to post their questions, comments or complaints. The Olive Garden headquarters can be reached at the following address: Darden Restaurants, Inc., 1000 Darden Center Dr, Orlando, FL 32837

Minimum Age for Employment at Olive Garden

The minimum age for Olive Garden employment is 16. Please note that all candidates need to be above this age level in order to be considered eligible for the application process.

Olive Garden Employment Opportunities

All of the available jobs at Olive Garden are listed on the company’s employment portal. These are the main categories that job seekers can opt from:

  • Team Member Olive Garden Careers: Kitchen Olive Garden Jobs, Bartending Olive Garden Jobs.
  • Olive Garden Careers in Management: Restaurant Manager Olive Garden Jobs.
  • College Relations Olive Garden Careers: Olive Garden Jobs for college students.
  • Olive Garden Jobs for Veterans.

Olive Garden Application Process

Job seekers are required to send their Olive Garden application online via the company’s careers portal, which can be accessed at www.olivegarden.com/careers. They will have to set up a personal account on the portal and then proceed to fill out each section of the form.

We would like to provide candidates with a few tips for applying at Olive Garden so that they know what to include in the jobs and employment form. The main sections of the form are as follows:

  • Candidate Profile

This is the first section of the Olive Garden application form and it requires candidates to provide detailed information about their professional and academic background. It includes the following subsections:


This first subsection of the Olive Garden application form includes a series of hiring questions meant to assess whether or not the candidates meet the main eligibility criteria for employment. The questions regard the candidates’ ability to provide proof of their legal right to work in the United States, any previous employment at other Olive Garden restaurants, and their age.

Screenshot of the Olive Garden Application Process

Answer the employment questions for this section of the Olive Garden application form.


This subsection of the Olive Garden application form requires candidates to provide an outline of their academic background by listing the institutions they have attended, their degree, and their major area of study.

Screenshot of the Olive Garden Application Process

Provide the main details about your education for this section of the Olive Garden application form.


For this section of the Olive Garden application form, candidates are required to provide detailed information about their latest position. They will also be asked to provide consent for the company representatives to contact their latest employer.

Olive Garden Application Process

Provide the main details about your work experience for this section of the Olive Garden application form.


This subsection of the Olive Garden application form consists of a series of questions focused on the candidates’ professional experience that is most relevant for the position they have applied for.

Screenshot of the Olive Garden Application Process

For this section of the Olive Garden application form, candidates are required to answer a few questions about their professional experience.


Candidates can attach their resumes, cover letters, and professional references to this subsection of the Olive Garden application form. Please note that this is entirely optional. Candidates are allowed to proceed to the following sections even if they have not uploaded any files.

Screenshot of the Olive Garden Application Process

Upload your resume, your cover letter, and your references to this section of the Olive Garden application form.

  • Questions

This section of the Olive Garden application form entails a series of questions regarding their job preferences and their availability for employment. The last subsection requires candidates to fill in a code comprised of their birthday and their social security number. Please note that this section is mandatory. Candidates who do not supply the compulsory information will not be granted access to the following sections of the form.

Screenshot of the Olive Garden Application Process

Candidates are required to answer these additional questions regarding their employment preferences.

  • Submit

This section enables candidates to view their entire Olive Garden job application and to correct any mistakes or inaccuracies that they might identify. They will also be asked to certify that the full amount of information they have provided for the Olive Garden application is correct and complete to their knowledge.

  • Confirmation

This is the last section of the Olive Garden job application and it consists of a confirmation of the successful delivery of the form to the company’s Human Resources department. Please note that candidates will be able to see their Olive Garden application status on the careers portal when they log in so that they know when their form has been assessed by the hiring specialists.

Available Olive Garden Careers

The Olive Garden job application portal includes complete information regarding the newest available positions. Candidates are required to fill out an online application in order to be considered for employment.

Team Member – Job Description and Duties

Team Members are the backbone of the Olive Garden restaurant because they prepare the food and beverages served at the restaurants and they also get to interact with the customers directly. Please note that this is the entry-level Olive Garden career and that it is an hourly position. These are some of the team member positions:

  • Waiter Olive Garden Jobs
  • Hostess Olive Garden Jobs
  • Line Cook Olive Garden Jobs
  • Bartender Olive Garden Jobs

Team Member – Salary and Compensation

Salaries for this entry-level position vary according to the experience of the Olive Garden employee:

  • Waiter/Server Olive Garden Jobs: $5.00 plus tips (hourly).
  • Hostess Olive Garden Jobs: $8.00 – $12.00 (hourly).
  • Line Cook Olive Garden Jobs: $9.00 -$16.00 (hourly).
  • Bartender Olive Garden Jobs: $5.00 – $11.00 (hourly).

Olive Garden Careers in Management

Candidates can find the full list of available Olive Garden careers in management on the company’s official employment portal. In order to be considered for the position, they must also fill out an online employment form.

Restaurant Manager – Job Description and Duties

Olive Garden restaurant managers coordinate all of the operations and all the employees. Their aim is to meet the financial and development objectives of the location and to identify new ways in which the performance of the restaurant could be improved.

Restaurant Managers – Salary and Compensation

The starting Olive Garden salary for this management position is an annual rate of $43,000, which is then increased so as to stay in line with the professional development of the Olive Garden employee. The highest Restaurant Manager salary is $62,000.

Please note that outstanding performances will be rewarded with performance-based bonuses, which could increase the total amount with as much as $20,000 per year.

Benefits at Olive Garden

These are the main contents of the Olive Garden benefits packs, which are available to all employees who meet the core eligibility criteria:

  • Competitive Olive Garden Salaries
  • Olive Garden Healthcare Benefits: Medical, vision, dental and life insurance, critical illness and accident insurance.
  • Paid Time Off: Paid Vacation, Work/Life Balance.
  • Olive Garden Employee Discount
  • Olive Garden Financial Benefits: Darden Savings Plan 401(k), Flexible Spending Accounts.

The benefits packs will then be upgraded with even more items, as the Olive Garden employees gain experience at the company and advance to higher-level careers.

Basic Olive Garden Application Tips

The Olive Garden job application procedure is relatively easy to fill out and it usually takes approximately 20 minutes, provided that candidates have access to an updated version of their resume and that they opt to attach one to the form.

It is very important that candidates fill out all the sections of the Olive Garden job application form, including those that are not mandatory because this will demonstrate their commitment to the application process. We strongly advise candidates to review the information they provide for the Olive Garden application after completing each section because spelling and grammar mistakes might depict them as inattentive.

Advanced Olive Garden Application Tips

In spite of the fact that Attachments subsection of the Olive Garden employment application is not mandatory, we strongly advise candidates to provide a resume, along with all of the necessary additional information because it is in their best interest to supply as much information as possible to the Olive Garden hiring specialists.

Olive Garden Hiring Process Information

The Olive Garden recruiters will assess all of the applications for each of the available positions and select the finest candidates for the interview process. Depending on the career level of the position and the specific department, the number of interviews that candidates are required to go through might vary from one to as many as five.

The Olive Garden HR members will contact the selected candidates and provide them with all the information they need about the interview process. The hiring manager of the department will make the final decision regarding employment.

If you have created an account on the Olive Garden careers website, you can track your job application status and progress via your account. Keep in mind that your Olive Garden job application profile might not updated immediately.

You will also be provided with contact information via your job application profile, if you have any questions regarding the status of your job application or the Olive Garden hiring process.

Olive Garden Interview Tips

It is very important that candidates are familiar with the main details about Olive Garden’s history, as well as the company’s most important achievements. Moreover, applicants are expected to understand the aims of the department they are seeking employment in.

This is why we advise candidates to conduct their personal research about the company and to focus on the department they are applying for. The proper attire for the interview is business style. Please note that the Olive Garden hiring specialists will include this aspect in their assessment as well.

Examples of Olive Garden Interview Questions

Another important part of the preparation process for the interview is practicing interview answers. We will provide candidates with a few examples of questions that have been previously used in Olive Garden interviews so that they can identify the tone of the job meeting.

  • Why did you choose to apply for Olive Garden employment?
  • Why did you choose this particular Olive Garden career?
  • What are the main aspects of your experience that make you a valuable candidate for Olive Garden employment?
  • Why should we hire you over the other candidates?
  • In your view, what is high-quality service?
  • Could you please describe a situation when you had to deal with a difficult customer? What did you do to resolve it?
  • What is your favorite item on the Olive Garden restaurant menu?

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