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White Castle is considered to be the first fast food chain in the Unites States.  There are only a little over 400 White Castle restaurants in the United States, and none operating in other countries. However, the company is always looking for new hires. There are around 9,600 White Castle employees and more than half of them are employed full-time.

If you’d like to begin a career in the fast-food industry, you should consider submitting your White Castle application today. The following guide will help you create the best application and to secure your desired position.

Official career page: White Castle Careers

White Castle Employment Opportunities – Overview

When you visit the White Castle official website, on the Job Opportunities page you will see that they offer jobs in three different sections, as follows.

If you’re curious for more information, click on the links above. They will automatically redirect you toward the page you are most interested in.

Basic White Castle Application Tips

The simplest way to find all the available White Castle careers is to go directly to the company’s official site, www.whitecastle.com, or click here to go on the company’s careers page.

White Castle Application Online benefits
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On this page, candidates have three sections: team members’ stories, frequently asked questions, and join the team. By clicking on the last section, a page with three distinct types of Whyte Castle careers will appear. Candidates need to pick between Restaurant Hourly / Management jobs, Home Office, or Manufacturing Plants in order to begin the White Castle application process.

Once here, the candidate needs to click the link that says “apply for restaurant jobs”  Now the candidate will be required to offer some information and begin the White Castle application process. The first information required is the name, the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number, the birth month and day, and email address.

If the candidate does not have an email address, he or she can simply fill no@email.zzz in the required box and continue the White Castle application process.This first step is followed by the selection of the White Castle careers the candidate is interested in. He or she can choose between Team Member and Crew Manager.

Team Member positions are the entry level White Castle careers which are a good fit even for the young with no work experience and unfinished studies, while Crew Manager are the White Castle careers destined for those who already have enough experience in the service industry and want to make another step towards their professional growth.

The White Castle application process then continues with the candidate choosing the state and city in which he or she wants to work. White Castle careers are available in 12 states.The addresses of all White Castle restaurants opened in that city will appear.Choose one.

After choosing the restaurant, the candidate is welcomed to the white Castle application process by a message describing what working for the company is like. To begin the actual White Castle application process, the candidate will need to click on the “continue” button.

White Castle Application Online benefits
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By clicking the “Continue” button, the candidate goes to the online White Castle job and employment form which needs to be completed. Aside from the personal info, the candidate will need to state whether he or she is under or over 40 years old, the gender, and the race. All this information is mandatory. Candidates from Illinois will also need to say if they have a current Food Handler Certificate.

After filling in the first batch of information, the candidate needs to give details about the city and state he or she lives in, the full residence address, phone number, and also answer some questions and provide some additional information, like:

  • Are you at least 16 years old?
  • For what type of work are you applying?
  • Full Time?
  • Part Time?
  • Can you work any shift?
  • Are you employed at present?

All of these are mandatory. After this part of the White Castle application process, the candidate needs to give information about the previous work experience. The candidate needs to provide the names, addresses, and phone numbers of former employers, state the positions they worked in, the duration of each, and the reason for leaving. These dates must cover the last ten years.Candidates who were unemployed or were attending school need to specify this and state the length of time.

None of these are mandatory, but if the candidate chooses not to fill them, he or she will need to fill a form with this information during the in-person interview, so it is best to do it during the White Castle application process. The next step is to say whether the candidate has ever been a White Castle employee before and, if yes, to provide additional information.

Next, the candidate needs to give some information about his or her educational background, and say whether he or she has any computer experience. If yes, the candidate will need to give some additional information, which can be specific, as in the programs he or she is familiar with, or just say general skills.

After doing so, the candidate needs to state his or hers shift availability, and where he or she has heard about this White Castle employment opportunity. Now the candidate needs to do is to sign the jobs and employment form and state that all the information in it is accurate and correct.

The next step consists of a personal assessment made of 60 questions which the candidate must answer as honestly as he or she can. This part of the White Castle application is mandatory. This is the final step of the White Castle application process.

There are also some statements to which the candidate needs to agree or disagree, like:

  • Coworkers or customers who are similar to me make me more comfortable.
  • It is okay for employees to take some money or merchandise if they are underpaid.

After finishing this assessment, the candidate has finished the entire White Castle application.

White Castle Job Openings

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1. White Castle Team Member Job Description

Team Member Job Duties

A Team Member has a variety of responsibilities, from taking orders, serving, packaging, to different cleaning and maintenance activities. Although the tasks of a team member can vary from one day to the next, they are all required to provide excellent customer service and prepare and serve the food in a timely manner. All these responsibilities need to be performed according to the company’s policies and regulations, while complying with any state sanitary and safety regulations.

Team Member Job Requirements

There are no prior job requirements for the Team Member position. You can even apply if you are still in high school, therefore no diploma will be asked. Apart from that, all employees will be trained on site.

Team Member Salary & Benefits

A White Castle Team Member’s hourly pay begins at $7 and can reach $11, depending on location, experience, and the number of years with the company

Team Member Work Schedule

The working schedule for this position depends on the shift you choose and how many hours per day or per week you want to work.

2. White Castle Crew Manager Job Description

Crew Manager Job Duties

A White Castle Assistant Manager is the one who manages and directs the daily tasks of other White Castle employees on the shift as needed. The crew manager is also responsible for preparing and serving quality products as efficiently as possible, while having a good attitude towards customers. The crew manager also follows the instructions of the Manager in maintaining White Castle restaurants at sanitation and appearance standards. The crew manager must be available to work all shifts, and may perform other duties at the request of the manager. Crew Manager Job Requirements

For the Crew Manager position, all candidates must have at least their high-school diploma. Although not mandatory, a few years of experience in the field and a college degree in management will always be regarded as a plus.

Crew Manager Salary & Benefits

A White Castle Crew Manager has an hourly pay that starts at $10 and can go as high as $15. The yearly salary starts at around $22,000 and, in time, can go as high as $30,000.

Crew Manager Work Schedule

The Crew Manager at White castle has a fixed schedule, depending on the location of the restaurant.

White Castle Application & Interview Tips

  • Follow each step of the application process and give all the correct information in the White Castle employment form, especially the phone number and the email address.
  • Answer all the questions in the jobs and employment form and give all the required additional information.
  • Take the time to complete the personal assessment, while giving the answers that define you.
  • Complete the entire White Castle online application process.
  • Click the “submit” button to finish the White Castle application process.
  • Dress properly. Business casual attire is a good choice, both for men and women. Women should not wear anything too revealing or short.
  • Smile and have a positive attitude.
  • Be calm and sure of yourself.
  • Make eye contact, even if it may seem hard at first.
  • Don’t interrupt the White Castle hiring manager, and only speak when asked to.
  • Avoid answering with one word sentences.

White Castle Application Online benefits
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Frequently Asked White Castle Interview Questions

  • Why did you apply to White Castle?
  • What past work experience do you have in the service industry?
  • Have you ever been given the task to lead a project?
  • How do you think you should approach an upset customer?
  • Tell me about your last job.

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White Castle Store Hours

White Castle hours of operation vary according to each location’s needs. Some of the locations offer non-stop service, and require late night shifts, while others are only opened until midnight. In general, White Castle hours of operation begins with the day shift, which starts around 10:30 in the morning, and it is followed by the evening and the late-night shifts, which can end at midnight or at 4 in the morning during weekends. White Castle Contact Information

Official sitewww.whitecastle.com

Official career siteWhite Castle Careers


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