The Red Lobster restaurant chain has continued to expand across various markets, and regularly posts a wide range of employment opportunities for both full-time and part-time workers. This article is going to offer an overview of their employment opportunities and cover some interview and Red Lobster job application tips.

Red Lobster Employment Opportunities – Overview

One of the best places to look for jobs for people who are passionate about food service is Red Lobster. They offer a broad range of career opportunities that are suitable for current students, recent college graduates, and career-minded professionals.

For part-time work, the busser is a great position to start. It has very few base requirements, and it’s perfect for students in high school. Another option that may be more attractive to current college students is the server position. It has a very flexible schedule, and guarantees that you will have cash at the end of each shift.

If you prefer to work behind the scenes, there are plenty of other options to consider. The dishwasher position is a great fit for those of you with limited work history, and it offers a very flexible schedule.

Line cook and prep cook are other popular options for those who prefer to work with food directly. They are also great picks for candidates who are looking to expand their career into lead chef roles in the future.

Red Lobster Application Process

Red Lobster has made the entire application process easier by incorporating all of their available job listings into one easy to navigate website. To start your Red Lobster job application, visit their career page.

1. Their jobs are divided into three categories: hourly opportunities, management opportunities, and corporate opportunities. Simply click the link that corresponds to the type of position you are interested in to be taken to the job search page for that section.

2. The search page lets you locate opportunities by keyword and location. To view all of the available positions for your area, just enter your location information and leave the keyword portion blank.

3. Click the red “Search” button to see what Red Lobster job application opportunities are currently available. The job listings are organized based on when the posting was added.

4. When you find a position you are interested in, click the job title to be taken to the job summary page. You will find the basic requirements for the position listed for you to review.

5. If you feel that you meet the position’s requirements, click the red “Apply To Job” link at the bottom of the page.

6. If you have applied before, it will ask you to sign in with your registered email address and password. New applicants will need to register by clicking “Don’t have an account yet?” at the bottom of the screen.

7. You will enter your employment history, educational background, and other personal details during the account creation process. Make sure that your contact information is accurate during this process.

8. Once your Red Lobster job application is complete, you will receive an email confirmation thanking you for your interest. Interview requests are sent out to the registered email address on file to selected applicants.

Red Lobster Job Openings

Busser Job Description

Busser Job Duties

  • Remove dishes from table after guest leave
  • Clean tables and chairs between guest visits
  • Help prepare silverware during downtime
  • Keep aisles clean of debris
  • Other duties as assigned by management

Busser Job Requirements

The minimum age for the busser position is 16 years old, and there are no educational requirements.

Busser Salary & Benefits

Most bussers start at around $8 an hour, and frequently receive additional tips from servers. The most common benefit for this position is a meal discount.

Busser Work Schedule

Bussers are part-time only, and work 20 to 30 hours each week.

Server Job Description

Server Job Duties

  • Accurately take customer orders
  • Refill drinks and remove used dishes throughout the dining experience
  • Inform customers about promotional events and items
  • Accept payment and make change for customer orders
  • Help resolve customer complaints

Server Job Requirements

The minimum age for server positions is 18 years old, and there are no formal education requirements.

Server Salary & Benefits

The average hourly rate for this position is $4 to $4.50 an hour. The difference is made up from tips left by guests. The most common benefit is an associate meal discount.

Server Work Schedule

Servers are almost always part-time, and work 20 to 30 hours each week.

Dishwasher Job Description

Dishwasher Job Duties

  • Clean dishes as they are returned to the back area
  • Ensure that a steady supply of pots and silverware is always available
  • Clean designated work area during slow periods
  • Assist with activities like truck deliveries
  • Other duties as directed by management

Dishwasher Job Requirements

There are no base education requirements, and the minimum age for this position is 18 years old.

Dishwasher Salary & Benefits

Most dishwashers start at between $9 and $10 an hour. These positions typically receive an employee meal discount.

Dishwasher Work Schedule

Most dishwasher openings are part-time only, and work 20 to 30 hours each week.

Line Cook Job Description

Line Cook Job Duties

  • Prepare a variety of recipes according to company standards
  • Follow food safety procedures at all times
  • Periodically check food storage area temperatures
  • Clean and maintain the designated work area
  • Assist with stocking supplies during truck deliveries

Line Cook Job Requirements

The minimum age for this job is 18 years old, and there are no base educational requirements. Culinary experience is strongly preferred.

Line Cook Salary & Benefits

Line cooks start at anywhere from $11 to $11.20 an hour. They are eligible for benefits like health insurance, 401k, and vacation time.

Line Cook Work Schedule

Line cooks can be full-time or part-time, with hours ranging from 20 to 40 hours each week.

Prep Cook Job Description

Prep Cook Job Duties

  • Prepare a variety of ingredients for use by other kitchen departments
  • Restock work area at the end of each shift
  • Make sure back of house stays clean and well maintained
  • Ensure all food safety policies are followed
  • Assist line cooks as needed

Prep Cook Job Requirements

You must be at least 18 years old to apply for this position. Culinary experience is preferred but not required.

Prep Cook Salary & Benefits

Prep cooks typically start at $10.50 an hour, and are eligible for benefits like health insurance, 401k, and vacation time.

Prep Cook Work Schedule

This position can be full-time or part-time, with hours ranging from 20 to 40 each week.

Red Lobster Application & Interview Tips

Red Lobster is really big on teamwork for both the front of house and back of house areas. It is important that you keep this in mind throughout your Red Lobster job application and interview process. They are also a foodservice industry that prides itself on proper food safety handling.

With this in mind, it helps if you research safe food holding temperatures for hot food and cold food. This knowledge can really help you land a job as a prep cook or line cook. They also prefer applicants with a variety of professional certifications like ServSafe and HACCP. If you have any of these types of certifications, make sure to include their document number and expiration date on your Red Lobster job application.

In terms of teamwork, positions like servers are required to help each other out throughout the day. Interviewers will frequently ask questions to help determine how much of a team player you may be. Make sure to express your willingness to help others and offer specific examples of how teamwork has made things easier for you in the past.

If you do not have any employment history, you can use a variety of accomplishments from school to help improve your chances of being hired. Employers look favorably on good attendance records and extracurricular activities.

Red Lobster Opening Hours

Most Red Lobster locations are open from 11 am to 10 pm. Visit their store locator to check specific store hours.

Red Lobster Contact Information

The official Red Lobster website can help you with answers to your questions about the Red Lobster job application process. To leave a quick comment, you can use their online form. You can also reach customer service directly via telephone at 1-800-562-7837.

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