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Kohls is the second largest department store chain in the country, with more than 1,100 stores all across the U.S. A top choice for fashion lovers and always an option for the entire family, Kohls can please even the most sophisticated of tastes with its wide range of high-quality clothing. If you want to work for one of the greatest names in fashion and retail, then Kohls is the right choice for you! Submit your Kohls application today! Download the Kohls application PDF for more information!

Kohls Contact Information

The official Kohls website is www.kolhs.com. At kohls.com, you can take a look at the Contact page, to see what contact options you can use. You can also access the Kohls Careers portal from www.kohls.com. The dedicated web address of the Kohls Careers website is kohlscareers.com

The company is headquartered in Wisconsin and if you need to contact their central office, then you can use this address:

N56 W17000 Ridgewood Dr. (Greenway Circle), Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, United States/ Telephone number: (262) 730-7000.

Minimum Age for Employment at Kohls

The minimum Kohls hiring age is 16. Applicants who are younger than that will be disqualified. Depending on the state you live in, other legal requirements may apply. Underage applicants have a better chance getting hired for a part-time position at Kohls.

Kohls Employment Opportunities

Kohls offers a wide range of job opportunities in various departments of the company, including Retail, Administrative Support, and Customer Service. However, not all departments hire constantly. To find a position that suits your needs and skills, visit the kohlscareers.com website. Here, you can browse through the current Kohls job offers and stay up to date with Kohls career opportunities.

Kohls Application Process

The easiest way to apply for a Kohls job opening is online, through the Kohls Careers Portal. You can also download the Kohls application PDF, to get an idea of the application requirements.

You can start searching for a job opportunity on the kohlscareers.com website. Think of a keyword that describes the domain or position you are interested in. The KohlsCareers.com will then offer suggestions based on your keyword and job positions that are currently available.

Search for your ideal career on the Kohls application portal
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Search for your ideal career on the Kohls application portal

The search menu will also indicate the Kohls store location where you can apply for the job. Alternatively, you can start your job hunt by selecting the “Advanced Search” option. This will allow you to refine your search criteria, for a more accurate match between available Kohls jobs and your interests.

Read the job description and click on the Apply Now button to begin your Kohls application
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Read the job description and click on the Apply Now button to begin your Kohls application

Once you find a position you like, click on the name of that position. This will open the job offer in a separate page. Here, you can read the job description and requirements. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue “Apply Now” button if you want to apply for the job.

Log in to being filling out your Kohls application form
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Log in to being filling out your Kohls application form

If this is the first time you are applying for a Kohls job, you must create an account. The questions you will need to answer to create an account are very similar to the ones in the first part of the Kohls application PDF.

After you create an account you can move on to the proper Kohls application process.The online Kohls application will also be very similar to the Kohls application PDF.

Once you have finished filling in the Kohls application, using the Kohls application PDF as a guide, you can submit your answers. Once you’ve finished this stage of the hiring process, you can use your account to track the progress of your application. You should be informed shortly if your applicaton has moved on to the next stage, the interview. In this article, we’ve included a few Kohls internview tips.

Available Kohls Careers

Kohls stores usually have thousands of job openings at a time. Below are just a few the positions available right now. You can consults the kohlscareers.com website for more information.

Kohls Customer Service Associate – Job Description and Duties

The main role of the Customer Service Associates is to make the customers feel welcome at the Kohls store and to help them with any issue they might have. They will employ the 5 step GREAT program (Greats Customer, Requests Credit, Explains Email, Asks to Complete Survey, Thanks Customer) when interacting with customers, so as to make sure they are having the best possible shopping experience.

Kohls Customer Service Associate – Salary and Compensation

The Kohls salary for this entry level position starts at minimum wage (approximately $7.25 per hour), but as the employee gains experience with the company, the hourly rate is increased and it can get as high as $12.00. Additionally, Kohls employees are entitled to Cash bonuses at the end of the year.

Kohls Loss Prevention Officer – Job Description and Duties

Loss Prevention Officers analyze the customers in their area of the Kohls department store. They make sure that there are not attempts to steal any of the merchandise. In the event that they suspect that somebody has shoplifted, they are authorized to conduct searche. And if their suspicions are confirmed, then they contact the police for further processing.

Kohls Loss Prevention Officer – Salary and Compensation

Kohls salaries for Loss Prevention Officers start at an hourly rate of $9.00 and can get as high as $13.00 per hour for senior employees. The average Kohls salary for this entry level position in Loss Prevention is $11.00 per hour and the best employees stand a solid chance at promotion.

Kohls Careers in Management

Kohls managers are experts in fashion and retail. They are able to bring customers a superior shopping experience, all while achieving the store’s financial goals. In order to do so, they will coordinate employees. Kohls manager will also develop sales and customer service strategies that can improve further improve the Kohls experience.

Benefits at Kohls

As a Kohls employee, there are many perks you can benefit from. Below is a list of the main Kohls employee benefits you can expect if you get hired.

  • Healthcare Kohls Employee Benefits.
  • Insurance Kohls Employee Benefits.
  • Time Off Kohls Benefits.
  • Finance and Retirement Kohls Benefits.
  • Special Kohls Employee Benefits and Perks:
    • Competitive Kohls Salaries.
    • Educational and Social Programs.
    • Incentive and Bonus Programs.
    • Wellness Programs.
    • Kohls Employee Discounts.

You can find further details about Kohls employee benefits in the Total Rewards section of the kohlscareers.com website.

Basic Kohls Application Tips

Before you fill in the Kohls online application form, we recommend you download and read the Kohls application PDF. This will allow you to formulate your answers before filling in the actual form.

It’s also a good idea to reserve at least an hour to fill in the Kohls application. Although it will not take you this long to answer all the questions, it’s important that you don’t have to rush.

Advanced Kohls Application Tips

If you have the option, you should submit a CV or resume alongside the online application form. You can use the Kohls application PDF as a template. A CV written by you will give you the chance to add details regarding your skills, work experience, and education.

Before applying for a position, make sure you fully understand what that position presupposes. When mentioning your work skills, ensure that these skills are appropriate for the Kohls job opening you are applying for.

Kohls Hiring Process Information

The Kohls hiring process will differ slightly, depending on the job position you are applying for. However, in general, there will be at least two stages.

First, you will need to fill in the online application form. Optionally, you can complete the Kohls application PDF as well, if it helps you prepare for te application better.

After you submit the Kohls application form, it will be reviewed by a team of Kohls HR specialists. The next stage of the hiring process will be an interview with a Kohls HR representative or manager.

Some Kohls jobs will require more than one interview. You should receive a notification on your email if you qualified for the interview. You can also track the progress of your Kohls application from the online account you created on the Kohls Careers Portal.

Kohls Interview Tips

To prepare for the interview, it’s important that you become familiar with the corporate culture at Kohls. Visit the main Kohls website, www.kohls.com and take a look at the pages in the About Us category to get a feel for what Kohls wants from their employees.

You can also use the Kohls application PDF again, this time to help you prepare your answers, in case anything similar shows up. You can use it to jot down quick ideas or replies. Stick to these ideas during the interview. It’s important that you don’t trail off during the interview, and just highlight the relevant information.

Examples of Kohls Interview Questions

Kohls interview questions are generally focused on your approach to the job that you have applied for. The interviewers will want to know how you would react in certain situations. This will give them an idea about how you would be as an employee.  It will also help them direct you to them most suitable Kohls careers. Here are a few examples of Kohls interview questions, so that you know what to expect:

  • Why have you chosen to apply to Kohls?
  • Why should we consider you for this Kohls job?
  • What is customer service to you?
  • What would you do if more than one customers asked you for help at the same time?
  • How would you deal with an upset customer?
  • Do you believe the customer is always right?
  • How can you tell if a customer is satisfied?
  • What would you do if a customer asked you a question that you were not qualified to answer?
  • Could you please tell me about a time when you were forced to work with somebody you did not get along with? How did you resolve the matter?
  • How would you describe a positive work environment?

Be relaxed and honest during the interview. The HR representative is genuinely interested in your answers. Try to remember the times when you were actually faced with the situations that you are asked about. And always offer relevant answers.

Kohls is not the only large retail store that hires often. You can also check out our Walmart job application guide to see their offers and how to complete the Walmart application.
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