Currently, Publix employs roughly 180,000 individuals in over 1,100 locations throughout the United States. The company is always looking for new team members, so you should send your Publix job application if you want to work in one of their supermarkets.

In our extensive guide, you will learn all you need to know about submitting your Publix job application, from current openings to complete job descriptions. Additionally, we will provide salary estimates to get a better idea about how much you’ll earn working at Publix. Enjoy the complete resource below.

Publix Employment Opportunities – Overview

Firstly, we want to inform you that Publix doesn’t hire employees only for in-store positions like grocery clerks, bakers or meat cutters. In fact, there are no less than 7 departments that you can submit your Publix job application for. Below is a list of some of the Publix departments you can work in

  • In-store (Critical Openings) (i.e. Baker, Decorator, Customer Service Staff, etc.)
  • Corporate (in departments such as Human Resources, Finance, Loss Prevention, etc.)
  • Manufacturing (i.e. Bindery Basic Equipment Operator, Bakery Plant Operations Clerk, Printing Services Quality Control Manager, etc.)
  • Industrial Maintenance (i.e. Maintenance Technician, Parts Coordinator, Plant Engineer, etc.)
  • Administrative Roles (i.e. Loss Prevention Divisional Administrative Clerk, Property Representative Assistant, Ad Layout Artist, etc.)
  • Information Technology (i.e. Programmer, Associate Customer Technical Support Analyst, Systems Engineer, etc.)
  • Distribution (i.e. Distribution Operator, Frontline Supervisor, Forklift Operator, etc.)

Also, Public has a special page on their website that provides info about their summer internship program and other internship opportunities, in departments like:

Publix Job Application Process

If you want to send your Publix job application, you first need to do some research on what positions are available. We will take you step by step through the process, with full instructions:

publix current openings screenshot

This is the first page you have to access for the Publix job application process.

  • Scroll down and click Yes or No, depending on whether you’re a Publix associate or not. The next steps we provide will be for those who aren’t yet associates.
publix search openings screenshot

This image shows where you have to click to search for current job openings at Publix.

  • Click the green Search openings link marked in red in the screenshot above.
publix job application search criteria first step screenshot

This is the first set of fields you need to fill out to search for Publix jobs.

  • Fill out the first set of fields for your job search. Start with a Keyword, Job Category, Location, State, Position Title or Date posted.
publix search criteria second step screenshot

This is the second set of search criteria options for narrowing down your Publix job search results.

  • Establish proximity details like Distance, Measurement, Country, etc.
  • Click Search.
publix job search results screenshot

The Req ID field needs to be used in order to find out more information about a specific Publix job.

  • Analyze the positions that matched your search criteria.
  • Click the Req ID of the job you’re interested in (i.e. 2673BR).
publix job description screenshot

This is an example of what a Publix job description looks like and what you need to click to apply.

  • Scroll down to read the complete job description.
  • Press Apply.
publix login options screenshot

This screenshot shows what login options you have for your Publix job application.

  • Select one of the login methods highlighted in red above.
  • Complete the Publix job application and follow any other necessary steps that appear on your screen.

After you submit your resume, you will most likely have to visit their Job Application Center and follow their additional How to Apply instructions. Also, you can download, print and complete the JAC (Job Application Center) Time Saver so you don’t have to spend that much time at the store. This in-store job description chart will also help you figure out the ideal position for you.

Publix Job Openings

In this part of our Publix job application guide, we will be looking at some of the Publix job descriptions, as well as Publix pay per hour for the respective jobs.

Grocery Clerk Job Description

Grocery Clerk Job Duties

  • Customer service tasks (welcoming, answering questions, etc.)
  • Proper unloading and placement of products
  • Shelf set maintenance assistance
  • Shelf and cases cleaning
  • Sales floor cleaning
  • Back room equipment operation

Grocery Clerk Job Requirements

  • At least 16 years old (18 for equipment use)
  • Customer service skills
  • Easy math skills

Grocery Clerk Salary & Benefits

  • Salary – $13.00 – $14.75 per hour
  • Benefits
    • Retirement Benefits
    • Health Insurance

Grocery Clerk Work Schedule

At Publix, grocery clerks can work either part time or full time, depending on the store.

Pharmacy Technician Job Description

Pharmacy Technician Job Duties

  • Friendly customer service
  • Regulation compliance
  • Prescription drugs and supplies ordering
  • Refill request initiation

Pharmacy Technician Job Requirements

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Pharmacy technician license or registration
  • Customer service skills
  • Data entry and easy math skills

Pharmacy Technician Salary & Benefits

  • Salary – $9.85 – $14.80 per hour
  • Benefits
    • Stock earnings
    • 401(k) plan
    • Bonuses (annual and quarterly)
    • Paid vacation

Pharmacy Technician Work Schedule

Like grocery clerks, pharmacy technicians can work either full time or part time, according to the requirements of the store you’re applying for.

Cake Decorator Job Description

Cake Decorator Job Duties

  • Excellent customer service
  • Decorating, icing, labeling, pricing and packaging products
  • Showcase maintenance
  • Special order filing
  • Bakery department mixer operation

Cake Decorator Job Requirements

  • At least 18 years’ old
  • Experience in professional decorating (preferably in retail)
  • Decorating skills
  • Customer service skills

Cake Decorator Salary & Benefits

  • Salary – $9.50 – $16.35 per hour

Cake Decorator Work Schedule

As with most other positions at Publix, decorators can have either a part time or full time work schedule.

Front Service Clerk Job Description

Front Service Clerk Job Duties

  • Top quality customer service
  • Grocery bagging
  • Customer cart assistance
  • Bag assistance
  • Product location assistance
  • Bag restocking
  • Shopping cart retrieval from parking lot
  • Cleaning duty assistance

Front Service Clerk Job Requirements

  • At least 14 years’ old
  • Customer service skills
  • Instruction receptiveness

Front Service Clerk Salary & Benefits

  • Salary – $9.35 – $11.70 per hour

Front Service Clerk Work Schedule

Most front service clerks at Publix work part time, but this might be different depending on the store.

Wine Specialist Job Description

Wine Specialist Job Duties

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Customer guidance in choosing wines

Wine Specialist Job Requirements

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Extensive knowledge of wines
  • Full knowledge of all in-store wines

Wine Specialist Salary & Benefits

  • Salary – $11.30 – $16.85 per hour

Wine Specialist Work Schedule

Publix wine specialists have a full-time schedule.

Publix Job Application & Interview Tips

Publix Application Tips

When completing your Publix job application, you should pay special attention to your skills and experience. These are two of the main assets that Publix focuses on when selecting employees. For instance, if you have any prior experience of working at Publix, make sure that you make it clear in your resume. In addition to this, keep these tips in mind when sending your Publix job application:

  • Highlight the fact that you work well in teams. This is a primary quality for all Publix workers.
  • Mention that you love serving people and that it is a pleasure for you.
  • Include the fact that you respond well to instructions, and that you know how to interpret and follow them accordingly.

Publix Interview Tips

Your interview is just as significant as your Publix job application when you want to land a job there. So important, in fact, that the company has a dedicated page on their corporate website for interview tips. They encourage candidates to:

  • Learn as much as possible about the company beforehand
  • Accentuate accomplishments and strengths in their resume
  • Provide work samples, according to the position you’re applying for (i.e. cake decorating samples)
  • Prepare the questions you want to ask the hiring manager

Here is just one example of a question that candidates are frequently asked during Publix interviews:

Q: Why do you want to work at Publix?

A: I truly resonate with Publix’s philosophy of being the premier quality food retailer in the world. I was also very impressed with the large range of rewards that prove Publix is an amazing place to work. I have a 3-year background in retail and I want to do my best to make ‘shopping a pleasure’, just like Publix does for its customers.

Publix Opening Hours

If you want to get in touch with Publix, make sure you do so between 8 in the morning and 7 in the evening from Monday through Friday (EST). As an alternative, contact them between 9 am and 7 pm (EST) on Saturdays.

Publix Contact Information

The fastest way to contact Publix is over the phone. If you need to reach out to them quickly, please dial 800 242 1227. For written communication, use their contact form to detail your inquiry or feedback. If you send them email, you can expect an answer in 24 to 48 hours after submission.

If you need to send them any papers through post, this is the address you can use:

Publix Super Markets

Corporate Office

ATTN: Customer Care

PO Box 407

Lakeland, FL 33802-0407

Other than that, don’t forget to visit your local Job Application Center to make sure that your Publix job application reaches the appropriate hiring managers.

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