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Job seekers can send in their ShopRite application for a chance to work for one of the most popular co-op supermarket chains in the Northwest. ShopRite is owned by the Wakefern Food Corporation. The company currently operates 337 locations in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and continues to expand.

If you are looking for a job in any of their stores, make sure to give our application guide a thorough read. It comprises details about how to complete your online application on their portal, job openings, and tips and tricks for making sure your interview goes well.

(Click here to access the ShopRite Careers portal)

ShopRite Employment Opportunities – Overview

Job seekers can find the updated list of ShopRite jobs on the company’s employment portal. They will be able to make their selection according to their desired location. Here are the main categories they can apply for in the retail section:

  • Deli Clerk ShopRite Careers
  • Bagger ShopRite Careers
  • Baker ShopRite Jobs
  • Driver ShopRite Jobs
  • Health and Beauty Clerk ShopRite Jobs
  • Meat Cutter Clerk ShopRite Careers
  • Pharmacist ShopRite Jobs

Candidates aiming for ShopRite careers in the management sector will have to apply directly to the Wakefern corporation. As such, they will have to go to the company’s own portal and submit their application there.

ShopRite Application Process

Job seekers can go to the ShopRite application portal to view the full list of available positions in the departments they are interested in. Once they choose a career area, they can continue their search according to location to find the employment opportunities that best fit their needs.

Once they find a ShopRite career they would like to be considered for, they can apply on the online careers portal directly. They will be provided with instructions for each section of the online form. In the following section of this article, we will describe each part of the ShopRite online application form so that candidates can prepare all they information they need to include. The form includes a total of 9 sections, as follows:

  • Electronic Consent

For the first section of the ShopRite application form, candidates will be asked to provide their explicit consent to give and receive information in electronic form.

  • Terms and Conditions

All candidates for ShopRite employment are instructed to read the Terms and Conditions page of the online careers portal. They must clearly state that agree to the conditions included in it to be granted access to the following sections of the form. Please note that candidates who do not agree with the portal’s Terms and Conditions will be instructed to leave the portal immediately.

  • Resume

Job seekers may attach their resume to this section of the ShopRite application form. They may do so by uploading it from their computers, by typing it in, or by transferring the required information from their LinkedIn profiles.

Screenshot of the Shoprite application portal
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Candidates must provide their resumes to this section of the ShopRite application.

  • Personal Information

This section of the ShopRite application form requires candidates to provide their complete contact details, including their Social Security Numbers. At this point, they will also be asked to create a unique username and password of their choice to keep their profiles saved.

Screenshot of the Shoprite application portal
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Candidates are required to provide their complete contact details for this section of the ShopRite application form.

  • Disclosures

Depending on the current laws that are applicable in each state, candidates may be asked to submit certain disclosures.

  • Pre-Employment Questions

This section of the ShopRite application form includes a series of questions meant to assess whether or not the candidate is in line with the employment requirements enforced by the company. As such, candidates must provide answers to each of these questions as they are mandatory.

Screenshot of the Shoprite application portal
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Candidates must answer the company’s pre-employment questions for this section of the ShopRite application form.

They will be centered on finding out whether or not the candidates can provide proof of their legal ability to work in the US, the age group they fit in, and whether or not they would be willing to submit to drug tests.

Screenshot of the Shoprite application portal
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For this section of the ShopRite application form, candidates may select additional departments in the retail sector that they wish to be considered for.

  • Application Information

Screenshot of the Shoprite application portal
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For this section of the ShopRite application form, candidates must list their employment preferences.

This section of the ShopRite job application form requires the candidates to provide information about their work and education history. They will have to provide detailed data about each job they have had, as well as each academic program they have been a part of.

Screenshot of the Shoprite application portal
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Candidates must provide details about their professional experience for this section of the ShopRite application form.

  • EEO Questions

For this section of the ShopRite application form, candidates will have to answer a series of questions meant to gather data about their race, gender, and ethnicity, as well as their disability and military status.

You can refuse to provide them if you do not feel comfortable doing so.

  • Review Your Application

This is the final section of the ShopRite job application form. It is meant to provide candidates with the opportunity to proofread their online forms and identify spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as any other type of errors that they might have missed.

After they submit their forms, candidates will be able to keep track of their ShopRite application status on the online portal. They will be able to see when the formal assessment of their employment forms has been completed. At this point, they should expect a call from the ShopRite hiring specialists.

ShopRite Job Openings

1. Cashier Job Description

Cashier Job Duties

Cashiers will address the customers in the ShopRite stores respectfully and they will conduct their transactions quickly and efficiently. Their aim is to keep the time they spend at the cash register to a minimum and to actively contribute to the positive shopping experience of the customers.

Cashier Job Requirements

Even if ShopRite does not ask for a formal educational background, you might still be asked to provide a high school diploma or your GED. Apart from that, you need to have basic mathematical skills, the physical ability to lift 25 to 50 pounds, and perform all sorts of physical activities. You also need to be a good people’s person and very communicative.

Cashier Salary & Benefits

The salary for a Cashier at ShopRite is $8.70 per hour.

Cashier Work Schedule

The schedule depends on the location of the store and time of the year. Overtime can happen on special occasions, such as Black Friday and Christmas.

2. Deli Clerk Job Description

Deli Clerk Job Duties

A deli clerk has to work the slicing machine so that he can serve his customers, lift heavy things around the store, know the location of the products, answer questions, unload the trucks and transport all his merchandise to the display cases, remove the trash, and many more.

Deli Clerk Job Requirements

Must be over the age of 18, so that he can have access to the slicing machines. He also has to be on good physical shape, so that he can operate the machinery and lift heavy things of up to 50 lbs, able to do basic math, as well as be free of any allergies.

Deli Clerk Salary & Benefits

A Deli Clerk’ salary is of $9.39 per hour.

Deli Clerk Work Schedule

The basic schedule and working hours apply, with the exception of special times of the year, when you might be asked to put in over time.

3. Baker Job Description

Baker Job Duties

A baker must follow the recipes so that he or she obtains specific products with a particular taste, color, clarity, texture, and bouquet. He must also operate all the equipment and machinery used to prepare the baked goods. Therefore, candidates must be at least 18. They also need to be physically fit, so that they can stand all day, lift heavy things and perform other strenuous activities.

Baker Job Requirements

The ability to stand or walk all through the duration of the shift. Physical fitness, a customer-friendly attitude, and not prone to allergies are also a must. Experience may or may not be required depending on the level of the job. If it’s entry-level, then you will learn everything on site. If not, you will need to know how to bake.

Baker Job Salary & Benefits

The salary for this position is $19,000 per year.

Baker Job Work Schedule

Just like the other jobs, it depends on the store location and time of the year. You may also have to work very early or even night shifts, so as to prepare all the baked goods before the store opens.

4. Bagger Job Description

Bagger Job Duties

Here are some of the duties of a bagger at ShopRite: greet all the customers in a friendly fashion, help them bag their items or bag them yourself, clean all the working surfaces, clean the floor of spills and debris, lift very heavy objects, promote the store’s sales, and many others.

Bagger Job Requirements

There is no formal education requirement for this job. However, you must possess the ability to lift objects that can weigh up to 50 lbs, the ability to stand on your feet during the entire length of your shift, work extra hours, and be a very sociable person.

Bagger Job Salary & Benefits

The base salary for the bagger job is between $8 and $9 per hour.

Bagger Job Work Schedule

It depends on the store’s location, sales period, and the time of year.

Benefits at ShopRite

Here are only some of the benefits categories an employee can receive at ShopRite.

  • Healthcare ShopRite Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescription Plan
  • Financial ShopRite Benefits: Competitive ShopRite salaries, Performance-based bonuses.
  • Special ShopRite Benefits: ShopRite Employee Discount, Tuition Assistance, Job Training, Company Social Events.

ShopRite Application & Interview Tips

  • Complete all the fields, even the ones that are not mandatory.
  • Include your resume in the online application.
  • Proofread your application before you send it.
  • Learn all you can about the company, its products, and current sales.
  • Dress appropriately, in a business-casual attire.

Examples of ShopRite Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to apply for ShopRite employment?
  • How would you handle a difficult customer?
  • If a customer happened to ask you about the price of an item from another department, how would you manage to answer?
  • What is your favorite food to prepare? Why? Can you guide me through the process?
  • What are your views in regards to uniforms?

Please take a look at some other examples of interview questions for a retail or store job on our application guide for Bath and Body Works and Costco Wholesale.

ShopRite Opening Hours

The standard ShopRite hours of operation are 6:00 A.M. to 12:00 A.M. on a daily basis. Shoppers can find the schedule of each store on, as well as the address of their locations and their main contact details.

ShopRite Contact Information

ShopRite official site: WWW.SHOPRITE.COM.

The Customer Care Center can be reached at 1-800- ShopRite (1-800-746-7748). Shoppers can also submit any comments or questions they might have in writing at

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