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Send in your Home Depot application today for a chance to work at America’s favorite home improvement store! Founded in 1978, the store is now a household name that everybody relates to. At the moment, there are 2,248 Home Depot stores all across the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and China, but the company continues to expand every year.

Take a look at this example of a Home Depot application PDF and start your Home Depot career today!

Home Depot Store Hours

The regular Home Depot store hours are 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Mondays to Saturday and 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. on Sundays. However, individual Home Depot locations may have different hours. This depends on the number of clients and the size of the Home Depot stores in question. For more information about Home Depot hours, we recommend you use the Home Depot Store Locator at www.homedepot.com

Home Depot Contact Information

Home Depot official site: www.homedepot.com

You will find all the contact details you need on the official website. The Store Finder feature will provide you with the address, schedule, and phone number for each of the Home Depot stores. You can also get in touch with Home Depot customer service if you have any questions about the store in general. The Home Depot customer service phone number is 1-800-HOME-DEPOT(466-3337). Take a look at the Contact Us page at www.homedepot.com to see what other contact options you have at your disposal. If you wish to contact the central office, you can do so at: The Home Depot, Inc., 2727 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30339-4089, Phone number: (770) 423-8211

Minimum Age for Employment at Home Depot

The minimum Home Depot hiring age is 18. If you are interested in Home Depot career opportunities and are under 18 years old, you can apply for an internship instead. Home Depot internships can easily lead to Home Depot jobs.

Home Depot Employment Opportunities

There are numerous Home Depot careers and job opportunities to choose from. Below is a list of the main career paths you can apply for:

  • Home Depot Careers in Retail
  • Supply Chain Home Depot Jobs
  • Home Depot Careers in Home Services
  • Contact Center Home Depot Jobs
  • Home Depot Careers in Merchandising

These are the main departments where you can apply for jobs at Home Depot in the Corporate sector:

  • Human Resources Home Depot Careers
  • Home Depot Jobs in the Legal Department
  • Finance/Accounting Home Depot Careers
  • Social Media Home Depot Careers
  • Home Depot Careers in Technology, E-commerce and IT
  • Sales/Operations Home Depot Jobs
  • Home Depot Jobs in Communications
  • Marketing Home Depot Jobs

Home Depot Application Process

To submit your Home Depot job application, you must first go to Home Depot careers portal.You can do so by visiting the main Home Depot websites, www.homedepot.com, and clicking on the Careers button from the menu at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can go straight to the Home Depot Careers website, careers.homedepot.com. Both links will take you to the same Home Depot jobs portal.

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Choose the right department for you on the Home Depot application!

At the Home Depot careers portal, you can browse through current job openings. You can look into general domains, or find positions at your local Home Depot. You can also read a detailed job description for each position.

Once you have found the ideal Home Depot career for you, you can proceed to fill out the online jobs and employment form. You must first register on the careers portal and create your very own profile. Make sure to read the privacy policy before you proceed.

The Home Depot online application form includes the following steps. Take a look to find out exactly what you have to do for each of them:

  • Getting Started

If you have a LinkedIn account, you can apply for the Home Depot job you chose using your LinkedIn account. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account or don’t want to apply for a job using this account, you can fill in the Home Depot applicatio form online

Screenshot of the home depot application process 3
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Answer the preliminary employment questions on the Home Depot application portal.

If this is the first time you are applying for a Home Depot job, you must first create an online account. You will need to fill in an online form with contact details, such as your full name and address, and the last four digits of your SSN.

If you already have a Home Depot Careers account, you can go log in, and continue the job application process from there.

  • Resume Upload

Supply your resume for this section of the Home Depot application form. You can either upload it from your computer or type/copy it in the provided space. If you aren’t sure what information you should include in our online application, take a look at the Home Depot application PDF we linked earlier.

Screenshot of the home depot application process 4
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Add your resume to the Home Depot application form using the Home Depot application PDF as a guide

  • Contact Information

List your full contact details for this section of the Home Depot application form, as advised in the Home Depot application PDF, so that the Human Resources department can get in touch with you.

Screenshot of the home depot application process 5
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Provide your main contact details for this section of the Home Depot application form.

  • Education and Experience

You will only have to mention the main details about your professional experience and academic background in this section of the Home Depot application form. The detailed information is included in your resume. Again, if you need a few tips on how to write your resume, consult the Home Depot application PDF.

Screenshot of the home depot application process 6
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Fill out this section of the Home Depot application form with the main details about your professional background.

  • Additional Information

This last section focuses on your work preferences. You will have to mention your preferred Home Depot hours and other job-related info. This information is necessary so that Home Depot HR finds the best fit for your needs.

Screenshot of the home depot application process 7
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Point out your work preferences for this section of the Home Depot application form.

  • Submit

Once you have filled in all the necessary information, following the guidelines outlined in the Home Depot application PDF, double check everything. If you are sure everything is filled in correctly, you can click the Submit button to complete the Home Depot job appplication process.

  • Confirmation

Shortly after submitting your Home Depot application you should receive an email confirming that your application was received by Home Depot HR. You can then track the progress of your application through your Home Depot careers account.

A Home Depot HR representative should call you shortly, to tell if your application has moved on to the next stage of the Home Depot hiring process.

Available Home Depot Careers

Given how many Home Depot locations there are, Home Depot jobs opportunities are constantly updated. You should consult the Home Depot careers website, careers.homedepot.com, to find out about the latest openings. Below are just some of the jobs you might be interested in.

Cashier – Job Description and Duties

Cashiers are expected to perform the customers’ transactions rapidly and correctly, in accordance to their formal training. They also need to display exemplary customer service skills, as they are the last people that the customers interact with.

Cashier – Salary and Compensation

As this is an entry-level career, the Home Depot cashier salary begins at minimum wage. It can then get as high as $17.00 per hour, according to the performance of the employee. Additionally, cashiers can receive Cash, Profit, and Commission Sharing Bonuses.

Home Depot Careers in Management

If you are looking for a management career at Home Depot, then check the job application portal regularly to find the perfect job opening for you. A strong resume will recommend you as the ideal candidate for the position.

If you are already a Home Depot employee, you can apply for Management positions through the employee portal. The company has a strong policy of promoting from within, so you will stand a high chance if you meet the job requirements.

Store Manager – Job Description and Duties

Store Managers coordinate all the activities in the Home Depot stores with the aim of meeting financial goals. They develop innovative sales strategies that can increase the store’s popularity and overall performance.

Store Managers – Salary and Compensation

The Home Depot Store Manager salary varies between $51,000 and $132,000 per year, according to the performance and the experience of the employee. Outstanding performances are rewarded additionally with performance-based bonus packs.

Home Depot Employee Benefits

Home Depot employee benefits include the Medical, Dental and Vision Plans, the 401(k) Retirement Plan, the Paid Time Off opportunities and the special Home Depot employee discount. You can visit the Home Depot Employee Benefits website at mythdhr.com for further details. Bear in mind that you will have to work a certain number of days or months to access your Home Depot employee benefits. Part-time workers might not be eligible for certain perks.

Basic Home Depot Application Tips

The Home Depot application form is quite easy to fill out, but you will have to pay attention to each and every section so that you provide all the required information.

The Home Depot online form allows you to fill in only basic information about yourself. We recommend you submit a resume of your own, besides the Home Depot application form online. Download the Home Depot application PDF to see what your resume should look like.

Sending in a resume will give you more space to discuss your previous work experience and skills.

Advanced Home Depot Application Tips

While it may seem fairly obvious, it is important that you check your spelling and grammar before you click the submit button. A job application full of typos can cost you the job, even if your work experience and qualifications are outstanding.

You should also structure your CV well. Use the Home Depot application PDf as a guide.

Home Depot Hiring Process Information

The Home Depot hiring process has several steps. In this article, we discussed how to submit your Home Depot application online, and how to prepare your resume using the Home Depot application PDF.

Once you submit the online application form and resume on the Home Depot careers portal, you must wait a few days or more. During this time, the Home Depot HR department will review all incoming Home Depot job applications.

You will be notified shortly if you can move on to the next stage of the hiring process, namely the interview. Below are few tips for the Home Depot job interview.

Home Depot Interview Tips

If you qualify for the Home Depot interview phase of the hiring process, there are some things that can help you succeed. First and foremost, you must understand the requirements of the Home Depot job you are applying thoroughly. Read the job description available at careers.homedepot.com and note anything you might be unsure of.

You should also remain flexible regarding your work schedule. While Home Depot hours are usually such that they can accommodate most employees needs, it’s best if you try to work around Home Depot hours. However, you should be clear about the Home Depot hours you prefer right from the start.

Examples of Home Depot Interview Questions

Take a look at these interview questions so that you know what to expect when you get there yourself. Practicing your interview answers will be great exercise, so make sure you include this in your preparation process.

  • Why have you chosen to apply at Home Depot?
  • What makes you qualified for this Home Depot career?
  • Could you please tell me something about yourself that I cannot find in your resume?
  • Why should we choose you over other candidates?
  • How would you deal with a difficult customer?

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