Jewel Osco is a popular grocery chain with stores primarily located in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. The company has a variety of positions for both full-time and part-time work, in areas like the pharmacy and customer service. The purpose of this article is to offer an overview of the employment process at Jewel Osco. It will include several Jewel Osco job application and interview tips, as well as specifics about current employment opportunities at the company.

Jewel Osco Employment Opportunities – Overview

Jewel Osco offers a wide selection of employment opportunities that are perfect for virtually all walks of life. If you are about to finish or have recently finished school, there are excellent internships to consider on a regular basis.

For those of you who are already ready for a lasting career, there are several management positions to consider as well. One of the most popular is the assistant grocery manager trainee position that is perfect for those with basic management experience.

For part-time work, there are even more options to consider. Some of the most popular choices include cashiers, bakery clerks, and bartenders. Many of these positions have the capability of going full-time at a later date, for those of you who are interested.

The employment opportunities are continually being updated on the Jewel Osco website. It is important to remember to check back regularly for positions that match your personal and professional goals.

Jewel Osco Application Process

The Jewel Osco job application process is very easy to understand, and takes hardly any time to get used to. Start by visiting the Jewel Osco employment portal using your preferred browser. You will find that their employment postings are divided into three categories: retail positions, corporate/division positions, and pharmacy positions.

1. Click the gray “Apply Now” button under the division you are most interested in. For the retail section, the two buttons actually go to the same job search page. The management and regular hourly positions are listed under the same portal.

2. Once the page loads, you will see a breakdown of all the available postings. You can narrow the search results by selecting the state you reside in, and clicking the gray “Search For Jobs” button to refresh your results.

3. One tip while searching is to sort the results by posting date using descending order. This will help you find the most recent jobs available, and is an important step since the default view is by job title. The employment positions will automatically reload when you select the new sorting method.

4. Once you find a position you are interested in, click the job title link to be taken to the job summary page. It will display all of the relevant information about the position, including its core requirements.

5. If you think that the job is a good fit for you, click the gray “Apply Online” button at the top of the screen. You will be directed to a page where you can sign in using your account details.

6. If you have not completed a Jewel Osco job application online before, you can create an account by clicking the “New User” button at the bottom of the screen.

Jewel Osco Job Openings

Pharmacy Tech Job Description

Pharmacy Tech Job Duties

  • Place orders for replacement product
  • Stock shelves and maintain product inventory
  • Operate cash register and provide correct change
  • Answer customer service inquiries via telephone
  • Maintain the pharmacy area to company standards

Pharmacy Tech Requirements

The minimum age for a pharmacy technician is 18 years old, and a high school diploma or GED is required. There is also a certification program that consists of training with the store pharmacist.

Pharmacy Tech Salary & Benefits

The average pay for this position is $10 to $12 an hour, based on experience and professional certifications. Healthcare, 401k, and vacation time are typically available.

Pharmacy Tech Work Schedule

Pharmacy tech positions come in both full-time and part-time varieties.

Deli Clerk Job Description

Deli Clerk Job Duties

  • Stock product displays and cases
  • Rotate product to ensure food safety
  • Cut and prepare meat cuts for customers
  • Assist customers with a variety of inquiries
  • Take phone orders from customers in a timely fashion

Deli Clerk Requirements

Deli clerks have to be at least 18 years old to operate the machinery in the area. While not required, a high school diploma or GED is strongly preferred for this position.

Deli Clerk Salary & Benefits

The starting pay for the deli clerk position is typically around $9 an hour. Benefits like health insurance and 401k are available if the position is full-time.

Deli Clerk Work Schedule

The majority of deli clerk positions are part-time only. Locations with enough business may promote to full-time status based on tenure and performance.

Summer Internship Job Description

Summer Internship Job Duties

  • Assist customers with various inquiries
  • Manage and direct staff in an appropriate manner
  • Stock and maintain inventory
  • Schedule associates based on store guidelines
  • Ensure proper food safety controls are followed

Summer Internship Job Requirements

To be considered for this position, you must be a full-time college student actively working towards your bachelor’s degree. All majors are accepted.

Summer Internship Salary & Benefits

The pay for the internship program is $13 to $14 an hour. There are no benefits associated with the position, due to its short duration.

Summer Internship Work Schedule

The position is full-time only, and works 35 to 40 hours a week.

Personal Shopper Job Description

Personal Shopper Job Duties

  • Retrieve items from online orders and bag them
  • Assist customers with locating merchandise
  • Record customer feedback and relay to management
  • Track inventory using appropriate tools
  • Load and unload heavy items for customers

Personal Shopper Job Requirements

The minimum age requirement for this position is 18 years, old due to the use of equipment like box cutters and trash compactors. There is no minimum education requirement.

Personal Shopper Salary & Benefits

The average pay for this position is $9 an hour. Employees are eligible for special employee discounts.

Personal Shopper Work Schedule

This position is part-time only, and typically works 20 to 30 hours a week.

Courtesy Clerk Job Description

Courtesy Clerk Job Duties

  • Assist customers with locating merchandise in store
  • Bag and carry out orders for customers as needed
  • Inform customers of relevant promotions
  • Clean parking lot and customer areas
  • Return unwanted merchandise to correct location

Courtesy Clerk Job Requirements

The minimum age requirement for this position is 16 years old, with no minimum education requirement.

Courtesy Clerk Salary & Benefits

The average starting pay for this position is between $8.50 and $9 an hour, based on experience and availability. Benefits like health insurance, 401k, and vacation time are available for full-time positions.

Courtesy Clerk Work Schedule

The majority of courtesy clerk positions are part-time only, averaging 20 to 30 hours a week. Occasionally, full-time slots may open up.

Jewel Osco Application & Interview Tips

While considering filling out a Jewel Osco job application, it is important to take into account your immediate and future career goals. Ask yourself what type of position you are really looking for before you start looking at the available postings.

The reason this is so important is that interviewers frequently ask applicants why they applied for a given position. To prepare yourself for this, formulate an answer that takes into account your short and long-term goals. If you are new and interested in a career in management, explain to the interviewer that you applied for the position to start building your resume.

Do not be afraid to mention your ultimate goal. That way, they know you are thinking about a potential future with the company. Most interviewers are looking for candidates with long-term growth potential.

Another tip to consider is that it always helps to shop at a business before your interview. Look for things that stand out during your visit, and remember them for when you have your interview. Recruiters love to hear how the store has made a direct positive impression on you, and it shows that you have done your research in advance.

The last tip to remember is to always set your hourly rate at a reasonable level. Most of the positions at Jewel Osco are entry level and have entry-level salaries. Do not set your rate higher than 0.10-0.25 above what the starting rate is, unless you have ample experience.

Jewel Osco Opening Hours

The majority of Jewel Osco stores are open from 6 AM to midnight. The pharmacy is generally open from 8 AM to 10 PM. For more specific store hours, visit their Store Locator.

Jewel Osco Contact Information

The official website for Jewel Osco can help answer questions about the Jewel Osco job application process. To contact the store with basic questions, you can use their contact form. Alternatively, you can contact them via telephone at 1-877-723-3929.

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