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Founded in 1921, Radio Shack has been the go-to-place for good music and the latest gadgets for quite a few years now.

It has been the no.1 record store, then the no. 1 audio/ video cassette store and then the no. 1 CD/ DVD store, but as technology evolved faster and faster this past decade, Radio Shack found itself a little bit outdated.

Thus, it filed for protection under the US Bankruptcy Law in February 2015 and at the moment, the 1,743 Radio Shack stores are owned by General Wireless that turned Radio Shack into RadioShack and brought it back to the customers.

Under new management, Radio Shack is bigger, better, faster, stronger and it is on its way to regaining its former glory.

So, if you want to work in a media and electronics store and be surrounded by the latest gadgets, music and games, then send in your RadioShack application today for a chance at a dream job.

RadioShack Store Hours

The RadioShack hours of operations are different for the numerous RadioShack stores all across the U.S., but many of them abide by the following schedule:

  • Monday to Friday : 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
  • Saturday: 10:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.
  • Sunday: 11:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.

However, if you plan to go to one of the RadioShack stores either very early or very late, it is advisable that you use the Store Locator on the RadioShack official website to find the exact schedule for the store you’re heading to, as there are quite a few modifications to the standard store hours.

RadioShack Contact Information

RadioShack official site:

The Radio Shack headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S. and there are over 1,740 RadioShack stores all across the U.S.. You can find the full contact details for each and every one of them by using the Find Your Store feature on the RadioShack official website.

According to the Contact Us menu on the page, you can call RadioShack Customer Services 24/ 7 at 800-843-7422 in regards to any question, problem or concern that you might have in regards to RadioShack.

Minimum Age for Employment at RadioShack

If you are interested in one of the jobs at RadioShack, then you should definitely send in your RadioShack application today. However, you need to be aware that the minimum RadioShack hiring age is 16 and that age is the first employment criteria taken into consideration in the RadioShack application process.

RadioShack Employment Opportunities

The vast majority of RadioShack careers are available in RadioShack stores and they include positions like Sales Associate, Electronic Assembler, Mechanical Assembler, Electronic Designer, Product Tester, Quality Assurance Associate, Customer Service Representative, Assistant Store Manager or Store Manager.

RadioShack Application Process

If you want to be considered for RadioShack employment, then you need to send your RadioShack application through the online RadioShack Careers Portal.

At the moment there is no printable RadioShack jobs and employment form that you can download, so if you do not wish to apply through the online RadioShack Careers Portal and submit your RadioShack application online, then you can try going to a RadioShack store and inquire about available positions in person.

However, using the online RadioShack job application system is much more accessible and far less time consuming. In one hour or less, you can find the best RadioShack job for you and submit a RadioShack application for it.

Start by accessing the RadioShack official website and click on the We’re Hiring button on the left side of the page.

RadioShack Application -Screenshot 1
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RadioShack Application -Screenshot 1

You will be redirected to the RadioShack job application portal, where you can look for RadioShack jobs at a store near you. You just have to put in your zip code and then you can choose to extend your search 5 miles, 10 miles and 25 miles from your current location.

RadioShack Application -Screenshot 2
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RadioShack Application -Screenshot 2

The search engine will find all the RadioShack stores located near you and then you can select those where you would like to apply for RadioShack jobs.

RadioShack Application -Screenshot 3
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RadioShack Application -Screenshot 3

You will then be presented with a full list of the available RadioShack jobs that you apply for. Click on the Details button next to the address of the store to find a full job description for the position. Read it thoroughly to see if you are in line with the expectations of the company.

RadioShack Application -Screenshot 4
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RadioShack Application -Screenshot 4

If you have decided to apply, then click on the Proceed to Registration button to begin the RadioShack application process.

First, you will have to register for account on the RadioShack application portal. You will have to put in your personal information, your e-mail address and phone number, as well as the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

RadioShack Application -Screenshot 5
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RadioShack Application -Screenshot 5

Then you can choose a password to keep your account safe. You will have to confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions of the RadioShack application portal and then you can proceed to the next step of the RadioShack application form.

For the following steps of the RadioShack application process, you will have to include detailed information about your education background and about your employment history, as well as your availability for RadioShack employment.

If you want to see the full list of RadioShack jobs available nationwide, then go this RadioShack Job Application Page. Here you can look through all the available positions with the company and you can also conduct a search based on a keyword and your desired location for RadioShack employment.

RadioShack Application -Screenshot 6
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RadioShack Application -Screenshot 6

When you find the RadioShack jobs that best suit your expectations, click on the job title to find a full description and if you decide to apply, click on the Apply Now button. You will be redirected to the RadioShack Application Portal presented above.

If you have already created a profile on the RadioShack Application Portal, you can simply log in and apply to as many positions as you like, according to the application status of each of the jobs.

Available RadioShack Careers

Sales Associate – Job Description and Duties

This is one of the entry level RadioShack jobs and it is an excellent starting point for anybody who wishes to work in a dynamic fast paced environment.

RadioShack Sales Associates are expected to greet the customers in a friendly and respectful manner and to provide them with advice and assistance in regards to the search that they are conducting during their visit at RadioShack. They will employ sales techniques in order to persuade the customers to purchase RadioShack products.

While communicating with clients is the main responsibility of the RadioShack Sales Associates, they are also expected to keep the store’s shelves stocked and to keep the store clean and perfectly in line with the interior design standards.

Sales Associate – Salary and Compensation

Since the RadioShack Sales Associate is an entry level position, the salary for this RadioShack career begins at minimum wage. Then, the employee will be presented with salary increases according to his/ her performance. The maximum RadioShack salary for this position is $12.00 per hour.

Experienced RadioShack Sales Associates are encouraged to apply for higher level RadioShack careers, as the company policy greatly relies on promoting from among the best RadioShack employees.

Cashier – Job Description and Duties

This is also an entry level RadioShack job and it is perfect for young job seekers, as it could help them get used to a fast paced work environment and learn all about the best customer service techniques.

There will be a training program during the first few days that will help new RadioShack employees learn how to properly greet the customers, how to talk to them so that they can feel welcome at RadioShack and most importantly how to conduct their transactions rapidly and efficiently.

Cashier – Salary and Compensation

As this is an entry level RadioShack job, the starting RadioShack salary for the Cashier position will be minimum wage, but then the employee will receive salary increases that could get his/ her hourly wage up to $10.00 per hour. The average RadioShack salary for Cashiers is $9.00 per hour.

This entry level RadioShack career also offers the possibility of advancement within the company, because potential is used to its fullest at RadioShack.

RadioShack Careers in Management

The success of every RadioShack store comes from every Assistant Manager, every Store Manager and every District Manager’s hard work, as they are visionaries in the world of sales.

Assistant Manager – Job Description and Duties

The Assistant Manager will work alongside the RadioShack Store Manager every day and will oversee store operations to make sure that these are run at the highest standards at all times.

The main responsibilities of a RadioShack Assistant Manager are:

  • conducting the training, coaching and development of new RadioShack employees, as instructed by the Store Manager
  • handling all the staffing operations
  • setting an example of customer service standards for the rest of the RadioShack employees
  • developing and enforcing sales action plans
  • performing any store related task instructed by the Store Manager

Assistant Manager – Salary and Compensation

The starting RadioShack salary for this position is an annual rate of $16,000, but as the Assistant Manager develops in his/ her new job, there will be significant salary increases to reward the improvement that can make the yearly rate up to $31,000. The average base salary for this position is $23,800 per year.

Since this is a performance- based RadioShack job, there are some bonuses that the Assistant Managers are entitled to that include a Cash bonus and a Commission Sharing Bonus, that can increase the total salary up to $43,000. However, the average salary for the Assistant Manager position along with bonuses remains at $26,200 per year.

Store Manager – Job Description and Duties

The aim of the Store Manager is to maximize the RadioShack store’s overall income and profits, all while giving the customers a reason to come back to RadioShack every single time.

The Store manager will make sure that the staff is well trained and that each and every member of the team is doing his/ her best so that the customers feel welcome and comfortable at RadioShack.

The Store Manager will explain to the Assistant Manager how to perform the training of the employees, so that they offer customers the best possible shopping experience at RadioShack.

The Assistant Manager will be the Store Manager’s right hand at all times and he/ she will use the Assistant’s expertise in the development and the enforcing of new sales strategies, adapted to the latest standards of the market so as to increase store profit.

Store Manager – Salary and Compensation

The RadioShack salary for the Store Manager position depends quite a lot on the performance of the store and the effectiveness of the sales strategies developed by the Store Manager.

The base Radio Shack Manager salary starts at $23,000 per year, as Store Managers are usually promoted from among the Assistant Managers. As the Store Manager’s strategies prove to be efficient, his/ salary will be increased accordingly. The highest RadioShack salary for the Store Manager position was $53,000 and the average base salary is $33,800.

Also, at the end of the year, there is an impressive set of bonuses that the Store Manager is entitled to including a Cash Bonus ($300- $73,000), a Profit Sharing Bonus($4,000- $8,000), a Commission Sharing Bonus($1,000 – $62,000) and a Stock bonus (approximately $2,000).

These bonuses are in line with the RadioShack store’s achievements and usually increase the base salary from $33,800 to $39,000, but in some cases, they could make the annual RadioShack salary for the Store Manager position as high as a whopping $140,000.

Benefits at RadioShack

The Core RadioShack Benefits include the basic coverage that is able to provide the RadioShack employee with a comfortable and safe life:

  • Medical Coverage
  • Dental Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Prescription Coverage
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Leave of Absence
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • AD&D Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

There are also some additional RadioShack benefits that the employees can opt for, such as:

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Accident Insurance

The Core RadioShack Benefits Pack is only available to full time RadioShack employees who have completed two months of employment with the company. Part-time employees are not considered eligible for these benefits, but they are allowed to enroll for the voluntary RadioShack benefits.

Basic RadioShack Application Tips

Sending in your RadioShack application is quite simple to do, but first you need to take a look at these tips for applying at RadioShack:

  • Make sure you have at least one hour to complete the RadioShack application process
  • Have your resume close by, because you will need it in order to supply the information required by the RadioShack Application form
  • Use both RadioShack Career Websites so that you can see all the RadioShack jobs available at the moment of your search
  • Look carefully through the RadioShack jobs to find all of those suited for you
  • Take your time with the RadioShack application form
  • Always proofread the information you have put in

Advanced RadioShack Application Tips

If you are particularly interested in a certain RadioShack job, you could try going to the store where it is located to ask about the job in person after you have sent in your online RadioShack application.

If you get the chance to talk to the Store Manager or the Assistant Store Manager, the fact that you took the time to come in and ask about the job personally will definitely be something that they will remember when looking through the multitude of applications they will receive and it might increase your chances of being called in for an interview.

Make sure to dress well for the occasion, so that you can make a good impression. You should choose a casual outfit that highlights your best features, so that the RadioShack hiring specialists remember you easily.

Avoid formal business looks at this point, as these might be inappropriate in a RadioShack store. While such an outfit might make the RadioShack managers remember you, it might not be for the best reasons.

RadioShack Hiring Process Information

When you send in your RadioShack application form through the RadioShack careers portal, it will be analyzed by the company’s Human Resources department.

If you are considered an appropriate candidate for the position, then you will be called in for an interview with the Store Manager or the head of the department that you are applying for.

Then, you are facing one or more interviews, according to the level of your desired RadioShack career. The number of interviews might differ among RadioShack stores, according to the policies adopted by the Store Manager. Higher level positions might entail an interview with the District Manager as well.

RadioShack Interview Tips

Your greatest asset for the RadioShack interview is an effervescent approach. Remember that the RadioShack hiring specialists already think that you might be a good fit for the position, so try to convince them of that during the interview.

This means that you have to take a look at the type of questions that you can expect to get during the interview (see the list below). Practice your sales techniques before the interview if you are applying for a RadioShack sales job.

Go to and read about the company’s current line of products, because this might be helpful as you try to develop the best possible interview answers.

If you have the time, pop by a RadioShack near you for a few minutes, so that you are familiar with the pace and the general feeling of the store. This might actually help you choose the best outfit for the interview, because showing the interviewer that you might fit in could prove to be extremely useful.

You need to look comfortable, fresh and excited, so choose an outfit that you really like and accessorize it for the occasion. Remember to smile as soon as you get the chance and make eye contact with the interviewer all throughout the discussion.

Examples of RadioShack Interview Questions

While the interview procedure may differ from one RadioShack store to another and from one job to another as well, these are the questions that you should expect:

  • Why would you like to work at RadioShack?
  • What would you say to a customer who told you he/ she was “just looking”?
  • What would you do if you had to communicate with a difficult customer?
  • If a customer asked you to offer him/ her a discount on a product that was not on the store’s discount list, what would you tell him/ her?
  • Choose any item and try to sell it to me.

Always provide complete interview answers and try to include solid arguments where necessary. When answering specific customer service related questions, try to think about you personal experience in these situations.

If you were actually met with such situations, then try to remember how you reacted and what you learned from the experience. On the other hand, if you do not have any experience with such situations, then think about times when you interacted with a sales representative in a store and you enjoyed his/ her service.

As for the sales pitch, it is truly a matter of momentary inspiration. You can try practicing your sales techniques a little bit beforehand, but your pitch from the interview will greatly rely on the connection you create with the interviewer and on what ideas you get then and there.
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