Winn Dixie is a popular grocery store that is primarily located in the southeastern United States. It was recently acquired by Southeastern Grocers, and is now part of their group of grocery store chains. Each store has a variety of positions available in a wide selection of areas. The purpose of this article is to offer an overview of the most popular postings available right now. We will also offer some Winn Dixie job application tips as well.

Winn Dixie Employment Opportunities – Overview

The employment opportunities at Winn Dixie are divided into three categories: retail, pharmacy, and corporate careers. For retail careers, they are further divided into the categories of store associate and salaried manager.

The available positions will vary considerably based on the type of category that you select initially. Some examples of store associate positions you may find include baggers, cashiers, and stocking associates.

For management, you can find listings like customer service manager, store merchandise manager, and store manager. All of the listings for management are typically salaried, unless stated otherwise.

In the pharmacy, the postings are divided into the following categories: Pharmacy Technician, Intern, Hourly Pharmacist, Salaried Pharmacist, and Pharmacy Management.

The available positions are continually updated, and it is important to regularly check back for postings in your area. You can easily customize your search to a specific area based on your zip code, and sort using the headers at the top of the employment listings.

Winn Dixie Application Process

The Winn Dixie job application process is fairly straightforward and easy to follow. To get started, begin by visiting the Southeastern Grocers careers page. As mentioned previously in this article, Winn Dixie is now part of Southeastern Grocers, and all of their career opportunities now show up under this parent site.

1. Once you are on the career page, click the red retail careers, pharmacy careers, or corporate careers button based on your preference. Remember to go with the area that best matches the qualifications of your employment history and educational background.

2. After you click the initial category, you will then have to select a subcategory for specific postings. For corporate careers, listings are divided into categories like administration, information technology, and store operations. It will vary based on the parent category that you selected previously.

3. Once you have made your final category selection, you should now be at the job search screen.

4. You can easily customize your search by entering your city and zip code, and setting the search radius. You can also change how fresh the job posting has to be to be included in your search results as well.

5. Go ahead and enter your address, and set your preferred travel distance to get the most relevant postings.

6. Once the search page is done refreshing, you can sort the listings based on position title, address, and city. It is best to sort the postings by address. That way, you can see what positions are available for each store in your area.

7. When you find a posting that you like, click the job title to be taken to the Winn Dixie job application page. You will find a breakdown of the responsibilities associated with the position, its requirements, and information about its work hours.

8. If you decide it is right for you, click the red “Apply” button to proceed.

Winn Dixie Job Openings

Bagger Job Description

Bagger Duties

  • Load items from shopping carts onto the conveyor
  • Bag items in a manner that prevents crushing and places them in carts
  • Assist customers with unloading purchases into vehicles as needed
  • Return carts to the store from designated storage areas in the parking lot
  • Restock shelves with returned merchandise

Bagger Requirements

The starting age for this position is as young as 16 years old. The most important requirements for this position are that applicants must be comfortable standing on their feet for long periods, and regularly lift up to 100 pounds. You must also feel comfortable kneeling and climbing with this position. A high school diploma is not required for this position, since it is entry level.

Bagger Salary & Benefits

The starting rate for this position is typically minimum wage for each state. All associates are eligible for a five percent discount on store purchases, as long as they are employed.

Bagger Work Schedule

The bagger works during normal hours of operation. For most Winn Dixie stores, this is somewhere between 7 AM and 10 PM. Baggers are part-time positions that work up to 30 hours a week.

Cashier Job Description

Cashier Duties

  • Meet, greet, and thank customers as they come into your lane
  • Inform customers of current store promotions during checkout
  • Accurately tally customer purchases and accept payment in an effective manner
  • Put up discarded merchandise
  • Return shopping carts to designated area
  • Assist in training new cashiers
  • Notify managers of theft or vandalism

Cashier Job Requirements

Cashiers can be as young as 16 years old, and this position does not require a diploma, since it is entry level. Applicants must be comfortable standing for long periods of time, and have no problems crouching or kneeling.

Cashier Salary & Benefits

The majority of cashier positions are part-time only, and are eligible for the five percent savings discount. The typical starting rate is minimum wage based on the guidelines of your state.

Cashier Work Schedule

Being a part-time position, associates can expect to work up to 30 hours each week during the normal operating hours at Winn Dixie.

Fresh Associate Job Description

Fresh Associate Job Duties

  • Stock and rotate the department as needed to ensure product safety
  • Prepare simple floral arrangement and hydrate them regularly
  • Operate department equipment in a safe and efficient manner
  • Monitor food temperatures regularly
  • Report theft or vandalism to management

Fresh Associate Job Requirements

Fresh associates are required to be 18 years old, and a diploma is preferred but not required. Experience handling meat and produce, butchering, and basic food safety knowledge is strongly preferred.

Fresh Associate Salary & Benefits

Fresh associates can start at minimum wage, for those with little to no experience. For more experienced candidates, you can expect to make $10 an hour or more, based on your experience. This is a full-time position with healthcare, 401K, and paid time off.

Fresh Associate Work Schedule

Fresh associates can expect to work anywhere from 32 to 40 hours a week. Since this position is responsible for stocking fresh produce and meat, it often comes in before store opening, and stays after closing to fully clean and sanitize equipment.

Deli Associate Job Description

Deli Associate Job Duties

  • Greet customers in a timely manner, and thank them for their purchase
  • Offer product recommendations where appropriate
  • Operate equipment like slicers in a safe and effective manner
  • Stock and rotate product in casings as needed
  • Keep the work area clean and tidy at all times
  • Report theft and vandalism to management

Deli Associate Job Requirements

To operate the slicers, applicants must be at least 18 years old to be considered for this position. A high school diploma is preferred but not required for this position. More importantly, previous experience working in a deli is highly sought after.

Deli Associate Salary & Benefits

The average starting pay for this position is $9 an hour. The benefits available will vary based on whether the posting is for full-time or part-time status. For full-timers, 401k, paid time off, and health insurance is available.

Deli Associate Work Schedule

For part-time postings, the hours can vary up to 30 hours a week. For full-time, the average is typically between 35 and 40 hours. Due to the nature of the position, you may be expected to arrive at the store as early as 6 AM, to help with setting up product displays.

Winn Dixie Application & Interview Tips

The most important thing to remember when filling out a Winn Dixie job application is that you should be as accurate as possible. The reason for this is that Winn Dixie performs a background check and verifies your previous employment. If you omit employment or criminal history, it may disqualify you from the position unnecessarily.

In addition to being honest, it helps to come prepared for some common questions that are asked during interviews. One of the most common questions interviewers may ask is “Why are you a good fit for this position?”.

To prepare for this, consider your educational and professional background. If you have experience doing similar activities, formulate that knowledge into your answers. It is best to be as direct as possible, with specific examples.

If you are applying for a position that handles perishables, like a fresh associate, it is great to showcase a bit of food safety knowledge. A bit of prior research can really wow your interviewer, and show that that you are serious about the position. Consider researching safe holding temperatures for perishables in advance and familiarizing yourself with them.

Another common question that is frequently asked for those of you with prior employment history is “Why did you leave your previous position?”. Remember that honesty is key here, and ask yourself the professional reason why you left your previous employer. Acceptable reasons include lack of advancement opportunities, downsizing, and searching for better benefits.

The most important thing is to remember to stay positive and to put your best foot forward. With just a bit of preparation and role playing with a friend, you should be able to master these difficult questions with ease during your interview.

Winn Dixie Opening Hours

The majority of Winn Dixie stores are open from 7 amAM to 10 PM. Some smaller locations may open at 8 AM instead. If you want to check your local Winn Dixie hours, use their Store Locator.

Winn Dixie Contact Information

The primary Winn Dixie website helps with viewing deals and other promotional materials. For issues related to the Winn Dixie job application process, you can use the Contact Us page to fill out a form to be contacted by a member of the customer support staff. You can also reach them via phone at 1-866-946-6349.

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