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Hilton Hotels (now Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Inc.) is one of the titans of the global hotel industry. With thousands of Hilton Hotel locations all over the world, the company has raised the standards for the entire industry one hotel at a time. Founded back in 1919 by Conrad Hilton, the Hilton Hotels chain has been growing exponentially over the years and has become one of the most powerful corporations of its kind. The prestige of the Hilton chain of hotels attracts numerous candidates. As a result, only the best of the best go on to work for Hilton. A solid educational background is absolutely essential if you want to stand out from the crowd. We offer a scholarship that could help you further your education and pursue your professional goals. This could help potential candidates starte their Hilton careers.

Hilton Hotels Contact Information

If you have questions about Hilton jobs, you can contact Hilton customer service for more information. The best place to start is the official Hilton Hotels website, www.hilton.com. Alternatively, you can go do to dedicate Hilton careers website, jobs.hilton.com

Hilton Hotels official site: www3.hilton.com

If you want to book a room or simply get informed about the Hilton Hotels chain, then go to the official website and you will find all the details you need there, including the Hilton Hotels Locator, so that you can find the best Hilton Hotels locations for you.

If you want to get in touch with the Customer Services Department, then just call 1-800-HILTONS and there will be someone there to take your call at any given hour. You can find more information on the Hilton Hotels Contact Us Page.

Minimum Age for Employment at Hilton Hotels

The minimum Hilton Hotel Hiring age is 18, so you need to be 18 or above to be considered for any of the Hilton careers. When you fill in your Hilton Hotel application, you should already be of legal age. Legal age may vary from state to state, so make sure you check your state’s regulation in this respect.

Hilton Hotels Employment Opportunities

Given the impressive proportions of the Hilton Hotels chain, there are quite a lot of opportunities for Hilton Hotel employment. The main areas for Hilton Hotel employment are as follows:

  • Call Center Hilton Hotel jobs
  • Corporate Hilton Hotel jobs
    • Administrative and General
    • Architecture, Design and Constructions
    • Legal Hilton Hotels jobs
    • Development / Real Estate
    • Risk Management
    • Communications/ Public Relations
    • Brand Management
    • Purchasing
  • Culinary Hilton Hotels jobs
  • Finance and Accounting Hilton Hotels jobs
  • Food and Beverage Hilton Hotels jobs
  • General Management/ Hotel Management Hilton Hotel jobs
  • Human Resources Hilton Hotels jobs
  • Guest Service/ Operations Hilton Hotels jobs
    • Casino
    • Gift Shop
    • Housekeeping and Laundry
    • Security/ Loss prevention
    • Maintenance and Facilities
  • Information Technology Hilton Hotel jobs
  • Sales and Marketing Hilton Hotel jobs
  • Spa and Recreation Hilton Hotel jobs
  • Work from home

Bear in mind that Hilton is a very large company, with many other brands attached to its name. In some cases, Hilton may just handle the recruitment process. However, you will not be applying for a Hilton career.

Hilton Hotel Application Process

The Hilton Hotel Application process mainly relies on the Hilton Hotels Job Application PortalThis Hilton careers portal allows anyone to appy for a job opening onine with ease.

If you want to access the Hilton Hotel job application portal, go to the Hilton website, www.hilton.com and click on the Hilton Hotels Careers button in the bottom menu of the page. You can also reach the Hilton Hotel application portal through the Hilton careers website, jobs.hilton.com.

Hilton Hotel Application - Screenshot 1
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Hilton Hotel Application – Screenshot 1

Once you reach the HiltonHotel application page, you can browse through all the current Hilton job openings. You can refine your search adding multiple criteria, such as geographic region or department you are interested in. As there are dozens of Hilton careers available at any given time, this will help you speed up your search.

You will be presented with a list of the Hilton Hotels careers that fit the criteria that you have chosen. Then you can browse the Hilton Hotels employment opportunities and you can read the full job description for those you are interested in.

Hilton Hotel Application - Screenshot 2
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Hilton Hotel Application – Screenshot 2

When you find a Hilton Hotel job that you want to be considered for, just click on the Apply button to begin your Hilton Hotel application process or on the Add to Job Cart button to save the Hilton Hotel job you have found so that you may fill out a Hilton Hotels job application form latter.

If you choose to apply, you will be redirected to the online Hilton Hotel application form section. Begin your application by creating a username and a password to keep your account safe.

Hilton Hotel Application - Screenshot 3
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Hilton Hotel Application – Screenshot 3

After your personal profile has been created, you will be able to start filling out the Hilton Hotel application form. First, you are given the possibility to upload your resume to the online Hilton Hotel application. You can either upload it directly from your computer or you can use your LinkedIn profile.

Hilton Hotel Application - Screenshot 4
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Hilton Hotel Application – Screenshot 4

Next, you will have to include your personal information and your contact details. These contact details will allow Hilton HR to contact you if you move on to the interview phase of the recruitment process.

Hilton Hotel Application - Screenshot 5
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Hilton Hotel Application – Screenshot 5

Then, you will have to answer three questions regarding your military status that is relevant to the company’s Military Employment Program. Next, you are asked to supply your references by including their names, their professional title, their relationship to you, a and a phone number and an e-mail address where they can be reached.

Hilton Hotel Application - Screenshot 6
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Hilton Hotel Application – Screenshot 6

The entire Hilton job application includes 12 steps:

  • Resume Upload
  • Personal Information
  • General Questionnaire
  • Qualification Questions
  • Basic Profile
  • Experience and Qualifications
  • Attachments
  • Self- Identification
  • Employment and Tax Credit Eligibility
  • Background Check Consent
  • Attestation
  • Summary

Step by step, you will have to include relevant information about your education and work experience. You’ll also have to answer a few questions that can determine whether or not you are eligible for Hilton Hotels employment.

Lastly, you will have to provide specific consent for the background check that the Hilton Hotel HR department will perform on you prior to the moment when you will receive your final answer regarding your eligibility for the Hilton Hotel career you have applied for.

The last part of the Hilton Hotel application process allows you to view your Hilton Hotel application form just as the Human Resources team will, so that you can make any changes you see fit.

When this step is finished, you will be able to submit your Hilton Hotel application for a chance at the Hilton Hotel career you have chosen.

If you want to find more tips for applying at Hilton Hotels, then go to the two Application Tips sections of our article.

Available Hilton Hotels Careers

As mentioned, there are dozens of Hilton jobs available almost all the time. When applying for a Hilton career, check to see if the job opening is for a Hilton Hotel, or for a different brand owned by the Hilton Group. This will allow you to prepare better for the application procedure. Below are just a few of the Hilton careers currently available. Keep in mind that this is just general information. Depending on your area, experience and precise job requirements, some of the details described below might not apply.

Housekeeper – Job Description and Duties

All Hilton Hotels locations must look absolutely impeccable at all times and the Housekeeping team is the one responsible for enabling each of hotels to adhere to this policy. Hilton Hotel Housekeepers are those people who work tirelessly to keep everything looking their best.

The ideal candidate for this Hilton Hotel career is a person who loves putting everything in its rightful order. He/ She needs to be able to respect the core values of the Hilton Hotel chain and to make use of them every day.

The main responsibilities for this Hilton Hotel job are:

  • Changing the linens in every room of the hotel and putting the used ones in the specially assigned bins
  • Making the beds so that they correspond to Hilton Hotel display policy
  • Vacuuming the carpets and mopping the floors
  • Dusting and cleaning every part of the furniture in the rooms
  • Thoroughly cleaning the bathrooms according to the Hilton Hotel policy
  • Changing and replenishing amenities and towels in every room
  • Disposing of the trash in every room according to the Hilton Hotel recycling policies

Housekeeper – Salary and Compensation

As the Housekeeper position is an entry level Hilton Hotel career in the Guest Service Department, the starting base salary is the minimum wage of the state. The salary is then increased according to the performance of the Hilton employee.

As he/ she gains experience, his/ her ability to make hotel rooms perfectly in line with Hilton Hotel display policy gets better and better and this is rewarded by salary increases. As such, the salary for the Housekeeper position can get as high as $21.00 per hour, while the average rate is $12.00.

This entry level Hilton Hotel job also offers the possibility of advancement in the Housekeeping Department to positions like Housekeeping Supervisor, Housekeeping Assistant Manager and Housekeeping Manager.

Guest Service Agent – Job Description and Duties

The Guest Service Agent position is the entry level Hilton Hotel job in the department and it is meant to introduce employees to the field of Hilton Hotel customer service.

The main function of the Guest Service Agent is that of concierge and front desk clerk. They are there to interact with the Hilton Hotel guests and offer them guidance and specific information about the Hilton Hotel policies on amenities, services and entertainment. In other words, they are on the front line of customer service.  And they are the first to ensure guests have a pleasant stay.

Guest Service Agent – Salary and Compensation

The starting salary for this Hilton Hotel career is an hourly rate of $9.00, but this amount is increased in accordance to the progress displayed by the Hilton employee. As such, the salary can reach about $18.00 per hour in some cases, and the average rate remains at $12.00 per hour.

There is also a Commission Sharing Bonus for this entry level Hilton Hotel career that has a yearly average rate of $4,500. Furthermore, Guest Service Agents are entitled to Tips.

Hilton Hotels Careers in Management

Housekeeping Manager – Job Description and Duties

The Manager of the Hilton Hotel Housekeeping Department is responsible for coordinating the entire Housekeeping team so that all the resources are put to great use at all times. The Manager will train the Assistant Housekeeping Managers personally. The Manager will make sure that they are able to carry out scheduling and basic team coordination so that every little detail is properly dealt with.

The Housekeeping Manager is the link between the Hilton Hotel policy makers and the Housekeeping team. The task of the Hilton policy makers is to work on improving the services offered by the hotel so that the guest’s experience is the best possible one. The Housekeeping team must put these policies into practice every single day.

Housekeeping Manager – Salary and Compensation

The starting Hilton Hotel Manager salary is an annual rate of $37,000. However, since this is a performance based Hilton Hotel job, this base salary is then increased according to the performance of the hotel under the guidance and coordination of the Hilton employee.

Thus, the highest rate for this Hilton Hotel career is $51,000 and the average salary is about $44, 700 per year.

Aside from this base salary, the Housekeeping Manager is also entitled to a series of bonuses, including a Commission Sharing Bonus and a Cash Bonus that can increase the salary quite a lot.

Hilton Job Benefits

According to the Hilton employee’s career level and the duration of his/her collaboration with the company, he/ she is entitled to certain type of Hilton Hotel employee benefits pack. The core benefit pack for full-time Hilton employees includes the following:

  • Medical, Prescription, Vision and Dental Coverage
  • Basic Life Insurance
  • AD&D Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Health Savings Account
  • Retirement Plan
  • the 401(k) Plan
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Military Leave
  • Hilton Hotel Employee Discount
  • Hilton Hotel Employee Travel Program
  • Company Social Events
  • Job Training
  • Professional Development

Basic Hilton Hotel Application Tips

The Hilton HR department probably reviews hundreds of job applications worldwide. This should not discourage you, however. To increase your chances of getting picked for a spot at Hilton, there are a few things you can do:

  • Provide a resume. The Hilton Hotel application form covers a very wide range of topics. However, you should also take the time to provide a resume of your own. You can use it to highlight skills or talents you couldn’t otherwise mention in the online Hilton Hotel application form.
  • Stay relevant. Everyone wants to impress during the recruitment, whether it’s in the CV or during the interview. While it is important to highlight your talents, always try to highlight those skills that are actually relevant for the job you are applying for.
  • Do your homework. Related to the previous point, when you apply for a Hilton career,

Advanced Hilton Hotels Application Tips

When you send your Hilton Hotel application online, you also create a personal profile. You can use this personal profile to look for Hilton Hotel careers as often as you like.

Since you are not restricted to apply to only Hilton Hotel job, you can use that Hilton Hotel application form to apply to as many Hilton careers as you want.

Especially since you are going to be using it more than once, remember to make your Hilton Hotel application form as complete as possible. This means that you should fill out all the sections of the form, including those that are not mandatory. Including a resume is absolutely crucial, so skipping that part is absolutely unacceptable.

You are able to use your Hilton Hotel application portal profile for as long as you like. This means you can reapply for a job at Hilton even if you didn’t manage to get it the first time. Or, you can look for a different job opening. Remember to update your Hilton Hotel application form before resending it, however.

You should include any new qualification you might have earned in the meantime, as well as an updated version of your work experience and your resume.

Hilton Hotels Hiring Process Information

Depending on the Hilton job you are applying for, there will be at least two stages to the hiring process. The first one is the Hilton Hotel application we described earlier. Your application will be forwarded to the HR department. They will then assess whether or not you are suited for the job.

Your application will then move on to the manager of the Hilton Department where you have applied. They will further assess your qualifications and determine whether you can move on to the next stage of the recruitment process.

The second stage of the Hilton hiring process is an interview with an HR representative. The Hilton Hotel department manager may also be present. For most Hilton jobs, after your interview, you will be notified if you are hired or not. For higher level positions, you may have to come back for a second interview.

After the interview stage, you should receive an email or phone call from Hilton HR department, informing you if you have received the job or not. They generally get back to you in about two weeks. Of course, this depends on the job position and number of candidates.

Hilton Hotels Interview Tips

The most important thing to remember when you are doing an interview, whether it’s for Hilton or not, is that your interviewer is a person. You should maintain a polite and professional tone. However, you should never go overboard. Don’t try to impress or flatter the interviewer needlessly.

You should also get a feel for Hilton’s corporate culture. You can find a lot of useful information in the About Hilton section of the www.hilton.com website. By understanding the Hilton story, you’ll understand what type of person Hilton is more likely to hire.

It’s also very important that you prepare for the interview questions properly. Read the job description of the position you are applying for carefully. This will help you out tremendously in the interview. It will give you an idea of what strenghts you should highlight. To help you prepare for the interview further, we’ve provided a brief list of possible interview questions below.

Examples of Hilton Hotels Interview Questions

The interview policy is different for every one of the Hilton Hotels careers. However, the vast majority will feature questions from these main areas:

  • the “Motivation” section – always includes the following question
    • Why do you want to work for Hilton Hotels?

This questions usually crops up in most interviews, not just ones for Hilton jobs. You should try to provide an honest answer. Don’t try to flatter your interviewers, as this can leave a very bad impression.

  • the “Personal Information” section – includes questions meant to assess your personality; you should expect questions similar to these ones:
    • How would you say your former employer would describe you?
    • Do you consider yourself an honest person?
  • the ” Hilton Hotel Careers” section– includes questions strictly related to the Hilton Hotel career you are interviewing for.  For these questions, it’s important that you truly understand the job requirements of the Hilton career you are applying for. Here are some possible questions:
    • Do you have any cleaning experience? Are you a fast learner?
    • Do you enjoy manual labor rather than an office job?
    • Are you able to pay attention to details in a fast paced work environment? (for the Housekeeper position)

Image Source: wikimedia

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