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With over 540 stores all across the United States and 28,000 employees, Burlington Coat Factory is among the most successful American off price retailers. The company offers a plethora of employment opportunities. And not only for entry-level workers but also for those interested in management and other store operations. They also offer internships for college students. If you are currently a student and are looking for some financial help, you may also want to consider taking a look at our scholarship. This can help supplement your income.

Of course, if you’re planning on pursuing a Burlington career, you’ll need to gather as much information about the company and the application process as possible. This Burlington coat factory application review will thoroughly describe the Burlington application process. It will also provide a couple of interview tips as well as a variety of relevant information about the company and its hiring process.

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Burlington Coat Factory Store Hours

Similar to other well-known retailers, Burlington operates between 10:00 AM and 9:30 PM, Monday through Sunday. Be mindful, though, that depending on the location of each Burlington Coat Factory, there might be slight schedule differences.

The best option is to check in advance – Burlington’s official website features a very useful store locator tool that also displays the opening hours for each individual Burlington store. The locator can be found here.

Burlington Contact Information

Headquartered in Florence, New Jersey, Burlington operates 540 stores across 44 states as well as Puerto Rico. With the help of the aforementioned store locator tool, you can find the exact address, contact phone number, and directions to any Burlington store in the US.

You can also contact Burlington via phone at: (855) 355-2875 Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

The company’s official website: www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com

Burlington Employment Opportunities

There are a variety of positions available at Burlington in fields such as:

  • Accounting, finance, audit
  • Administrative and clerical
  • Buying
  • Distribution
  • Maintenance
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Loss Prevention
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Store Management
  • Visual Merchandising

The very first thing you need to do if you’re interested in a Burlington Career is to go through the lob listing at Burlington. There are two ways you can view current Burlington Coat Factory jobs. First, you can visit the offficial Burlington Coat Factory website, www.burlingtoncoatfactory.com. Once you are on the main page, scroll to the bottom. There, you will find a link to the Burlington Coat Factory careers portal. Alternatively, you can just go straight to the careers portal, a

Once there, you’ll be able to browse through the dozens of Burlington Coat Factory jobs, in fields such as ecommerce, store, corporate, and distribution center. What’s more, this job portal will display opportunities in a variety of cities and states.

College interns also have the opportunity of finding suitable positions by clicking the “College/Internships” link at the bottom right corner of the webpage. At Burlington, you’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable experience as an assistant buyer, allocator, supply chain leader, or store management. Future employees will have the opportunity to study within the company’s Store Management Development Program, a hands-on training program that culminates with a position as an assistant store manager.

Here are some of the Burlington Coat Factory careers that may interest you:

  • Customer Service Associate,
  • Sales Associate,
  • Loss Prevention Associate
  • Cashier
  • Merchandiser
  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Merchandise Manager
  • Assistant Customer Service Manager
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Scheduling, Warehouse, or Shipping Supervisor
  • Import Specialist
  • Security Officer
  • Material Handler
  • Receiving Supervisor

Minimum Age for Employment at Burlington

Most up-and-coming retailers strive to gather a youthful and enthusiastic workforce, however, there is always a minimum age of employment you need to be wary of. If you’re wondering how old you have to be to work at Burlington Coat Factory, the answer is 18 years old (for the positions of cashiers and sales associates).

Burlington Coat Factory Application Process

Once on the burlingtonstores.jobs website, you will be able to take a look at the current Burlington Coat Factory job openings.  The Burlington Coat Factory careers portal features a very easy to use search menu. This search menu will help you sift through the numerous Burlington Coat Factory jobs.

burlington coat factory application
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If you’ve found a position you’re interested in, the burlingtonstores.jobs website features a useful “apply” function that allows you to send in your Burlington coat factory application directly. Burlington applicants are required to include correct contact information, education, availability (particularly for working in shifts), training, employment history, and references (if available).

Before you can fill in your Burlington Coat Factory job application, you’ll need to create an account on their jobs portal. This account will be very useful, as it allows you to monitor the progress of application, and easily reapply for jobs in the future.

burlington account registration
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Your Burlington Coat Factory job application account will also serve as a means of connecting with the Burlington HR staff and managers.

Burlington Coat Factory Careers


Burlington Coat Factory has a very open recruiting policy. Naturally, since there are often many suitable candidates applying for each job, only the best of the best manage to get hired. However, the company focuses greatly on diversity and equal opportunities.

Appearances are very important at Burlington. The company has a dress code that involves a dark polo shirt and kaki pants, so a similar outfit may help managers visualize a candidate as employees. It would be wise to dress up a little for the interview.

Here are some of the most sought-after positions at Burlington:

Cashier- Job Description and Duties

Among the most coveted entry-level positions, Burlington Coat Factory cashier jobs are best suited for inexperienced workers. Of course, previous experience as a cashier, computer skills, or computerized cash register knowledge may offer applicants an advantage over other candidates.

Friendliness, dedication, and efficiency are essential qualities that hiring managers look for when considering an applicant. Nationwide, the retail chain has imposed a minimum hiring age (of 18) as well as a background check for potential employees.

Cashier – Salary and Compensation

According to nationwide averages, a Burlington Coat Factory cashier earns approximately $11.78 per hour (Source), though, of course, wages vary according to location and management.

Normally, a cashier starts out at minimum wage. Over time and depending on an employee’s performance, increases in hourly wage can occur. What’s even more attractive for entry-level employees is the opportunity of being promoted to supervisory or managerial positions.

Sales Associate- Job Description and Duties

Every sales associate position differs in the sense that there are different responsibilities according to the department you’re working in as well as the specific requirements of a store’s management. A sales associate can work in one of the following departments: accessories, sportswear, men’s, accessory, youth, women’s wear, etc. Here are some of the skills and competences expected from a Burlington’s Coat Factory sales associate:

  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Ability to maintain the company’s merchandising standards
  • Ability to meet deadlines with minimal supervision
  • Efficient time management abilities
  • Ability to work well in teams

A sales associate is responsible with embodying the Burlington brand, and as such, they are the ones who greet and assist customers, organize and clean the sales floor, support the management team with day-to-day activities, and monitor the merchandise on the sales floor. What’s more, a sales associate also offers customers information about ads and promotions, he executes price changes, and is in charge of general store-keeping.

Sales Associate- Salary and Compensation

Burlington offers their sales associates a competitive wage, flexible hours, and an attractive associate discount. The national average salary for a Burlington Coat Factory retail sales associate is around $8 per hour, varying between $7.50 and $9.50 per hour.

Manager – Job Description and Duties

As mentioned before, all entry-level positions come with promotion opportunities. Executive positions will imply a variety of administration and supervision responsibilities. At Burlington’s, managerial positions focus on service and logistics responsibilities, with store managers focusing on customer service and merchandise managers focusing on logistics.

Managers are expected to be good leaders, capable of exercising judgment and solving problems. Your main responsibilities will be to drive sales, improve customer services, ensure that proper merchandising standards are respected. What’s more, a Burlington Coat Factory’s manager is also responsible for controlling payroll budgets and other expenses as well as handling personnel issues. Managers are expected to have excellent communication abilities, a goal-oriented approach. They must provide guidance and leadership to the rest of the team, and to actively address any issues that may arise.

Manager- Salary and Compensation

Burlington Coat Factory managers are motivated with competitive salaries that reflect their experience and job responsibilities. According to Payscale, a Burlington manager earns a yearly salary of $36,637 to $60,000 (Source). This translates into an hourly wage of approximately $17.50. Aside from the salary itself, Burlington managers also have a variety of other bonuses. These include healthcare, merchandise discounts, a 401k retirement plan, life insurance, paid time off, and training.

Burlington Coat Factory Application Tips

When applying through the Burlington Coat Factory careers portal, make sure you take a look at the job requirements, closely. Many jobs may have similar titles, but quite different in terms of duties.

burlington coat factory online application
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Remember that each application and position has specific requirements. Make sure you include as many details as possible in your Burlington Coat Factory application. However, try including only information that is relevant for the job. Set aside at least 40 minutes to fill in the requested information. Don’t forget to indicate your availability for working in shifts or during the times specified in the job description.

When filling in your Burlington Coat Factory application, it’s always best to begin with position-relevant information and skills. Be concise in your application and include relevant information about your work experience, training, and education. It’s also incredibly important to proofread your application before you send it. Even small spelling mistakes can make a very bad impression.

Burlington Coat Factory Benefits

Burlington Coat Factory employees have a comprehensive benefits plan. The company offers all of the basic health insurance features, employee discounts of up to 25% at certain times, and paid time off for full time employees. Burlington also offers dental coverage, life and disability insurance, as well as employee assistance plans. Certain employee categories can also take advantage of additional financial benefits such as 401k retirement plans and employee referral bonuses.

In addition, all employees have access to special employee discounts in all Burlington Coat Factory stores.

Burlington Hiring Process Information and Interview Tips

There are two steps to the Burlington Coat Factory hiring process, for most jobs. First, there is the job application part, which we have detailed above.

After you send your application to the Burlington Coat Factory HR department, the staff will take a look at it. Candidates who seem to fit the profile will be asked to come for the second stage of the hiring procedure. This second stage is the interview.

During the interview, Burlington Coat Factory can get an idea of who you are, and whether you would be a fit for the company, beyond what it says on paper. Likewise, you should take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Burlington Coat Factory corporate culture. And consider whether or not you would like to work there.

As far as the interview itself is concerned, it’s important that you come prepared. Understand the job requirements of the position you are applying for. Make sure you highlight the strengths that would apply for the job, rather than just naming every single strength you have.

Most interview questions are open-ended and seek to better know the candidate. Here are some of the questions that you can expect:

“Why did you apply for this position?”

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

“What is your take on employee theft vs. customer theft?”

“Which are the areas that you need to improve on?”

Be confident , show that you can be a team player, smile and be a pleasant presence. Your Burlington Coat Factory application will surely stand out!
Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

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