Lowe’s regularly offers a wide range of both full-time and part-time employment openings at their stores. The purpose of our article is to help you prepare for your upcoming Lowe’s interview. We will include various interview tips as well as sample answers to some of the most common questions your interview may ask you. You can take a look at the Lowe’s job application guide to see what the first part of the hiring process entails.

About The Company

Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, Lowe’s maintains its place as one of the largest home improvement stores in the United States. They currently maintain a network of over 2,000 stores located all across the United States. The company was originally founded in 1946 with its first store located in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

In terms of employment opportunities, Lowe’s regularly has openings for both full-time and part-time store positions. For full-time openings, employees are typically eligible for a wide range of benefits including 401k, health insurance, and paid time off. Lowe’s also offers all of its employees a special 10 percent discount on qualifying in-store purchases.

Lowe’s Interview Tips

When you are going in for your Lowe’s interview, be prepared to be meeting directly with either the store manager or the department manager for the area you applied in. They generally don’t do group interviews and your one-on-one time will likely last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. With this basic information in mind, continue reading for more tips to help you prepare for your appointment.

Rehearse For Your Role

Just like acting, to really ace your interview you must carefully rehearse your responses. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to enlist the help of a close friend or family member. Have them take the role of your interviewer and ask you a variety of common questions.

If possible, try to dress up as if you were going to the interview for these roleplays. This will help you get a feeling for delivering your responses in more business-friendly attire. Your goal is to reduce unnecessary pauses and to provide more thorough answers to each question. Also, work on maintaining a good amount of eye contact with your roleplay partner.

Get Your Outfit Together

Although Lowe’s is a home improvement store with a fairly relaxed dress code, dressing up for your interview will likely have a positive impact on your results. For men, you should ideally invest in a high-quality button-down or collared shirt. It’s best to stick with solid pattern choices to ensure that your look remains professional.

The pants can be either khaki pants or dark dress slacks. Remember to finish off your look with a suitable belt and dress shoes. For women, you can wear either a moderate dress or opt for a blouse and dress slacks as well. Your shoes and jewelry should always fall into the category of business professional and should not be too flashy in nature.

Be Punctual

One of the things that hiring managers hate most with a potential applicant is tardiness. With this in mind, always make sure to arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to your appointment time. You can increase the chances of this happening by doing a mock run to the interview location around the time of your appointment. This will allow you to gauge the traffic patterns for the area and make any necessary adjustments.

Lowe’s Interview Questions & Answers

Lowe’s Customer Service Associate Interview Questions & Answers

Q 1: How do you feel about interacting with customers regularly?

A: I think that that is one of the best parts about the position. The ability to connect with customers is very important to me in my daily work life.

Q 2: Do you have any experience in the customer service field?

A: Yes. I have worked as a member of a customer service support staff team for almost eight years. I have had to regularly help resolve customer complaints and assist customers with locating merchandise.

Q 3: How do you feel about extended hours during peak holiday business times?

A: I already have experience working in the retail business sector. With that in mind, I am used to special sales events where the store’s operating hours were extended significantly around the holidays.

Lowe’s Lawn and Garden Sales Associate Interview Questions & Answers

Q 1: Are you comfortable working in an outdoor environment?

A: I am very comfortable working in this type of environment. For me, it’s one of the main advantages of this position.

Q 2: How would you rate your overall gardening knowledge on a scale of one to 10?

A: I would have to give myself an eight. I love gardening and have a solid understanding of the differences between annuals, perennials, and biennial plants. I also know a lot of plant types that prefer full sun and partial shade.

Q 3: Are you comfortable assisting customers with loading large merchandise?

A: Yes. I already have experience helping customers load large bags into their care throughout the workday.

Lowe’s Stocker Interview Questions & Answers

Q 1: Are you comfortable regularly lifting and moving merchandise that weighs up to 50 pounds?

A: Yes. The physical nature of the job is one of the main points that I am particularly interested in.

Q 2: With this position, you will be expected to work a wide range of shift hours including early mornings and late nights. Is that okay with you?

A: I’m aware of the extended shift times and am more than okay with their starting and ending times. In fact, I am a natural night person and tend to do best during the later evening hours.

Q 3: Do you have any experience utilizing various equipment like floor buffers?

A: Yes, I do. My previous job required that I use a tile buffer twice a week after the store had closed. I found the machine to be fairly easy to use and tend to adapt quickly to new devices in the workplace.


The most important thing to keep in mind about your upcoming Lowe’s interview is that it’s entirely normal to be nervous. Just remember to keep our tips in mind to help you prepare for your interview. In addition, take a look at our common questions and answers to get an idea of the type of questions they will be asking you. If you have any interview preparation tips you would like to share, feel free to post them in the comments area.

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